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BossConstructor  [developer] Mar 7, 2015 @ 12:53am
Module idea collection and vote thread.
If you want to add your module ideas to the voting list, append them to this thread! If you are lucky, your idea will become part of the game and your alias will be added to the credits screen. :)

Current vote
  • Magnet connector module\\(Connect and disconnect\\ship parts.)
  • Scrap container\\(Collect scrap from broken parts)\\Suggested by Sineporfa
  • Piston\\(2x1 extends to 4x1)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Antimatter reactor\\(high power generation, explodes)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Spreader Rocket\\(fires one rocket\\that divides into three)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Fletch Rocket\\(shorter range\\though faster projectile)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Reactionless Drive\\(Inefficient drive without 'flame'.\\(Can be stacked)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Repair station\\(Repairs when activated, spawns repair bots)\\Suggested by Sineporfa

Delayed Pool
  • Super Accelerator\\(Extremely powerful thruster.\\Leave radiation trail behind.)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Upgrade station\\('Repair' a module beyond max HP)\\Suggested by shreddar

  • Reactors\\(4x4 High Power output\\less filler pieces but higer risk.)\\Suggested by Puppet #7
  • Dumbfire Missile\\(Crowd control weapon;\\Attaches to enemies and\\applies constant directional thrust.)\\Suggested by Puppet #7
  • Fire suppression\\(fires foam that decays over time.\\Acts as a shockabsorber)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Buzz saw\\(Extends one space outwards.\\Damages objects, deactivates after some time)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • EMP mines (Same as EMP, but more powerful and in mine form.)\\Suggested by Evil Mathematician
  • Flak Dispenser mines (Distributes debris in a 360 degree.\\Good for blocking missiles\\and ballistic weapons)\\Suggested by Evil Mathematician
  • Nebula generator\\(Once per mission (per module)\\it drops a nebula cloud.)\\Suggested by Evil Mathematician
  • Fusion Beam (large, powerful weapon)\\Suggested by Knockin’ Boots
  • Charge Gun (large, powerful weapon;\\takes some time to charge)\\Suggested by Knockin’ Boots
  • Missile turrets\\Suggested by Random Commander
  • Mass Driver turrets\\Suggested by Random Commander
  • Shorter-range Laser turrets\\Suggested by Random Commander
  • Deflector\\(Deflects incoming asteroids, \\ships, or fighters around ship)\\Suggested by CmdrNoval

