LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga

Does this game have gamepad support?
Yeah. It's not listed in the store page :D Does anyone know?
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That's a great question. One I want answered as well. If it has local co-op, do both players share the keyboard? I've played games in the past before like that (not on Steam)
DrHaXX 2012年12月3日 10時25分 
I did play the game before on pc, but one thing i know for sure is that you can play coop by sharing the keyboard. But, if it doesn't have (partial) controller support (which doesnt seem logical), you could download a program that uses a controller to emulate a keyboard... google that :P
pango 2012年12月3日 16時59分 
Since it's being sold as part of the big picture sale, with a banner that says something like "these games are all fully controller-compatible" or something, I would say yes.

(I know this sale wasn't on when you asked your question so I'm not saying you're silly for missing it) :)
最近の変更はpangoが行いました; 2012年12月3日 16時59分
Confirming the game works perfectly with the Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad (the same/similar controller pictured in the Big Picture banners). Local co-op works with a gamepad/keyboard combo, but I'm sure it would also work with dual gamepads given it's Big Picture status.

NB: installation with a controller via Big Picture failed; it stuck on the "installing" status screen. I had to close Big Picture & re-run the installation via the Steam library as per normal. My guess is that Windows 7 UAC was prompting for confirmation in the background & perhaps Big Picture prevents UAC from gaining screen focus. Something to look out for.
dav0 2012年12月4日 0時25分 
Yeah it has controller support, i think this game is much better if you plug a controller in as it seems a little awkward using keyboard
Exactly-This game was MEANT for a controller.
As a PC (and console) gamer, I have to say that I agree that some games were meant for controllers. :) The right tool for the job and all that. :)
Big 2012年12月9日 11時13分 
This is to confirm that dual gamepads work in local co-op for this game, and it is a great way to play!!!
Steely 2012年12月11日 11時30分 
My bro and I have two Logitech F170s and we can do Co-op perfectly. We don't have The Complete Saga (yet), but it should work with a gamepad.
DrHaXX 2012年12月18日 1時56分 
I bought the game during the sale as well, and now I can confirm as well that it works perfectly with two controllers! One is a PS3 controller (google: MotionInJoy) connected via usb and the other is another PS3 controller as well, but an unofficial brand, connected wireless. I have set up MotionInJoy to emulate a xbox 360 controller, but I'm sure it will work just as fine if you set it to PS3 controller. But if you emulate a 360 controller, the game recognizes that its a 360 controller and all your controls will be set for you! Controls will be the exact same as on the playstation 2 version of the game.
If you,ve got a 360 pad (pretty much the standard) you,re good to go. My old PC pad didn't work without x-padder (in fact when I plugged it in to "jump into" my daughters game to help her out, it crashed the game). Tried playing on the keyboard too, its very difficult (well as difficult as a lego game can be!) as you cannot walk, only run. So be prepared for lots of swearing on the platforming sections.
I can't get it to work with either Logitech Rumblepad or with Extreme 3D.
Venkman 2012年12月29日 17時11分 
I found the controls annoying playing with keyboard/mouse, should be listed in game requirements that it is best played with a gamepad. Game works well using PS3 controller using DS3 Tools from Motionjoy emulating a 360 pad.
i couldnt tell you what exact type of logitech i have. its the blue oh here is the model on the back, its the logitech gamepad f310. its corded and plugs into the usb. i've been playing coop with my son, who is using the same control. they both work perfectly fine.
the xbox 360 wirelees controller for windows works with it Game?
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