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How are the bots?
Started giving this one a try. I enjoy the gameplay, but there's only a fairly small amount of players, and most seem to be whiney little children who drop out as soon as they are losing.
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Monroe Oct 26 @ 5:01pm 
I enjoy the bots. They have freakishly good aim, even at easy difficulties but terrible situational awareness which makes instagib an interesting contest.
Yamr3 Oct 26 @ 5:12pm 
The bots are really fun. I enjoy them. They also work on every map and community maps; so, endless fun with them around.
Appreciated. I prefer playing online, but I don't know how much more longevity this game may hold (I know it's a few years old). If the bots are good though, I can see this having some legs for me.
.GZR Oct 26 @ 5:32pm 
I use SC10 bots on my TX Toxikk server. I've found this level to be the most "human" like before they become instant aim botters from across the map lol.

Also, you will most likely find players on Friday nights 9PM EST (ish) on USA Servers.

I try to do weekly posts here when I am available, we also have a private discord if you would like to join. Find me at (discord server: for an invite link.

Happy Fragging :hunted:
=RaggA= Oct 28 @ 6:19pm 
I can confirm the bots are quite good in this game. I'm not usually free when most of the weekly meets are happening so like 99% of my time with this game are with bots. But as someone who plays a wide range of shooters and with that have played with a wide range of bots I can say these ones are pretty good. As someone above said the situational awareness is not great but that goes with most bots BUT a big thing I have found in their favour vs other bots is that I have never seen them get lost or stuck in repeated action loops (To illustrate, an example I can think off the top of my head: Play a bot match in Quake Champions on the map 'Church of Azeroth' in CTF or Sacrifice mode, watch as bots get stuck in a loop on the bounce pads in the central room). Also their difficulty scales quite well, so easy to find a challenge to match the mood you are in (hey, we have all had days where you just want to shoot something and days you want an actual challenge! lol).
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