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ArcticuKitsu Jul 18, 2018 @ 9:41pm
VR Games - Master Thread (In general)
Alright, let's make a proper one that I can keep located in one proper thread. I don't want to spawn any more VR threads after this one. If I do create anymore then you have my permission to shout me down. The other one can be locked Rising World VR side that someone can create a new topic once we get around to that one. I'm also posting this here because VR users did pop up (now silent again) that they're aware Rising World shall gain VR sometimes in the future. ReShade was that side attempt with more being done whenever possible.

Having VR myself I constantly skim through Steam VR section to find worthwhile games vetting through them so you guys can also play awesome VR games.

Also, if you're a 'VR Realist' claiming VR is dead, a gimmick, or a "fad" then do expect a serious fight from me.


Steam VR Section:

VR List (Personally vetted):

Games I would Personally Recommend:

Click Name to open up their store page:


(Big) Games of Interest (Future Release):

Spice and Wolf VR (2019):


Steel & Blood:

(Mar 2018 noted; Oct 15, 2018 release; December 31st, 2018 release)


Here's to enjoying these games in VR until Rising World gains VR support whenever possible. I also made this thread in frustration with the garbage spewing that section that this is meant to help those coming and going within the Rising World community. I occasionally post whatever I have in other forums elsewhere.
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ArcticuKitsu Jul 18, 2018 @ 9:43pm 
Deleted the older thread to place it in this thread:


Beat Saber


For those that have VR while waiting for Rising World VR should honestly try 'Beat Saber' when given the chance! You won't regret it! You're going to love playing Beat Saber with how simple, yet insanely detailed and polished it is that it gives you that awesome rush with a sense of accomplishment. People been comparing it to Star Wars jedi lightsaber movement with DDR, or whatever music game you're familiar with.

The whole fun of it is going genuinely with the beats while feeling like you're sword dancing is what makes this so damn addicting and fun <3


My favourite track:

I love how it sounds Irish that I kinda want to pair it up in an anime touch saying how it would fit Scathach from (Fate/Grand Order) & her mythological side as well. (Those on my server know whom I'm talking about)

Seriously though... If you have VR go play Beat Saber! :steamhappy:


bsaber.com and beastsaber.com For your musical Beat Saber needs.
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ArcticuKitsu Jul 18, 2018 @ 10:39pm 
Disclaimer: I do not want to anger Red51 with having VR games out-shadow Rising World, just that I'm fed up with fake shovelware in the VR section that I wanted to help those in this community to enjoy VR games that I've vetted to be worthy of your experience until VR itself gains a solid foothold or when Rising World gains VR support. You guys are also free to post anything VR that this is your "anything VR" thread.


Furious Seas


A new solid game came out for VR side of things that it's constantly pushing the boundaries while also filling them in within various ways. We now have a nice Canadian made indie made game that I must hype up personally while also praising the gameplay for how solid it is. It's fun being able to command a pirate ship that I can steer the vessel hand-over-hand that it's fun orientating yourself just in a way so you can aim (arcade arc style) at the enemy ships. It's a nice mix of arcade and realism that it makes great use of the VR that everything is solid. It's fun shooting the ships, shooting their sails, while also eventually seeing them explode into a ball of fire to sink.

As of when I posted the game feels like a demo, yet a highly polished demo that it could be considered a very valuable diamond (a nicely polished gem) with more fun stuff to come. Three interesting bosses, one of which I enjoy the 'Demon Sisters' for their combat style. Furious Seas however needs a 'sandboxy' mode, co-op PVE mode, as well as to gain a PVP multiplayer mode. It WILL gain more campaign goodies, more content in general, as well as actual PVP.

Red51, if you're reading this please can you consider adding some "weighted" ship turning mechanic to boats for when we eventually gain VR support? If not VR, then something for simple Rising World. Turning a ship's wheel hand-over-hand was awesome in Furious Seas that I'd love to see it replicated in Rising World.. No rush or anything, just that it's fun in 'Furious Seas' that Rising World should simply have the best. :steammocking:


I need to upgrade my computer still so it can smoothly run the game while also being able to stream it. I need a 1 tb SSD + a proper processor unit. Without streaming I'm able to enjoy the game smoothly; When streaming it lags so damn much...... The game is a nice polished gem waiting to gain more content that I must praise it. THIS is how you make games! Canadian Pride! :steamhappy:
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ArcticuKitsu Jul 20, 2018 @ 5:49pm 
Well, a few more things to note from when I first created this thread.


