Vadam5 (Banned) May 9, 2015 @ 3:15am
A mathematical guide to avoid Concussion missiles. Part 1
Recent rumors talk about an Israeli Neo-Nazi organization inside a four dimensional space at an abandoned IDF military base at east jerusalem. IDF and the local police are currently fighting the organizastion, but one thing needs to be remembered. The second Intifada was a result of an unexpected communist stargate portal that was accidently opened near the twin towers an caused them to fall immediately, and the U.S government faked the scenario using quantum technology holograms that were shaped as planes. *TRANSDIMENSIONAL ALERT* *TRANSDIMENSIONAL ALERT* *TRANSDIMENSIONAL ALERT* Wait a second.... ^Click^ alright we turned that off, maybe we will need that later. But lets get back to the second intifada, when suddenly bus lines number 18 and then 72 exploded right in the middle of the road. Minutes after, two IDF soldiers accidently entered the local ghetto of Rammallah to go to the KFC (The last KFC near Malha Canyon was closed due a conflict with the all seeing eye) and were double killed by the nationalist organization of the occupied territory of Palestine. Those people seem invulnerable and still cannot die in the concentration camp built by NATO in Sector X-78 in the Outer Regions of our solar system.

The second Intifada was followed by the sudden time and space jump anomaly to the fourth and the fifth dimension that was caused at the moment of the not-so-great Chernobyl nuclear site explosion, which is explained in the ancient books of the german race, was caused by the KKK that burned a poor negro without ebola on a wooden swastika (In hebrew its called for some reason Tslav Keres [Stomach Cross], propably due a sugar overdose of stalin, which caused his stomach to fail) The temperature in the Chernobyl nucloear core were raised to an unknown level. The explosion level was raised to 12,666 EBS (Exploding Buses, a middle eastern way to measure Eq [Heat energy]). This all reminds me of my teacher to Civics, his name was Heroin. Once I was in the space between the third and the fourth dimension (See the article;Hyperspace), he showed us a presentation about freedom and democracy, and showed us pictures of the Twin Towers disaster (Also called 9/11) and pictures of Adolf Hitler, who is also called Fuhrer, some sort of messiah, by the germans. And all the kids started to laugh and started to crack jokes that it never happened. Maybe [9+1+1 = 11, 1-1=0, now divide that by zero... you will get a dimensional anomaly, a paradox.) A week later an oriental kid who thought hashshish (hash) and marijuana are the same drug. It was all the kids fault, he was at the ninth dimension and the all seeing eye gave him few choices, to be one of the superior races, or to be oriental, with bad chromosomes. Soon after that incident a giant ship that resembled a penis of a negro, and sucked all the colors from the hyperspace between the third dimension and the fourth dimension, so only gray, white and black and fire colors [Orange, Yellow and red] were left. People started panicking and later they became psychos. I took my personal helicopter flew away from the area while I prepared the transdimensional teleport...
BUT THEN!!!!!!

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Botan Sep 15 @ 5:38am 
i was bad at the game until i found this guide
thanks based vadam
now i can play
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