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Sharkster  [developer] Oct 7, 2016 @ 8:33am
TOXIKK - Reporting Hackers & Cheats
Cheat and hack software for FPS games is as old as FPS games themselves, and no matter how lame it is, there'll always be freaks developing cheat tools and there'll always be losers who enjoy them (because that's their only chance to score in a skill based game anyway).

The good news is: Detecting and convicting cheaters in Toxikk is simple: After you got shot, you'll see the guy who killed you in third person perspective (we call that "Death Cam"). Death Cam will follow your opponent for quite some time, while you can check if your opponent is just a good player ...or if something fishy is going on.

How to detect a hacker

There are a couple of indications that possibly convict a hacker. E.g. they often...

  • ...prefer precise and powerful weapons (like the Falcon)
  • ...change aiming orientation very fitfully
  • ...hit repeatedly over very long distances
  • ...aim better, than they move (i.e. got inferior movement skills)
  • ...visually aim at players they're not supposed to see (wall hacks)

These are just a few indications. If you suspect someone to be a hacker you should report him to Your report is already an indication, but to really help us, you should provide some evidence.

Providing Evidence: Best Practices

When in Death Cam mode (see above), capture footage of the suspected hacker playing (e.g. with Shadowplay). Then upload it to a video provider (YouTube, Vimeo etc.), but mark the video as unlisted. This way, e.g. YouTube will not show it to people who search for TOXIKK related footage, but only to people who have the direct link to the video. You may also password protect your footage.

Send the link and the password (if applicable) to We'll look into the footage and decide how to proceed.

What happens to convicted hackers?

Convicted hackers will either be VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) banned or banned directly from the servers via our own ban lists. This happens in batches (i.e. every couple of weeks, a list with bans is executed). We will NOT let the hacker know the identity of those who reported him.
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