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dbltnk Jun 4, 2017 @ 8:43am
Community Brainstorming: Big Changes
Hi everybody,

as you 've noticed over the last nearly four months since launching The Exiled on Early Access we have been focussed on making a lot of small changes to the game. But as we you can clearly see those small changes have not been successful in growing the game's community to a sustainable size that guarantees you'll find fun PvP whenever you log into the game.

We'd like to fix this and for this reason we have switched from "fix many small things" to "change something big" mode. Right now we're in the brainstorming phase of that project. We're internally discussing many game changes that we might have otherwise disregarded over the last for years of development. Soon I'd like to share the results of our brainstorming process with you.

But before that I want to ask you about your input: If you could change ONE THING about The Exiled and that one thing would have to have a MASSIVE IMPACT on your enjoyment of the game - what would it be?

This is a brainstorming so ANYTHING (legal) goes. Hit us with your ideas! =D

Alex (and Sebi)
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misza Jun 4, 2017 @ 11:03am 
In terms of big changes...Get rid of MOBA concept.
At first I really enjoyed it, but with time passing I have noticed that it's just too slow for this type of combat/game, and can be somehow frustrating.

Either go full MMO or smaller "combat arena".
For MMO it would be a long, long way, and it's nowhere near.

But I think that shifting it into a real "log in and jump into combat" with smaller arena-type map would work better.

Hell, even queues for 1v1 or groups.

Even with that type of gameplay it still could be competitive as it is right now.
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Lash Jun 4, 2017 @ 1:10pm 
If I had to choose one big thing, then I would make gear and loot more interesting. My big idea would be to revamp donations and make the main competition for these items/loot occur in a way that is linked to them. I had earlier ideas about gems dropping from donation huts when donations are completed (or if a certain amount is donated from each clan was done). But not just gems, but other rare components for crafting as well. This will give incentives to donate, and compete for the donations. It also might allow some in-fighting in big clans since the items won't be enough to share with everyone, causing a further disincentive for zerging.

Slightly stronger gear would be balanced by the fact you can lose it on death, or that they have positive and negative effects.

An economy and trading system around this would be nice as well, to trade for gems and resources with other friendly clans/players. At the moment it's just dropping things on the ground for each other.
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PIECEofTOAST Jun 4, 2017 @ 1:40pm 
I haven't played in quite a while but I received this email, so forgive me if this change has already been made. When I first played the game the reason I lost interest so quickly was not anything like the pvp or the world, but the PvE. The PvE is so incredibly uninteresting and easy that in reality it hardly feels like combat at all, it felt like pointless numbers grinding. Because in order to be effective in the game you had to play pve in order to grind out gear to be good against other players it meant that the majority of my game experience felt incredibly dull and monotonous. The pvp honestly felt fine (other than the laggy servers), but the forced boring pve held it back because I just felt like I was wasting time.

If the pve was significantly improved I might really enjoy this game, but sitting there shooting stationary eggs was so incredibly boring that I just quit. I think the core system of pve itself is flawed, it should be designed more like tibia where you find mobs roaming around than the current system of finding a little minigame that you sit at for 2 minutes and get a reward. I want to explore and find things to fight and kill, I want to feel like every turn I take is a risk where a giant monster might come out of nowhere and ♥♥♥♥ my ♥♥♥♥ up. That intensity is what I love about games like this. Instead my only concern when playing was other players, the pve was meaningless, so it felt like a glorified top down arena shooter instead of like a pvp-mmo.

