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Yamr3 Nov 16 @ 2:07pm
December Frag Fest Friday's Event
Good evening everyone,

I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting an event that I hope many of you will join for. I introduce to you, the Frag Fest Friday's December Event!

• Each of the 3 days, you have 2 hours from the start time to attain as many kills as possible. Any kills after 11PM EST, will not be counted towards the event.
• Scores will be counted at the conclusion of each night
• All game modes are okay to achieve kills on
• Cheaters / score padding are immediately disqualified
• Specified servers to game on are:
• 1) TX Toxikk Server
• 2) Vegas Friend Zone
• All maps are allowed to play on; HOWEVER, if a F2P player is on the server play official maps ONLY.
• F2P players it is on YOU to let the server know you're F2P; so, they don't accidentally pick a Steam Community Map

• The host will review the recordings / twitch streams and post the scores via a Google Excel or Steam forum post showing the current place and kill count.
• The fastest way to earn kills is via Bloodlust (FFA)
• Fill up TX Toxikk Server and then Vegas Friend Zone before rolling onto another empty server
• Veterans please be on the lookout for Free Edition players. Just keep tabs on whose in the server and pick maps they can play on
• Bonus tip: The game lets you know if everyone can play on that map. If not everyone can play on it, do not vote for it
• All skill levels are okay to join! The host of the event is SC6. So, come have some fun!
• Event Moderators: Yamr3 and .GIRZ0R

Help wanted!
Hey! I am in need of 2 folks who can be online during the event all 3 days. In the event that something happens to either of us and we can't get in, I need the extra hands to record the scores of each match on the 3 days. The extra hands will also be the ones who go to the other servers in case we get more than the usual amount of folks to show up online. So, if you can be that extra body to help track scores for this event, let me know on Discord please!
TLDR: I need 2 or 3 extra bodies to help track scores in case something happens or we can more filled lobbys than usual.

If you have any questions, please ping Yamr3#0558(me) on the official Toxikk Discord or PM me on Discord from there.

Toxikk official Discord:
Easily shareable website, WITH A COUNTDOWN, about the event:

Good luck and have fun!,
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