Amy Hennig leaves Electronic Arts starting up an VR Indie Studio



I wish Amy the best in her VR game making progress advnetures that I hope I'm made aware for when she releases the game she's working on. My second point is that she's making VR games when told that VR is a "Dead" market, a "gimmick" feature, or "a fad".... Amy is an influential lady in the video game industry so her making VR games has to be a secondary smart choice at the least. I'm also expecting someone to say that she's simply doing VR games because it keeps the food on the table, but that's with everything really.

Amy basically left EA over frustrations with how Star Wars was being made/handled that she basically wandered off making her own indie VR studio with EA now forcing it to be fully open world where she wanted it to be single player linear, or similar to those lines.


VR #1 in Chinese Market



This next one is a little wonky because ADVChina made a video of VR with highly dated & generic VR news. The second video is however better. What bugs me is that they keep finding VR a "throw-away" thing, yet found it interesting with how VR is going now-a-days. I hate their comment that VR is viewed as a flopping concept in a present day manner, yet not so much as the past versions.... Not this era's of VR because we now (finally) have VR technology set down properly that it can be given out to people in a more accessible manner. No more severe headaches or illnesses, just simple motion sickness and pure VR experiences. They mention China loves their gimmicks, and they do, but they go on about it all poorly without looking at VRchat, Beat Saber, or any of the games I keep coming across.

When people mention why VR is failing they themselves fail to notice or make note of VRchat, Beat Saber, or any other VR games. They don't do enough research, nor do they see what I see. I'm no expert, but I won't mindlessly be pessimistic about something I see having a solid growing foundation that more and more people are buying into. I won't be the so-called "VR Realist" claiming half-truths to be a kill joy. I do not regret VR, and China wouldn't either.... If they're smart.

Though, I have concerns over VR headsets using smartphones as screens, but everything else is strong. If it's Oculus, HTC, or Mixed Reality you'll see things expanding vastly.

The theme park they mentioned in China is AR, not VR... That's a different topic that it goes to show that even ADVChina knowns nothing of what they're talking about VR side. Maybe they are more informed now, yet not a year ago. ADVChina knows how to make great Chinese tourism videos on Youtube that you should go watch them, just that this VR video came off a bit dated and wrong to me.


VR is honestly here to stay
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ArcticuKitsu Jul 22, 2018 @ 6:15pm 
Alright, I have more things to add to this thread that I'm going to try to keep things as "clean" as possible. I've edited the ADVChina bit a little bit because of typo errors, yet shall note a few more things of interest while waiting for Rising World to get VR.


Gundam VR Fangame:


I go on about how we're gradually getting closer to Gundam VR while disappointed that Bandai-Namco refuses to let out a news announcing they're going to make a fun Gundam VR game. There's this guy making a fan-made Gundam game, yet struggling because he's solo'ing, that it shows there's a market. Proof that people want a Gundam PSVR game is this thread over at Gamefaqs:


If Bandai-Namco is worried about funding then that's the issue because they'll sell things at a nice high number that people shall invest in a PSVR. People would buy headsets just to play Gundam VR. Maybe it's a closed door thing where we just don't hear what's going on behind the scenes.

So, if you guys are curious do check out my video above as I try to tackle the Gundam thing seriously showing off Gundam (mobile suit/Mecha) side of things in VR. I'm currently furious Bandai-Namco is "hush-hush" about all this that they could EASILY be raking in the money long term. They would even have to push this game to be PC as well, not just PSVR, for the full profit effects.

I even made a blog posting here: https://ghostlysubstance.swgbex.com/Blog/?p=4992


Oculus Rift 2:


This was posted back in May 6, 2018 that I was oblivious to the presence of this news. Not sure how I missed it, just that VR headsets are constantly evolving that here's signs of a few new improvements. It's been mentioned that the new Rift would have Varifocal activated, something I noticed to be a flaw with the current Rift when wearing glasses. I always have to squint, or whatever just to read small font in front of my eyes. This next Rift will have proper focus for such issues. The FOV would even be larger by a nice amount.


VR Sales Projections - 68.2 Million headsets sold in/by 2022:


This is actually quite interesting because it seems to be either an actual prediction, or an anime reference that it has a major boost in 2022. I'm trying to figure out what sort of projection it is, what project we're going to obtain in 2022, as well as why we're projected to have 68.2 million headsets sold either "in" 2022, or "by" 2022.


In 2022, a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online (SAO) is released. With the NerveGear, a helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds.

It's amusing. Maybe there's this secret Sword Art Online project being made behind closed doors which shall cause a massive boom, or we'll gain both it and Gundam VR proper in 2022. Something is going to happen.....
ArcticuKitsu Jul 22, 2018 @ 8:30pm 
To add to the above for the Sword Art Online & "predictions" I stumbled across more.


