would a revival cup be worth it?
ive been helping the reflex arena community bring back its numbers by hosting tourney events for the players, we've slowly been increasing players, and the duel community is pretty steady now,
i was wondering if it would work for toxikk? i love the gameplay, and watched some duels before, is there any players out there who would be interested in doing and be able to fill a 8 slotted duel cup?
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Hunter Feb 17 @ 11:56am 
It could be cool but even finding 8 players is going to be pretty hard sadly...

Now I can fill one of the slot if needed, nowadays the playerbase is mostly from NA afaik and I am from EU so not the best because of timezones and pings differences :)
Sackback Feb 17 @ 12:02pm 
Well I'd certainly play.

If Pred has his all mods and maps server up we can figure out a way for some matches to be on that.

Don't know how these things work but some US players could play at EU times. At least until we handle the EU players, which should be pretty quick.

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Sharkster  [developer] Feb 17 @ 5:51pm 
We can help by announcing the event on our social media channels. I would also play.
yahooo!!! aiight, im down to try and make this work, lemme brainstorm a proper date n plan, what time works best for yall?
.Girz0r Feb 18 @ 1:32pm 
From past experiences, setting a date 1-3 weeks out seems to be good. Let the announcement and hype pickup through social channels, reddit, forums etc. Though I'd imagine 8-man will fill quickly.

If it gains traction and we get more interest (8+), shoot me a dm in discord if you have any discord channel suggestions for the event. I'll get everything setup so you can operate. (No moderation, just channels & voip) :UT2004flak:
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