Community Mapping / #FFF
Safe to say, I am officially coming out of mapping retirement for the TOXIKK community.

I will be attempting a couple of new things such as mods/programming for TOXIKK. This should be fun.

On most FFF Friday Nights, I will be putting in 4 hour segments into w/e I decide to work on. I will be in the official discord voip as well as streaming on twitch.

Join the Discord! Come hang out & play #FFF!

See you 02/04/22. :UT2004flak:
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.Girz0r Feb 4 @ 5:33pm 
Now to find all the old UDK tutorials :steamhappy: !

Not diving too far into it tonight since I have a new m.2 drive to install 0.0'
Definitely feels good to get back into the groove. :UT2004flak:
how many people are playing this
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