Sword Art Online: The Beginning



This is more of a "proof of concept" to show what we can do with our current day technology back in 2016 while also tying into the whole Sword Art Online role of "beta testing". The whole thing with IBM was both an 1) PR Stunt for hype, & 2) What if to show what's possible. There is obviously a market for it that they're aware, just that they need to tap into the whole VIVE, PSVR, & Oculus market for a proper VR game. VRchat shall be it for now, yet it's neat seeing what's done.

A shame this was in quotes "Fake".... It also appears I was late to the party.





A VR headset making use of the eye tracking so NPCS can tell what you're looking at. This ties into the whole Sword Art Online market where a character named Asuna would see if you're listening to her or ignoring her that she would smile, reacting accordingly. This can also be tied into what was mentioned above in Rift 2 about VR vision. I lot could be done with this by tying this into a Gundam VR game for tracking enemy mobile suits, among other practical uses.

This headset is being marketed for developer, creators, and research use so it's aimed more at Red51 and other game developers. Even VR Arcades, and such.


I'm also still trying to figure out what the 2022 prediction means that I've stumbled upon some side things.


Rumour & Prediciton: Apparently we're to gain portable VR devices that isn't plugged into the PC, or any phone devices. Standalone VR. It's rumour as well as a random video.
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Walter das Trevas Jul 29, 2018 @ 8:23am 
If you have an HMD or cardbox, you can see how Rising World is in 3D SBS.
The FOV is reduced, but the scale is quite interesting.

I'm using a ReShadeVR(pre)alpha version , keyboard and Mouse are required.
ArcticuKitsu Jul 31, 2018 @ 11:29am 
Walter, I thank you for posting that showing how awesome VR would be in Rising World. I tried the whole trick of 3D SBS in ReShade that it indeed worked, just that it hurt my vision and it wasn't smooth as it should be. I had to abandon it until proper VR is supported because of how gimmicky it is that you have to fiddle a lot to get it to work.

Also, if you don't wear glasses then what Walter posted is for you.


Side-Note to Rising World VR:

As I mentioned in the other thread, and I won't blame Red51 if he pulled out of his decision to make Rising World VR (in full; not fake), would be to have it full support for VR gear. Actually playing in your headset while actually being able to move your arms with the controllers to even register punching, picking things up, and etc. Basically arming a bow and arrow to then fire, to fish, and all etc. All "native" support without using external programs and software to make it happen. If possible, to support both seated & standing play where you can actually crouch down to pick things up or chose to play seated mode to have a faint beam of light aimed at objects to pick them up.

Sorry if I'm greedy with my VR standards, just that this is where VRchat placed the bar for VR games that it should be that high to be enjoyable. Subnautica is your lowest bar while VRchat is your highest bar. What not to do is what Subnautica has done with VR that it's treating VR as a "gimmick" technology when it is a whole lot more..... People are still in the "mocking" phase of VR when it's a whole lot more.

Red51 is going to hate me once we get to VR... If we do get there. The standards for VR is set at a point where you should be able to move your limbs while interacting with objects.


No Man's Sky - VR Potentials


What has 2018 become when I'm using the "crappiest game" on Earth as an example of what a proper VR game would be like. Hello Games lied to us, yet they still dedicated enough time making NMS a thing of stunning beauty that I now have to say that this game screams for VR. The game's camera is wonky that I somewhat hate it, but it is playable and immersive that the camera itself is what is begging us to play it in VR. The image above is what begs it to play it in VR, as well as the image above of me looking up. The gestures it has (similar to Astroneer) is what begs it to be played in VR that a good portion of the game begs itself to be played in VR. No Man's Sky is genuinely stunning visually that it needs to be experienced not just as a PC game, but also in actual proper VR.



The news is all over the place, no thanks to the hype for VR, that I'm struggling to pin-point the actual proper solid news to NMS VR.

If No Man's Sky was to gain VR it would hit the market heavily that this is what the VR scene needs right now. The irony there from being the "crappiest" to now being an "example" showing the beauty I've seen in VRchat now being seen in NMS. I'm going to be digging deeper into NMS VR when I have more time..... NMS is a stunning game that it needs to be experienced in both PSVR & VR; Any VR gear. It genuinely begs for VR support also because VR was being experimented with for this game in various ways.

