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Welcome 2023 Players <3
Welcome all 2023 new players! While our community is small, we all look out for each other. From server hosting to event organization. If you enjoy the game, we are too, very much about the game, Bring IT ! From past years experiences, setting a date 1-3 weeks out seems to be ok. Place your announcement in discord ( and hype it up through the social channels in Discord:, Reddit, Forums etc. Word of mouth for your event is the end game. Even an 8-man will fill pretty quickly.

If it gains traction and you get more interest (8+ people) from the initial get go, shoot me a dm in ( discord only, I will answer a s a p. Any other discord channel suggestions for the event I will ignore (plebs & mouthers). I'll get everything setup so you can operate with a tourny bracket. (Your moderation, just channels + Voip. Let's Rip Dude :sacrificed::P7::csgocross::UT2004flak: ) @Sharkster
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Nice to see that there is still a crowd playing : )
Man I don't really want to drop the money on this game but it seems fun. How many people are active in this game would you say? I might buy the full version.
I wouldnt expect many players : /
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