Low-priority Pool
  • Slimer\\(fires a big blob of slime\\slows down enemies.)\\Suggested by Old Leafy Beard
  • Black Hole Generator\\(use carefully and\\at own disscression)\\Suggested by Old Leafy Beard
  • Kamikasi\\(brifly spins your ship\\around really fast)\\Suggested by Old Leafy Beard
  • Police lights\\(for pulling over\\the bad guys)\\Suggested by Old Leafy Beard
  • Portable sun\\(helps with solar pannels)\\Suggested by Old Leafy Beard
  • Beard module\\(no captain is complete\\without a beard...)\\Suggested by Old Leafy Beard
  • Horn\\(honking at the\\opposite sex)\\Suggested by Old Leafy Beard
  • Tiny ship spawner\\(spawns tiny ships which\\kamikasi into nearest target)\\Suggested by Old Leafy Beard
  • Gravity weapon\\(shoots gravity bubbles)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Ion beam cannon\\(long range laser weapon)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Adaptive armour\\(Gains resistance when shot at)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Weight shift module\\(Can be toggled between\\heavy/light state)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Magnetic goo sprayer\\(Short range sprayer.\\Gravity effect on nearby ships.)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Bounce goo sprayer\\(Short range sprayer.\\Reduces collision damage.)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Time distortion shield\\(Slows incoming projectiles.)
  • Overcharge Unit\\(Increases firing rate by +100%.\\Affected modules may get destroyed.)\\Suggested by somedude
  • Switch blade\\(extends 2x1 "blade")\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Speed booster module\\(Inc. speed of projectiles)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Neutronic armour\\(nullifies weak attacks)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Phase shift field\\(things phase through ship)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Fog horn\\(sounds "fog horn" noise)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Short range tazer\\(causes electrical damage)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Lightning gun\\(Short range guided 'laser')\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Mirrored armour\\(Reflects electromagnetic wave)\\Suggested by Sineporfa
  • Reflective armour\\(reflects beam type weaponry)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Ion drive\\(High efficiency, slow reaction)\\Suggested by ?
  • Thruster booster module\\(Inc. power of thruster)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Electro armour\\(Damages nearby enemies)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Shadow orb\\(Decoy for missiles etc.)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Damage booster module\\(Inc. damage of conn. wpn.)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Solar sail\\(Solar panel, enlarges when activated)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Shock rifle\\(weapon like UT's shock rifle)\\Suggested by ?
  • Bomb module\\(detonates by command)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Scythe energy weapon\\(like Terraria demon scythe)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Spiked armour\\(armour with damage multiplier)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • EMP mine layer\\(lays mines with EMP effect)\\Suggested by Dekeon
  • Meteorite furnace\\(Spawns a growing meteorite)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Phase gun\\(When it hits a module, projectiles\\pass through that module)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Cloud analyser\\(Gather research points\\by taking nebula samples)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Cloud creator\\(Spawn new nebulae)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Repair bot support\\(Recharges repair bots,\\increasing their efficiency.)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Space burst\\(Creates solar winds,\\many possible uses)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Black goo sprayer\\(Short range sprayer.\\Disables hit modules for 1s)\\Suggested by JGrimes900
  • Rechargeable battery\\(Drains energy constantly.\\When activated, your get stored energy.)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Curl gun\\(Shoots in curves.)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Transistor\\(Drains energy and reduces\\energy cons. for conn. module.)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Physics module\\(Reduces linear/angular damping)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Emergency CC\\(Command center that teleports\\you when it gets damaged.)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Utility CC\\(3x4 command center.\\Stores energy and ore.)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Glass armour\\(Allows laser to pass through)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Stockade armour\\(heavy though strong)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Acid crystal gun\\(damage over time)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Circular saw\\(melee weapon)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Range booster module\\(Inc. range of conn. wpn.)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Force armour\\(Slows incoming projectiles)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Asteroid armor\\(Takes no damage from asteroids)\\Suggested by Roskitos
  • Acid cloud sprayer\\(Clouds that deal DOT)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Bubble gun\\(Deploys plastic bubbles\\as a physical barrier.)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Telekinetic cell\\(Move other objects with your mouse)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Fuzed thruster\\(constant forward movement)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Minigun\\(small spread fireball)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Graviton drive\\(creates a gravity well)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Powered armour\\(uses power to absorb attacks)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Anti-gravity field\\(Pushes everything in range away)\\Suggested by shreddar
  • Fireblaster/Trident\\(fires three fireballs at same time\\in a repeating angled pattern)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
  • Bling module\\(Block of solid gold.\\No practical purpose, heavy and expensive.)
  • Command core\\(small CC module with no power cap)\\Suggested by Dazenith
  • Light armour\\(Half the weight/HP/cost)\\Suggested by Sineporfa
  • Mini-mine-launcher\\(Deployes 3 mini mines.\\Explode after short time into shockwave.)\\Suggested by FridayBiology

Vetoed Pool
  • Grapple gun\\(Physically punches other ships.)\\Suggested by FridayBiology
    (Vetoed because too similar to Ram/Ramp module.)
  • Ore array\\(Drains energy.\\Generates ore.)\\Suggested by shreddar
    (Vetoed because it would allow the player to just sit around and gain resources.)
  • Grower/Shrinker\\(can alter size\\of ship briefly)\\Suggested by Old Leafy Beard (Vetoed because too complicated technically.)

Done / Coming Up
The next modules will be added after the game's full release.
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Dazenith Mar 7, 2015 @ 6:01pm 
FIRST... *Ehem*, Excuse me.

It's awesome seeing some of my module ideas as well as others.
Asking me to post which other modules I want added would just be me copying all the modules in my thread over here. Lol.
I'll probably be adding some more module ideas to my own thread soon.

Anyways I'm eager too see all the new stuff get added. Thanks.
BossConstructor  [developer] Mar 8, 2015 @ 3:03am 
@Dazenith: I am sorry! Yeah, I should have made it more obvious that these are your ideas and not mine. I've added a sentence to reflect this. I'm sorry if I caused any confusion.
Last edited by BossConstructor; Mar 8, 2015 @ 3:04am
BossConstructor  [developer] Mar 12, 2015 @ 2:58am 
FridayBiology Mar 18, 2015 @ 6:18pm 
Could you list those who thought / posted the idea for the module?
> would be sweet if the game was about building with modules built with players :worker:
BossConstructor  [developer] Mar 20, 2015 @ 4:39am 
@FridayBiology: Sounds like a great idea! I've added the players who suggested the modules to the list. Please call me out if I forgot someone (the ?s) or misattributed an idea! :)
Dazenith Mar 21, 2015 @ 7:40am 
It's all cool. I understood you got the ideas from me and some of the others.