Someone trying Walter's way of playing NMS in VR (Not native):

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ArcticuKitsu Aug 28, 2018 @ 12:09am 
I'm just dying laughing from this 'Spice & Wolf VR' progress. First we gained character sheets of Holo, and now we see the motion captures dancing that this shows why we have VRchat in the first place. I'm laughing XD

> Dancing animators:

VR has been quiet on my side because of something stupid that it also crippled VR use in North America as well. Maybe even Japan. ... What is it? Humidity. Computer ends up howling that I struggle with choppy VRchat that I'm having to wait for cooler weather that I haven't really played. When you have the A/C going you tend to spend a good few $100 on the bill, or so I found out.

I guess desktop games are still here to stay during humid summer times.
ArcticuKitsu Sep 10, 2018 @ 9:46am 
I love that! It's something that we need to be able to play that Gundam VR game that Bandai-Namco has yet to make, as well as any other future mecha games. If I had room and the money I'd actually buy that ASAP to play a nice round of Gundam in VR. That gear would be perfect for the game called 'Steal and Soul' as well.


Just noting this here because I've seen it pop up on Twitter that I need to find the time to go back and do my research on it.

- The Awakened:
Not my game, yet noting it here for research. Spooky thriller Victorian game.

- Falcon Age:
Raise a falcon from birth to adulthood while exploring a world destroyed by machine invaders. I honestly want this game on PC now that it makes me "jealous" that PSVR finally has a good game that PC gamers don't have. I want Falcon Age on PC so I can raise my own pet that this is the sort of gameplay I seek in survival games; The whole NPCs help you and you help them as you travel.


Whenever I get time I'll skim through Steam VR 'upcoming' section again to make another list of games to play. I've just been too busy with work (more work hours than before) while also running with an actual full blown cold this time around. No 'mini-colds' as I usually get because I got this one from a fellow coworker that whatever he catches I tend to catch as well. I'm miserable right now health wise that seeing these VR games is awesome.

Sorry if I"m hostile, it's my full on cold making me cranky now that I'm avoiding Rising World forums for this very reason until I'm healthy again.
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ArcticuKitsu Sep 15, 2018 @ 9:08pm 
Alright, it's humid again that I'm still a bit on edge from my cold again. Lovely combo, but I'm actually in a good mood. If you find me hostile then I'm still recovering from a legit cold I caught that is on its way out.


IronWolf VR


Nighthawk/Nas linked me to IronWolf VR again that I decided to check up on what's new that I found something interesting. Went through their trello that I've noticed that they're going to make this game open world, have PVP ports, as well as mentioning something about 'Player controlled destroyers' that I want to know more about these 'player controlled destroyers' so I can take advantage of it finally. This is the right direction that I really want to see it through with these developers hoping they can manage it.



I honestly hope we can control destroyers to the point where HMCS Haida (Canadian destroyer) could be considered to be added into the game so I can go in an ASW role of sinking submarines in a PVE manner mainly, yet PVP could be promising for such a concept as well. This would bring IronWolf VR up to Silent Hunter 3's standard, and even higher to the point it would attract people from the 'World of Warships' crowed to join. I do hope they add in the destroyers in the way I'm hyping it to be because it would prop the game up to the point where people would actually mass-support it.

The developers would be wise to add in surface vessels in ASW capacity into the game as a side option, even for "variety" that it would give you choices in how to play the game. There would be replayability to it all that you would even be exploring the in game world while doing your duties in the game.

I just may have to buy the game soon so I can support it.
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ArcticuKitsu Sep 16, 2018 @ 12:16am 
Need to post this while I can that Red51 may dislike this because it's in the same genre as Rising World, just that note I'm posting this for "Research" purposes. Use this to track Survival Simulator to see what they do right and wrong so Rising World can do things better. Someone has to take that first step so other people can learn from it that I'm going to be the guinea pig to see if the game is worthwhile or not.

If Rising World is to go VR this is however the route to take with interactive gestures with the environment. I'll patiently wait, yet hoping we eventually get there.


Survival Simulator


Your plane crashed that you're now trying to survive off of what's on the island that you'll have to care for yourself. You'll have to climb trees for bananas, kill animals, cut trees, mine rocks, and etc to survive. You're basically trying to live off the island.

There's however plans to add more islands, add a boat, go fishing (a game in its own), as well as adding companion NPCs. Not sure if it'll be pets, just that "companion NPCs" was noted as a roadmap thing.

I'm however approaching this game cautiously that I'm going to be on high alert when playing this game. I'll be the guinea pig because if you don't support VR games then the market crashes.


Here's my logic for the thread, as well as 'Survival Simulator' that Spicytail mentions:


@spicytails Sep 14
We will do cloud funding "Spice and Wolf VR" in November!! The honest VR market is very small at present, and even production cost recovery is difficult. However, I think that it will not spread even if there is no content.Please support the contents of the future!!