If you need me to elaborate feel free to ask me, I didn't proof read this or anything I just kind of rambled. I was very excited when I first saw this game but this is what killed it for me, if the pve was significantly reworked I might give it another shot.
dbltnk Jun 4, 2017 @ 3:26pm 
Originally posted by ejakulat:
In terms of big changes...Get rid of MOBA concept.
Thanks for the feedback! Can you please explain in more detail what you mean? Full MMO means to add what? Combat arena means to remove what?
dbltnk Jun 4, 2017 @ 3:28pm 
Originally posted by Lash:
If I had to choose one big thing, then I would make gear and loot more interesting.
Interesting - thanks! Any details on the system you imagine beyond what you already posted? Similar games? Power level? etc.
dbltnk Jun 4, 2017 @ 3:29pm 
Originally posted by PIECEofTOAST:
When I first played the game the reason I lost interest so quickly was not anything like the pvp or the world, but the PvE.
Thanks, good feedback! How exactly would the perfect PvE system for you look like? What would you do? What do mobs do? Comparable games?
PIECEofTOAST Jun 4, 2017 @ 4:15pm 
Originally posted by dbltnk:
Originally posted by PIECEofTOAST:
When I first played the game the reason I lost interest so quickly was not anything like the pvp or the world, but the PvE.
Thanks, good feedback! How exactly would the perfect PvE system for you look like? What would you do? What do mobs do? Comparable games?

I think going into this game I had unfairly high expectations, but mostly because I've been craving a game that gives me what tibia used to give me. Obviously the combat shouldn't be like tibia as it's just outdated and bad in comparison, but the way the mobs are placed in the world I think would work much better than this games style.

So if you don't know, basically the world is persistent and contains a lot of what people call "hunting locations" (if that makes sense) scattered throughout. The thing I liked about tibia more than most world layouts was the mystery involved, you would find a cave or something and when you go into it you didn't know if you were going to get incredibly easy enemies or incredibly hard ones, it made the combat feel a lot riskier, and once you found a good spot for you to hunt it felt great to farm it. In fact in this game this could double as being amazing spots for players to fight over. If there's a really good hunting spot/cave/something filled with high level enemies then players are going to want to farm there, so it will give players something to fight over and try to control.

Like I said I haven't played in a while, so forgive me if this summary is innaccurate, but if I remember right the world was generally just filled with a whole lot of small "mini-game" camps of enemies that you would activate and once you beat it you would get some loot. The main problems I had with this were that A. they were incredibly easy and the only threat was other players (which was rather dull and made the pve feel rather meaningless) and B. were incredibly common and didn't really have any variance in rarity, so they didn't feel important or special. If a player showed up and tried to kill me to steal my camp it didn't feel like much of a loss to just run away, as it wouldn't take long to find another. The only thing I lost was a bit of time (which also made it kind of frustrating).

My vision of what I would consider a great way to do your pve is to ditch the minigame concept entirely, I personally just didn't find it very compelling. Instead you could have your world filled with "trash" enemies (deer or wolves or something for example, that kind of thing. Something you can kill as you explore that isn't very valuable or much of a threat). Then on top of that have the occasional rarer either A.Boss enemies (easier to implement I'd guess since it doesn't really require any changes to the world) or B. persistent dungeons/hunting locations that spawn in the game world that players can run through and clear and will occasionally refresh their enemies (these would serve as player's "farming locations", and could offer hotspots where players might encouncer each other and fight for the valuable loot). Instead of having loot tied to the mini-games I think you should have it tied to the enemies themselves. This is a mediocre video showing what tibia is like, just skip through it if you're bored and want to see. Obviously the combat is awful but the world is much more focused on exploration and combat with enemies (tibia has pvp as well, but it's not the only source of challenge where I feel like that is kind of the case in this game). When I played this game I didn't really feel the desire to explore, I just stuck around where I spawned since I didn't see much reason to run off to other stuff since it was all kind of the same.

Idk this was supposed to be a better description for you guys but I honestly felt like I just rambled again haha, hopefully you got something of value out of anything I've said.

luka Jun 4, 2017 @ 6:46pm 
If you could change ONE THING about The Exiled and that one thing would have to have a MASSIVE IMPACT on your enjoyment of the game - what would it be?

