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Archon0003 Oct 31, 2017 @ 8:56am
Dedicated South African Server
As the title implies, there is now a dedicated TOXIKK server for South Africa! Hosted by me, of course.

For the time being, it has only support for official content and voting options. I will look into changing this soon. (When I figure out how to do it xD)

Although I doubt that there are any other ZAF persons in this space, the server will be running 24/7. Unless I purposely kill it for editting, or a power failure.

Please leave any suggestions for the server if you find any flaws, etc.
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HUMANIATIC Oct 31, 2017 @ 1:10pm 
let's try it
Archon0003 Nov 8, 2017 @ 9:34am 
PredatH0r helped me (quite a lot, btw) setting up the server's somewhat more intricate voting options.
The server only allows for official maps and modes, but the BL and SA varients (Deathmath and TeamDeathmatch) of all their respective maps allow for a "No bots" vote option.
Just discovered the game. How do I connect to the SA server ?
If you have the free version the game will try to put you in a server with players and with a ping close to you. That may or may not be the ZAF servers.

If you have the paid version the ZAF servers will be in the server browser and you can just click on them.

The names of Archon's ZAF servers all start with "ZAF".
PredatH0r May 25 @ 10:18am 
Or in your steam client, click on View / Servers / Internet / Change Filters and select TOXIKK on the bottom.
The "ZAF ... " servers are the ones in South Africa.
Add me on Steam. If you see that I am online, then the servers are running. If you cannot join a server for any reason, send me a message and I'll look into the situation. kthxbai
Test message for reasons
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