I've added several more module ideas to my thread if you're interested.
I really like some of my new armour ideas.

Thanks and keep up the awesome work.
Last edited by Dazenith; Mar 21, 2015 @ 7:44am
shreddar Mar 25, 2015 @ 7:14am 
You`re so great!

Maybe a "telekinetic cell":
2x2 module.
When activated, it "connects" to the thing (ship, module, meteorite, etc.; projectile?) which is on the position of your mouse cursor (at the moment of activation).
As long as the cell stays activated, it moves this thing (and everything connected to it) to the position of the mouse cursor.

The bigger the distance between cursor and thing is, the more force it uses (to move the thing). And the more force, the more energy drain.
BossConstructor  [developer] Mar 27, 2015 @ 6:08am 
Thank you for your suggestions! Please let me know when I miss suggestions from other threads.
shreddar Mar 27, 2015 @ 3:25pm 
Oh yes, maybe some of the ideas from my "some ideas"-thread.

Some of them are partly in the pool already; but I think there are also a few ideas which are quite extravagant. (pacman gun/thruster, crew capsule, weight switch, phase gun)

Oh, and some of them are quite unmanageable... ;-)
Last edited by shreddar; Mar 27, 2015 @ 3:29pm
FridayBiology Mar 28, 2015 @ 7:13am 
Originally posted by BossConstructor:
@FridayBiology: Sounds like a great idea! I've added the players who suggested the modules to the list. Please call me out if I forgot someone (the ?s) or misattributed an idea! :)

Now just need to convince Dev to put the list of modules and user names in a ingame credit list... :worker: :P
Last edited by FridayBiology; Mar 28, 2015 @ 7:14am
BossConstructor  [developer] Apr 2, 2015 @ 4:20pm 
Originally posted by FridayBiology:
Now just need to convince Dev to put the list of modules and user names in a ingame credit list... :worker: :P
Sure, I'll add it in the next patch :)
BossConstructor  [developer] Apr 2, 2015 @ 4:33pm 
Originally posted by shreddar:
Oh yes, maybe some of the ideas from my "some ideas"-thread.

Some of them are partly in the pool already; but I think there are also a few ideas which are quite extravagant. (pacman gun/thruster, crew capsule, weight switch, phase gun)

Oh, and some of them are quite unmanageable... ;-)
Yeah, some may be a bit unmanageable maybe :) - that is why I did not include the crew module as it would add a huge complexity to the game - and I also found the pac thrusters to be a bit too odd.
I will add the weight switch though! What do you mean by "phase gun"? I could not find it in the thread.
FridayBiology Apr 2, 2015 @ 7:42pm 
ramming modules and terraria stolen ideas.

can you explain how "linked armour" works > if i have multiple linked armour stacked one on top of the other does it transfer 100/50/30/25 damage to among the one/two/three/four stack of armour.
or just to the next direct module 100/50 . 50/25 . 25/12.5 . 12.5/6
Last edited by FridayBiology; Apr 2, 2015 @ 7:50pm
Dazenith Apr 2, 2015 @ 10:21pm 
In my suggestion. I said for it to evenly spread out damage to only adjacent linked armour pieces.
I.e. if you take a hit of 100 damage on a linked armour piece and it has 1 behind it and 1 on each side(3 total adjacent), each piece would get 100/4 = 25 damage.

However I don't know how the developer will actually code it.

Refer to my thread and ask about whichever module you want to know about more.
It helps to get other's opinions on how to balance each of the modules and what is most fun.
Last edited by Dazenith; Apr 2, 2015 @ 10:24pm
shreddar Apr 3, 2015 @ 1:15pm 
Oh, I only call it "phase gun" now... :-) You´re so nice!

Phase gun: weapon. If its projectiles hit a module, this module cannot be hit any more (for a short period of time). If this module is connected to other modules, it stays connected. Command centers cannot be targeted. Shoots slowly, so one gun can "phase" only one or two modules at the same time. Own modules can be targeted.
Last edited by shreddar; Apr 3, 2015 @ 1:28pm
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