Permanent world with more to do, more gear to choose from, Challenging bosses to fight(need 5+ people to kill), Gear Enchantment, Maybe even Safe zones in major Cities so people can Trade and Interact, it can't be a kill all at all times world. PVP needs to be balanced and not annoying. Make Outskirts with Guild Territories that you can claim with rarer loots/bosses and open world pvp. Make a middle zone with Guards or semi safe(option to run to a guard if needed) and lower part, a complete safe zone for Newbies and market place for players to trade.

Become an MMORPG, Allow player housing, more skills to actually train, not stay afk for a week, login and catch up to everyone that was playing daily and grinding.

There needs to be Achievements with levels, i used to play Runescape, getting a skill to 99 to utilize it to the max can take 3+ months, but i loved getting it, it was rewarding.

Competitive NPC's a Boss that Mages 3 people at the same time and does massive damage. You will need Healers, tanks, Dps etc to take it down. Different Kind of NPC's everything is to Generic, and basically the same thing.

Higher and more dangerous zones should be more rewarding, and no not just +50 resources of the same thing you got in the start of the game. Maybe a chance to Drop a Rare Gear Piece, or a rare crafting recipe, or resources other then the same once.

2 Major factors i hated when i played The Exiled
1. not a permanent world.
2. Leveling means nothing.

I understand the "No Grind" is suppose to bring people and convince them to play, but what is gonna keep them when they have nothing to do? I think the Grind part of Any game is not a problem, but quite the opposite it keeps people online for Hours a day.
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Lash Jun 4, 2017 @ 11:44pm 
Originally posted by dbltnk:
Originally posted by Lash:
If I had to choose one big thing, then I would make gear and loot more interesting.
Interesting - thanks! Any details on the system you imagine beyond what you already posted? Similar games? Power level? etc.

The loot system of the Diablo series is the main source of inspiration, since that is familiar, but the gear system here could be unique in its own way with some elements from there. Diablo 3 and Path of Exile gear systems are very modern and refined, and some aspects could help here.

Collecting a bit of digital bauble which aren't very strong on power level increase or are interesting sidegrades could work. Also, some random item generation for players who played in a previous season, at the start of the season, could be appropriate.

Basically things like gems/items could be generated on player spawn, for rewards for players from the previous season, and leaders get more gems. So a completely new player gets no gems (to avoid 7 day free trial exploiting by making multiple accounts). If a player played last season, they get 1 low level gem/item to start. The leader and 2 assigned generals from the winning clans for each region from the previous season get 3 random low level gems/items. The second place leader and generals get 2 gems/items. Each account can only generate new gear in start on one of their characters per season.

The gems could have class specific attributes, so trading might be encouraged. For example it increases the damage of suspended lightning, but increases that abilities cooldown. More generic attributes like speed or armour could be done as well. Rings, amulets, boots can also fulfil these requirements. More exotic effects occur for higher level loot (like my suggestions previously in other threads you replied to, and in the old forum).

Sockets on equipment increase with the level of weapon and armour, so it can work with existing equipment concepts. Maybe 3 sockets maximum. There are rarity levels on the gems or gear, which corresponds to power level increase (more plusses, less drawbacks). You can combine 10 (this number can be tuned) items of the same type and some resources at the donation hut, to create a random higher tier item of the same type.

But anything you have equipped has similar drop rates to weapons and armour. But at the moment, the more you die, the chance of dropping gear increases for a while. This creates an incentive to log out and wait to come back to preserve your gear, or switch gear on death to lower quality stuff. Drop rates should be static for every death, and the only the power level of the gear decides the drop rate, nothing more. The chance of dropping your gear increases simply by having the same drop rate (e.g. 20%) and dying twice instead of once. So no more increase in drop rate per death. This is especially important with a gear revamp. So highest tier items have a static 33% chance drop rate, and it doesn't increase with every death. Simply dying more makes that gear have a chance to drop due to multiple drop rolls.

