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Playerbase/videosettings/toxikk friends discussion(s)
Looking for all of the above, feel free to add me on steam.

1. Played about 8 hours so far, the entire game is well rounded, feels like a mixture of quake/cs beta 7.
2. i5/1050ti 8gb DDR3 ram, I've been messing with in-game video settings as well in the config to find my perfect set up(this is what us old gamers do). End goal being 150 fps constant @ 1080p.
AF x16
no AA.
everything else, off/low settings.

So far I've been able to maintain that fps on all but 2-3 maps, there's one map where i drop to 90'ish fps in the center of it, it's kind of weird because the game hardly uses VRAM and my graphics card doesn't go over 95% usage.

3. I've only seen one other person show up in a server, doesn't really bother me because these level 7 bots seem to aim better than 99% of people anyway.. lol. I've spent a lot of time wondering why this game never got a playerbase and it just clicked for me.. these younger gamers probably don't want this type of game where it has high levels of personal ability and thought process. It's not nearly as casual as COD and CSGO(most RNG game ive ever played). I played CS for 17 years, 10 of those at a very high level, controlling a crosshair is second nature. Toxikk has the potential to be better than Quake, it's already visually more appealing imo. So how do you get people to try something new, that has an old old feel? It's already free. There has to be a way to encourage games like this one where the attempt to bring back personal skill is a real thing.
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I downloaded this game because i loved halo combat evolved.This game gave me a nice vibe i havent felt in a long time.I love it.I dont know why it hasnt got players that much.Probably because teens are just brainwashed by some rng trash games.
Sharkster  [developer] Sep 7, 2017 @ 5:59am 
If you like Toxikk, you really should visit our Discord server at - There are always plenty people on, and you can organize matches.

About reviving the AFPS genre: This, alas, is a tough one in the high times of casual shooters. Most shooters offer satisfaction through whatever mechanisms to every player, while in straight AFPS titles, n00bs simply get destroyed and stomped on. This makes a lot of the puzzle... It takes a lot of practice before you get first moments of satisfaction from an AFPS against skilled players.

This... and probably a bazilion other reasons. But still you should always be able to get a few matches... Especially in the more crowded hours.
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UNedSleep Sep 7, 2017 @ 10:57pm 
Well it did have its time. A lot of people have played it.

But I've got a bazillion old songs that are awesome that nobody listens to anymore. They had their time and people moved on.

It's tough to be a Football, or a Golf, or a Quake.
Azriel Sep 8, 2017 @ 6:05pm 
Games like this is what I started on yrs ago. I rly like this just hope the devs don't give up on it. Btw great job on this devs.
nAnXiety Sep 12, 2017 @ 9:25pm 
SC is the only thing keeping this game from being populated. Most players just join whatever server not thinking about skill class, then when people who have played a while look for a game they cant join any of the populated servers and they shut down the game.

Btw I love this game it owns too bad I cant ever get into a game because im a SC 8
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Archon0003 Sep 12, 2017 @ 10:55pm 
Then... Is SC an issue, or the fact that [a lot of] players simply overlook the fact that SC is even there? It's rather hard to miss, IMO.
UNedSleep Sep 13, 2017 @ 12:28am 
I'm sure there are people who only play because of the SC system. But I bet there are also people would play even if it didn't exist, but still take advantage of it. It's this group that higher SC players are prevented from playing with.

Actually, it makes Toxikk kind of like a training ground for players who want to play Quake or Unreal but are too embarrassed to play them because they suck. Which wouldn't be such a bad marketing strategy, except that the players who suck are probably also free-to-play players.

Do you think they could get rid of the SC system and lose net players (mostly low SC FEPs) but gain net paid games (from players who get tired of the FEP restrictions and also outgrow the SC system)?
I think im a level 8.. took me like 7 hours..? I don't even notice anything like that, i just tap heads and frag. Wtf lol
UNedSleep Sep 16, 2017 @ 8:30pm 
For the already-good players SC is particularly bad.

You're locked out of matches almost right away.

It worked better when there was a larger playerbase.
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