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Why the hell do i move so damn fast
This game would be so much like a bad ♥♥♥ halo game if the movment speed was just turned down alot. there is no need to move that fast and the maps are not even designed for that type of speed
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This must be a troll thread.
Is this bait?
Turbo Instagib is king
I can understand that. When you're new it looks real fast.

However once you've played a while it feels kinda frustratingly slow.

Once you get used to it you'll be fine with it.

Also, the FOV affects perceived speed. Make the FOV smaller to make it seem slower (would also keep you from seeing enemies that are around you though.)

There's a Fast Forward mutator (also Turbo mutators) that makes the game play 1.35 times as fast, which is really fun once you've got a bunch of hours in the game.
By the way, I think that playing a few dozen hours of the Fast Forward mutator really helped my game.

I would advise decent players who want to get better to try that sometimes.

However it screwed up my timing on falcon shots and stingray secondary in normal speed Toxikk.

It took me a week of not playing the Fast Forward mutator to get back to being good again.

However a funny thing: for some reason I'm more accurate at the super-fast super-twitch falcon and stingray seondary in Fast Forward than I am in normal speed. You wouldn't think so.
Also, ArtfulWalnut7, why like a bad version of Halo? I've never played it, how's it good?
There are multiple similarities to halo in Toxikk
And just incase you didnt know the word after "bad" is ♥♥♥ ( i was saying bad ♥♥♥ halo game )
Bad a s s
Thats what is blocked ( i was saying bad a s s halo game )
ROFL... TOXIKK "too fast" ...? hahhahaa
Everything in hearts should say "a s s"
Console vs PC, itt?
Well the first two Halos got ported to PC, but that's besides the point.

Toxikk is more inspired by Unreal Tournament than anything else. Sure, some of the vehicles have similar counterparts in halo, but that's as similar as it gets.

On a side note, back in the Unreal Tournament 2004 days I downloaded masterchief skins, mutators that replaced the UT vehicles with halo vehicles, and a port of the blood gulch map and would pretend I was playing halo. And then I bought halo. Good times.
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