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Rufus Blackwood  [developer] Feb 6 @ 6:06am
Frostpunk Update 1.3.3 | Photo Mode, Mac version, Randomized weather and new languages!
Hello there, Citizens!

After months of waiting, and hundreds of emails asking about it, we can finally deliver the good news. Hear me, hear me - Frostpunk will be released on Mac OS on 13th of February this year! The game will be available worldwide, with the price at 29.99 USD / 32.99 EUR. Any media outlet willing to try it out already is more than welcomed to contact us and we will grant the access.

Bringing the game to a new platform doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our old friends and fans owning PCs. For them, we have prepared a brand new patch 1.3.3, which brings a lot of new things to the game, including Photo Mode. What is it? Well, basically now you can document your triumph over the winter, and show it to your friends. This new tool has everything you need to take stunning photos of your city and includes a choice of graphic effects to transform the picture. What’s more, from now on the weather in Endless Mode will be randomized, making each playthrough a unique experience. Find the detailed list of new features and changes below.

A Photo Mode lets you:
  • Add some vignette and monochrome effects
  • Add soot and ice effects
  • Enable an ornamental frame
  • Add Frostpunk's logo and additional caption
  • Zoom in and out more than it is possible during gameplay
Full list of features:
  • Photo Mode added
  • New languages added: Italian, Japanese and Korean
  • New building: Large Resource Depot
  • Randomized weather in Endless Mode
  • A new look of Resource Depots
  • Christmas Carol story is no longer available
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
Fixes and smaller changes:
  • Some translation fixes for all languages
  • Fixed bug with levitating site markers
  • Added missing texts after loading saves from 1.0.1 version
  • Some translation fixes for the Chinese language
  • Changed text formatting for the Chinese language
  • Fixed lightning issues
  • Additional minor fixes and optimizations
  • Smaller changes and balancing

We can't wait to see your awesome screenshots, Citizens!

Also, remember - if you encounter any new issues with the game - we've created this email address:  - don't hesitate to use it! Contact us about any bugs/crashes that you notice. 

Stay safe, stay warm!
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dav Feb 6 @ 6:08am 
That's good to hear but what about new scenarios? Also - Mac? :-)))
Yaas the endless mode will be more extreme with random weather, keep it up :snowstorm:
Roest Feb 6 @ 6:17am 
I wish you would raise the population cap in endless. My explorers stopped finding new people after 600. That's ridiculously few people on a large map.
Originally posted by Rufus Blackwood:
Zoom in and out more than it is possible during gameplay

This does raise my hope we will be able to zoom in further during gameplay in another patch. I pray this hope is not in vain!

Keep up the great work!
Wasn't aware the Christmas event was going away. Not sure how I feel about that.
Is this save compatibile?
Originally posted by In Hoc Signo Vinces:
Is this save compatibile?

I checked an old save and observed the tech for the new store house is absent and the ones I had built retained the old appearances
Photo mode worked though
SOL-740 Feb 6 @ 7:04am 
Game still crashes :cozycastondeath:
Please, if you can, bring back the Christmas Carol can add to the game...please don't take things away...except any bugs. :steamhappy: Thank you! :KneelingBow:
Ilgoth Feb 6 @ 8:04am 
Optimization entries shine with their presence...
after update, my WHOLE progress is gone... I checked both my steam cloud and game setting are on.... I don't know what happened TT
+1 to what @RexJayden said.
Please do not remove stuff, but rather add an on/off toggle for the player to decide what "special" events they want to experience. And please, keep adding such lovely special events and stories!
So i do seem to be getting better FPS but only played a few mins. Anyone have any idea where to find the large resource depot because i cant seem to find it in endless mode.
Bring back Christmas Carol as a selectable option please. There's no good reason to cut perfectly functionnal content from a single-player game IMO.
kame2 Feb 6 @ 10:11am 
Thanks to adding Japanese language support!
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