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@R+5 May 24 @ 11:41pm
ideas to improve camera control with steam controller?
i tested a few posibilities. most of the time is ok, but when jumping it loses a bit direction ( i also use the trackpad to jump by clicking it). i tried using other buttons to jump, but i found it was faster and more precise with the trackpad (except for the change of direction if i accidentaly move the finger when the jump is happening)
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You are playing Toxikk with ... a controller ??? ...
Seriously, you should switch to mouse and keyboard which as commonly known are the most precise input devices for every FPS. You will have a big disadvantage when playing with controller against a player with m+k. Controllers for FPS are only used on console, because they don't have anything else. Welcome to PC!
@R+5 May 25 @ 3:43pm 
So, if you arent playing with the steam controller, and you are unable to offer useful ideas, why you commented?

im asking ideas to improve control, because i want to experiment with it, as i have with many other games and i like the controller. Ive been playing in pc longer than consoles, and in fact, it has been a long time since the last time i play in a console.

You may dislike the idea from your own biases, but unlike you, i like to experiment with things to figure out more possibilities. Ive been playing for more or less a year with the steam controller, and i think its really clever but lacks better documentation or friendlier tutorials to use it in more ways.

If you want to be helpful, you should avoid making opinions that dont improve things or are unrelated to the theme. You should also avoid mockery, specially if you dont understand something.
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Have you tried using edge spin?
@R+5 May 26 @ 3:19pm 
Not sure what is edge spin: is it related to the dead zone of the trackpads? or do you mean how fast can be acceleration when moving in the trackpad?

i have seen a few guides in which is possible to improve precision for fast shots using the gyroscope, but my problem in this game is that i cant figure out if theres a better way to set run and jump buttons, or if theres a better way to set the trackpad so the motion of the finger that controls the camera wont affect the direction of the jump from sliding as part of a pressing motion.

im sure there must be a better way, because in other games is possible to run and jump smoothly. I also know this must be possible, because the controller allows many possible configurations (even if keyboard + mouse will always be faster for professional fps or strategic games)

It's in the advanced mouse settings, edge spin is so you can just rest your thumb on the pad at a certain point and it will keep sending that input to keep the camera moving. Think of it as an invisible analog stick, you can set where the edge is and how fast it moves the camera (both are set with sliders so it takes some trial and error but to me that already is the case for the SC).
@R+5 May 26 @ 3:41pm 
the main problem is how to avoid or reduce motion when clicking the trackpad in an area that isnt the center when running or walking to be able to run and jump without the risk of losing sight of landing area (in my test this was the biggest issue; i also could figure out how to wall jump, even if i could do long double jump with minor camera problems).

i guess i must test different mouse settings. i was hoping more people were experimenting here with the controller.
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That is why I use one of the grip buttons for the jump but seeing how you don't want to use other buttons I can only recommend cranking the mouse smoothing to max, that might (emphesis on might) reduce the offset you get from clicking to jump.
@R+5 May 26 @ 4:28pm 
im open to try other buttons, but when i removed the trackpad click for jumping and tried the a button, switching from the camera to the button felt more cumbersome. i also tried using trackpad click to run and stick click to jump, but that didnt felt better (i think it was worse).

if you use one of the grip buttons for jumping, what you do with the other, and where you switched the standard actions?
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For the other grip button I have left shift (which is dodge if I remember correctly, been awhile since I played last) and for the trackpad click I just have that set for 'use' (not sure which standard actions you are refering to). My advice is to have what you can comfortably remember where everything is at, as the Steam Controller is so versetile what you feel is a good set up is probably different from what I like.
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