Regarding new gear generation, every time a clan donates 5000 (tunable) of the donation amount total for a day, it generates a new gem/item in the donation hut, which is only lootable for 1 minute by the clan which donates (similar to carcass event rules). If a gem/item is going to be generated, the donation event is globally broadcast as a treasure shrine event (5 minutes), to attract people to fight over the generated gem/item. Once the donation amount for that day is hit, there will be no more gem/item generation. Servers don't die when the donation amount is not hit, but donations act as trade points instead to convert excess resource and gain score. So they should not be called donation huts any more, they should be called treasure shrines, where you donate resources to the shrine for treasure.

In this way, all the PvE, and fighting, has a focus on the donations/shrinew (converting excess resources) to get more gear, causing conflict. Once donations to the shrine are complete, then excess resources are used for general base building as occuring now.

To start, I would introduce rings first. Then boots. Then amulets. Then gems. I propose this order since gems are probably the most complicated to implement properly. Rings first, since 2 could be equipped. Boots for a different type of gear. Amulets are more powerful and interesting compared to rings. Certain effects can only occur on certain item types.

Another concept is that all gear stays player created, but rare ingredients come from treasure shrines. So you can craft jewelry, weapons, armour and boots with rare ingredients. You can combine skill scrolls to get specific skill bonuses (so less randomisation). Perhaps rare crafting recipes are generated at the treasure shrine as well?
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Whispershades Jun 5, 2017 @ 1:20am 
I stopped playing because, there are other game out there that do the mmorpg part better, so I don't see this becomming a fantasy mmorpg with all the same features those have...

What I don't know is a survival game, survial in a valley ...

But in the exciled I could simply not relate to what I am doing ...farming xx/??/Xp ?? in PVE Meteors to upgrade a weapon ?? Opening a dojo?? to change spells. I heard - "no grind" and all there was is basically grinding for upgrade of your weapon ...and it felt like sensle grind...

If I was to change something in the game, I would make it about survival first - hording water/food/shelter - make that the reason why you hunt animals etc. - just something you can easily relate to as to why you are doing it - not just weapon upgrade - that is sooo unemersive.

And then - territory second.

Making it about survival first - makes it also more interesting for single/lone wolfs - being able to manage to live sepreate somewhere in the wilderness...

Zartas Jun 5, 2017 @ 3:50am 
I like the idea if Whispershades introducing survival mechanics to the mix, could create interesting situations with people fighting over water holes, food, shelter etc.

I also saw comments making pve more interesting, I think this largey tied to the mobs and their AI. The humanoid mobs are ok I think they would need the least improvement. Their navigation would have to be improved, add some extra abilities. And instead of fightning 4-5 enemies at once. try to make it that you fight less enemies but those fights are intenste, you have to think, dodge, react. Same goes for the animals, the raptors and dogs just charge ahead and thats about it, those mobs definitely need an overhaul.

And for the minigames with the resource events, at the moment there isn't really much to worry about, they work and they are kind of there. Maybe if the mobs were to be improved and would provide a danger and challenge to fight them. It could perhpas make the events more interesting. the events themselves would have to be changed as well though, for example :

Fallen pack animal
instead of a timer players can loot it immediatley. However looting takes time and being attacked resets it. Players would have to fend of creatures, and if the mobs could provide a challenge for the players, as in they actually have to fight tooth and nails to fend off the animals.
Add some animals that are quicker and have the ability to steal some of the loot. They would be easy to fend of but would be quick.
And if a pack animal spawns, a timer starts immediatly and players have X amount of minutes to get to the pack animal before it gets eaten by the animals. Would create more urgency to get there which would also lead to more fights perhaps.

Would be simmiliar to the fallen pack animal however the mobs would be different, it would attract revenants and jailors that players have to fend off. But again let the fight be challenging, there should be a risk of failure.

