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Alazu Aug 27, 2017 @ 5:12pm
Any suggestions for improving (Steam Controller) support?
Honestly I was hoping I would get spoon fed a custom community config but I realized that sometimes that isn't the case in smaller games. Anyhow I don't know much about Direct Input or Xbox Input functions but I was hoping maybe the developer or a small fan could help on this issue.

I have reason to believe also that Zenzizenic also doesn't have support for "major" controllers because for the likes of me I couldn't get the game to work with/without the Steam Controller mapped into different functions. I also fear this is a pressing matter because I gave this game to a friend on a sale and he only uses a Nintendo WII Pro controller for gaming...... I don't wan't to dissapoint my friend.:steamsad:
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Zenzizenzic > General Discussions > Topic Details