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SOB Tweaks (5 options)
Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BztZxG-dBCGnX3ZYZ1U3eERFOWc

This mod changes how the SOB Purifier attacks and moves, with 5 different options.

Options (Only use 1 of the following):
1. (Recommended) Alternative SOB: Faster Firing rate, Lower Weapon Spread, No Weapon Knockback.
2. Speedy Alternative SOB: Same as above, but with slightly increased Movement Speed.
3. Speedy Normal SOB: Just slightly increased Movement Speed.
4. Shorter Burst SOB: Lowers Magazine size to 100 from 200. Consequently reduces how long the SOB can fire before reloading. Makes the SOB strictly easier.
5. Speedy Shorter Burst SOB: Same as above, but with the slightly increased Movement Speed.

How it was designed:
The Alternative SOB was designed to create easier ways to escape while currently being hit (no more being stunlocked in a corner for 20 seconds, hoping he has to reload) while also maintaining how quickly he will kill you. It's important to note he is still extremely dangerous from short to medium-short range, thanks to the fire rate increase. He is also more deadly at longer ranges, so shooting at him from long distances is no longer as generally safe as it once was. You can also fire back at him while under attack, giving you more of a fighting chance if he is close to death, or you have backed yourself into a corner.

The Speedy Variants were added as an option if you found running away from the SOB a bit TOO easy, with this mod or without.

Shorter Burst SOB was designed for a similar purpose as the Alternative SOB, but done in a different, simpler way. It makes him strictly easier. Not entirely recommended, but it's an option.

How it works: Weirdly. It changes the actual stats of Lil' Minnie, but then reverses the changes only when the player equips it. It works though!

How to Install: Put the SOB Tweaks folder inside of your Wasted\Mods Folder. Open up the SOB Tweaks folder, and then open the folder of the option you desire. Copy and paste the .WMD file within the option folder into the SOB Tweaks folder.
Also: in order for this mod to properly work with other mods it should be loaded after any other mods that change how Lil' Minnie Functions.

This mod is a work in progress, and hasn't been tested as extensively as I would like but I feel like it's functional enough to be released at this point. I'm not 100% satisfied on some aspects of the mods, so they'll probably be improved in the future.
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Mr. Podunkian  [developer] Jul 2, 2017 @ 8:15pm 
Hahaha, that's some really creative context tag wizardry! Great work, as always!
king bore haha Jul 2, 2017 @ 10:26pm 
Thanks :)
king bore haha Aug 18, 2017 @ 3:05pm 
Just made some quick fixes to this after the last patch. Honestly this mod is partially invalidated by recent patch that removed knockback for the purifier, but it'll still be around for some variety/extra challenge if you want it.
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