Other resources
for the other resources, I know this would be against your philosophy of not wanting players to click rocks or whatever. However maybe adding so trees, clay pits which players can harvest could create fightning over it. Fur could be gained by killing certain animals this could create the farming spots which PIECEofTOAST mentioned, which in turn would again create conflict zones over these resources. for example : "some guys are hogging he clay pit, lets get some guys together to take it back!".

More drastic changes
As for more drastig changes, a possibility could be to create factions and pit them against each other simmiliar to the game "Foxhole". There would be resource points, and several fortresses which players could take over. Resources would be scattered around the world which would be used to create weapons, armor, walls, siege equipment etc. And the game would end if players control the whole area. However this would be a complete 180 turn pretty much. I would prefer to keeping as close as much to the original spirit of the game.

I think with the survival idea of Whispershades and changing the events + pve to be dangerous and challenging. it could spice it up.

I wouldn't mind creating a more persistent world, the question is how would we stop alpha tribes from dominating a world? Also adding more cosmetics unlocks would be great (buildings, armors weapons etc. etc.

Jakem Jun 5, 2017 @ 12:27pm 
If you could change ONE THING about The Exiled and that one thing would have to have a MASSIVE IMPACT on your enjoyment of the game - what would it be?

Gamedesigner, just change your gamedesigner. Hire a good one
oliveira Jun 5, 2017 @ 1:40pm 
Hello there.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the team for the effort and openness with the game.

I have also gone with high expectations to the game. Unfortunately, they couldn't be matched. I am not sure how to express what is missing, but I'll try to give my opinion since I love the concept and the intentions of The Exiled (old Das Tal).

I love playing MOBA games. Especially, the mechanics are very fun and rewarding after mastering them. For instance, the skill-shots are challenging but fun combat mechanics.
Even though MOBAs are fun, I always miss the continuation part of it. It doesn't feel fulfilling the repetitive combats in an arena format. In my opinion, a richer background, as in a RPG game, would make the experience better.
I thought The Exilled would be that: a MOBA mechanics game in a richer experience like in a RPG format or MMO.

I think that the game lacked the richer background I was expecting. The open sandbox experience is interesting but can be boring for beginners. A story-line can drive better and reward faster. Moreover, a clear progression system would make the combats more meaningful. It is rewarding to see our character progress, gain experience, loot, etc. This clear progression path is key for an enjoyable game, in my opinion.

Also, unfortunately, something key in my expectations of the game wasn't well done: the combat mechanics. In few words, I felt that the combat was a bit clumsy. Maybe the animation timming wasn't perfect, or the skill shots weren't well implemented. I am not sure, but the combat wasn't smooth or natural. Even the locked camera was frustrating since I came from a MOBA background and used to have unlocked camera.

Please, take the criticism in a positive way. I loved the concept of the game from the beginning and I have helped testing it as an alpha player. If something went wrong, that only means that there are open challenges to be done. It's not a time to give up. It's time to keep it up!

Congratulations for everything so far.
Best regards,
Jhonatan Oliveira
Jakem Jun 6, 2017 @ 12:43am 
and the walls are glitchy, even little stones and bushes are impassable

btw make locked camera default setting, some of my friends went crazy about floating camera :beatmeat:
Adûn Jun 6, 2017 @ 10:21am 
My big thing: without a doubt, remove the "Seasons" concept. It makes, to me, absolutely zero sense in the context of a PVP sandbox. Seasons are for competitive "league" games with divisions.

I think the game needs to be reenvisioned from the ground up to have a persistent world with multiple maps. It doesn't need to be a full-fledged, interconnected sandbox MMO like Albion (which would be the closest comparison), but rather the niche you could go after would be more like: persistent open-world sandbox MMO with very hardcore mechanics (things like world-end, which would itself cause a reset, eventually, which makes much more sense than forced monthly "Seasons") and where every single spell/ability is aimed.

The game has huge potential and the basis for greatness is there. I hope you guys don't give up.
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