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.Girz0r Dec 11, 2020 @ 12:04pm
December Frag Fest Friday Event [12/11/2020] Session #2
Join US! TONIGHT 9PM EST [12/11/2020] on the US Toxikk Servers! - Check out the December 2020 Frag Fest Event!

"Yamr3 (Yamr3#0558) is hosting an event that will take place on December 4, 11, and 18. Whoever achieves the most kills combined over the 3 days, gets $30 (USD) Steam!"

"Each of the 3 days, you have 2 hours from the start time to attain as many kills as possible. Any kills after 11PM EST, will not be counted towards the event"

Please review ALL of the Rules / Guidelines listed on the site linked above.

Public Voip & Discord:


[KK] Toxikk Private Discord & VOIP :UT2004udamage:

Now calling all Toxikk players!
Claim your spot now and get into the Private Toxikk VOIP tonight !

Private Discord & VOIP - INFO
Every 'Friday Frag Fest', we promote for the use of [KK] Toxikk Private Discord & VOIP for good times and future matches in Toxikk. We currently hold 70+ active Toxikk players and are still growing!

Welcome New Toxikk Players! :UT2004flak: :hunted:

[TX Toxikk Server maps, subscribe for all maps!]
TOXIKK > General Discussions > Topic Details