597 Jun 21 @ 8:56am
I installed this gorgeous and stylish piece of genius art last night and apparently I suck at configuring game setting like I did in 1999, because something is horribly lagged with my aim and I can't find the option I must be messing up.

When I move my mouse, the crosshair starts moving with like a 1/3 second delay and when I stop, it stops with a 1/3 second delay. I can't hit almost anything. It doesn't seem to be a general input delay because my jumps and other commands are instant. It also doesn't seem to be a bad interaction with my RawAccel either because turning it off didn't fix the delay.

Anyone had this problem?
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no idea. but in case you have a joystick / controller attached to your PC, unplug it.
normally that causes some spinning around, but who knows what else it might cause.
597 Jun 22 @ 11:44pm 
FIxed, but idk how. Looks like it was just a random glitch on first launch. I didn't have anything plugged in.
.Girz0r Jun 27 @ 5:49pm 
That's something I've never heard of.
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