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Dij Jul 28 @ 10:23am
Official wiki missing something? Request it here!
The wiki team has completed the move from fandom over to the new wiki:! If you're curious about something and the wiki doesn't have it, request it in this thread! Example requests:

  • Clarify explanation of a mechanic
  • Add content to an otherwise empty/stub page
  • Better organization of information (ex. coalescing all chair sitting bonuses into one table)
  • Fix incorrect/outdated information

Do note that the editing team are all volunteers, so it may take some time to finish your request. We also only document the current stable branch, except for modding related topics. Live and drink!
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Nihilum Jul 31 @ 2:14pm 
A large number of pages seem to have no information besides what was pulled from the game itself, typically items having their game data but no word on how to use them effectively. Is it possible to add that kind of information?

There's also missing information on certain places like the fact that Golgotha goes down another ten strata below the Cloaca. Granted, there's not much down there but the fact that it exists warrants some mention, I feel.
Dij Aug 1 @ 10:51am 
are there specific pages you would like in particular? it would greatly help in organizing our priorities ^^

E: I added a short section about the lower levels of Golgotha.
Last edited by Dij; Aug 1 @ 12:10pm
duckman Aug 1 @ 7:26pm 
I think they're talking about how most of the armor and weapon pages have nothing beyond the ingame description and stats in the infobox. It seems like it would be really tedious if you had to do it all yourself though, since it would just be 50+ pages getting a "This is a {{Name}}. This is how to use it." followed by an armor navbox in the case of blank armor pages.
Nihilum Aug 2 @ 1:58pm 
Duckman is right. While it's frustrating to want to look up the articles for, say, a desert rifle and a combat shotgun to see which is better, only to find nothing, it'd be very tedious to fill in the pages looking at how many there are.

On the other hand every single individual page for the mods you can place on your weapons and armour seem to 502. Also, Overloaded Laser Pistols no longer exist as of the July 10 update, and there no page for the new Overloaded mod for electronics and energy weapons. Perhaps they could be added in?
Fixed the 502 on mods, the nav template was borked.
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