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red51  [developer] Jun 19, 2018 @ 2:54pm
Roadmap (last updated 2019-07-23)
Important note: We're currently moving the game to a new engine (see our recent announcement about that). Since this has an impact on our planned features, we've set up a new roadmap on Trello:


Here is an overview of some major features planned for Rising World. This list is not complete and does not contain smaller features. And - of course - the list is not final, so as always your feedback is crucial. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to create a new topic in our forums about that

  • Food spoilage - stored food will rot over time, so it becomes inedible. There will be ways to preserve food
  • Crop failure - farming needs more attention. There will be a chance that plants get damaged or destroyed (caused by plant diseases, heavy rain etc)
  • Illness and Diseases - when not being careful enough, there is a risk to get wound infections (when not treating wounds properly), food poisoning (when consuming raw meat or rotten food) or other diseases. There will be treatments for most diseases
  • Human enemies - while bandits are already in the game, we also want to add pirates and other human enemies. They either spawn in camps or wandering around

  • Trains - this includes small vehicles like minecarts, but also bigger trains (freight trains, passenger trains etc)
  • Cars - at least an offroad vehicle is planned. Just like trains, cars will be pre-made models, although they will be customizable (e.g. you can change the appearance, color, engine, transmission etc)
  • Boats - small boats (rowboat and inflatable boat) are already in the game, but we will definitely add some bigger ships
  • Air - currently we have no plans to add aircrafts, but maybe there will be other air vehicles like gliders and hot-air balloons, but we're not sure about this

  • Blocks - blocks will be treated like construction elements, i.e. you can resize them, rotate them and place them without restrictions. By resizing ramps, you can create different slopes
  • Roads - a tool to create curved roads is planned. A similar tool will be available to create rails
  • Electricity - this will play a big role. There will be an easy way of laying cables, but it also provides the opportunity to create complex circuits in a compact design, rounded off with a large range of available sensors and controllers

  • Traders - there will be randomly spawned traders in the world (and probably also wandering merchants). You can buy items from them or sell your stuff
  • Quest Npcs - probably the game will provide at least some basic quests. The according npcs can be found randomly in the world. For more complex quests, see the upcoming "Adventure mode" (below)
  • Factions - this is something we take into consideration, so it's not clear if or when this will be added. This feature provides various factions (e.g. bandits, knights, villagers etc) the player can interact with. Coupled with something like "respect", it's eventually up to the player if he decides to team up with them, or fight them

  • Flowing water - the current static water is just a placeholder and will be replaced by dynamic water in the future
  • Cooking - baking and cooking is planned. Various utensils will be available for preparing different meals
  • More dungeons and biomes - several new dungeons and biomes (like swamps, jungles etc) are planned
  • Adventure mode - this mode allows you to play user-created maps. The creative mode can be used to create these maps (e.g. a platformer map, or a story-driven map filled with quests) and share them with other players
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