You have to supply the demand or else there's no demand to supply. If you want the VR market to grow you're going to have to support the games for it, and that' what I'm trying to do. If a game is interesting I'll try to back it.

What's my reward? The satisfaction that I was able to influence games; That we have games to actually support and play, as well as more fun and games to be had. It's however hard trying to talk to Bandai-Namco because they're too big and deaf that I have to resort to 'Steel and Soul' as the next best thing for a mecha game..... Similar logic with 'Survival Simulator' while waiting on Rising World to go VR.

Please do not get me burnt by 'Survival Simulator'...... Please be good.......
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Tryst49 Sep 17, 2018 @ 8:07pm 
Originally posted by Walter das Trevas:
Nice but anywhere from $1500 to $3000 makes it a very expensive toy considering that your PC and VR headset together probably didn't cost that much.

I would be looking for survival games for casual players that have more realistic graphics. I guess I got too used to playing with realistic graphics on the PC and most of the VR games so far seem to be cartoon graphics that video games left behind in the 80's.
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ArcticuKitsu Sep 20, 2018 @ 10:40pm 
Alright, I'm going to be doing a frequent rambling about 'Survival Simulator' now so I can try and inform you guys about what it does while wishing Rising World could learn "this" and "that" from it heh.

From when I made this post the game is so damn youthful that it should be in development. Everything is rough that others and myself (mostly myself) had to nudge the developer in a certain direction to make sure the game is playable. Even though I'm still "new" to the VR scene I've learned of certain ways VR games should handle now that every VR game has to have that template before branching off. Certain standards of quality of life before you make a proper VR game.


1) I love the climbing the trees part for coconuts & anything up above. You use the left & right controller to grab along the tree to climb your way up to the top to obtain bananas & coconuts. That's now a 'Survival simulator' unique feature until Red51 may or may not allow us to do similar in Rising World. I do hope we climb coconut & banana trees in Rising World later.

2) Monkey Madness: The guy said he wanted to add monkeys doing crazy things that I recall Red51 wanting to allow Raccoons to steal from player's storage chests. Both are unique to one another. Not yet in, but it will be with what he's planning.

3) Food consumption: I'm amused by the part where you can grab food from the wild to then interact with it to then consume it into the mouth. I learned this from VRchat with apples that I love how you can eat and drink by gesturing it to your mouth. This needs to be done in Rising World, yet a bit more.

4) Banging two rocks together to spark a log on fire. That's some good immersion right there that I loved it in the tutorial map. Immersion <3

Yeah, The game has potential in a similar way Rising World had back in 2015 that it's fun seeing games start off young to then age to where they're at now. I'm curious to see where I'll find 'Survival Simulator' in a year or so. Hope the guy doesn't rage and quit because he's about to get get frustrated in a similar way Red51 was agitated by the water update being more of a "aluminium" texture.


I feel bad I keep projecting my thoughts onto from other games into Rising World and onto Red51, just that certain standards now have been met that Survival Simulator is now experiencing what happens when you don't fit those standards. Use VRchat as your template when going VR, or go broke. Learn from VRchat or go broke. Minecraft managed to get away with this because of Vivecraft, and such.

Though, Rising World would be unique once you can point your rifle freely, or even climb trees to harvest coconuts & trees the similar way you can in VRchat or 'Survival Simulator'. Aiming the gun to shoot, an interesting experience.

I guess 'Survival Simulator' shall be my proxy for RW VR until we gain a true VR experience.
ArcticuKitsu Oct 13, 2018 @ 12:12am 
I've been meaning to post this for a long while now that I forgot.......

Slime Rancher VR

You farm slime? Raise them? I don't know. I need to do my research while posting this in hype of how making your games accessible makes them more noticed to others. My ex-anime blogging buddy shared this on Twitter months ago that I'm loving the concept wanting to try it out now.


Needs base game to play:


Five Nights at Freddies VR

Never knew this had VR until RadVR streamed it on Twitch for Halloween. This is how you find games when developers make them more accessible.



VR in general | VRchat

When it comes to VR I'm still having a blast playing VRchat because of these moments:

- VRchat - Big Brother Horror & "Bad Teddy":

This video is what makes VRchat awesome with how immersed and animated we were. We grouped up, we made friends with a third person, and we just.... "had fun". I love this!

Or something on a simple note:



I'm still wishing & waiting for Rising World to gain proper actual VR support.

"Once you go VR, You can't go back" - Me

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