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Penta  [developer] Feb 4 @ 5:07am
The path ahead of us
Changes to A Year of Rain's Future

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3 games in a raw were not successful, you guys need strong game concept and some changes in your marketing team.

I hope you do it right with the next game. Having portfolio you do I would make a game for Switch.

Launching game via Kickstarter may help to find out if game will be any successful.
Leute ganz ehrlich, ihr brecht mit dem was ihr da treibt auch Steam Regeln.
Early Access ist KEIN Crowdfunding.
Steam/Valve macht deutlich, dass ein Studio das in Early Access geht NICHT das Spiel auch über Early Access finanziert.
Das bedeutet, eure Entwicklung des Titels darf NICHT an die Verkaufszahlen gebunden werden.
Tulos Feb 4 @ 8:03am 
"since the low sales and player base restrict us from finalizing the new pathfinding."

Would it not be reasonable to assume that the low sales and player base are indicative of the current quality of the game coupled with Early Access being unattractive to potential buyers?

One might almost consider that if you polished the game into a finished product, and released it, that people might want to give you money in exchange for it. You know - selling a product for a price. Commerce. That sort of thing. Rather than abandoning a project halfway through production because your Early Access sales aren't good enough.

I know it's not easy being a game dev. I know money is always tight. But I also think it's a shame that if a half-baked game doesn't pay out before it's even ready in Early Access that it just gets abandoned wholesale so that the devs can move onto the next half-baked Early Access abortion.

Shame, really.
Relmmib Feb 4 @ 8:04am 
ich bin schwer enttäuscht und werde nie wieder mir ein Spiel von euch kaufen. Es ist glaube ich allen bewusst, dass es nicht einfach ist, aber nach ein paar Monaten schon dicht zu machen sehe ich schon fast als Betrug an. Und das die Spielerzahl relativ gering ist ist auch keine Überraschung, wenn man nirgends auf Werbung stoßt.
Its not even halfway through.
Thats the thing. I consider this betrayal at your customer honestly.
The game was released into early access, then received a bit of minor attention, then they went on a hiatus with a "we go on vacation" statement, then more than a month nothing, 3 months later abandoned.
Like come on. You could also have abandoned it before releasing it to people.
That reeks as if you knew the prototype wont make it but you wanted to get some funds to compensate for the loss of money.
Not saying thatst he ill intended thought behind it, but you havent even managed to get through half a year before abandoning.

A good and honest company would refund people and place the game as free to play.
If it stays in prototype/alpha state anyway.
I for my part will request a refund. I waited to see you updating it after only playing 3 hours when it released.
Havent played any more because it was just not up to snuff (and probably anyone with an RTS background could have told you that).
Yet i hoped to see you properly updating and fixing the issues, gave feedback on what is not done well, but nothing happened.
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Scupper Feb 4 @ 9:26am 
oh that sad, but i want to refund after this
GG - Sad to see the game go but this does answers a lot of questions... Will be looking forward to your next title.
Ihr könnt doch nicht aufhören, nur weil die Leute eurer offensichtlich nicht fertiges Spiel (Early Access-Spiel) nicht kaufen wollen?! Mit der Wegfindung waren Matches mit der AI leider nur echt schlecht möglich (mein CPU-Verbündeter ist immer irgendwo stecken geblieben). Da kann ich es verstehen, dass die Leute mit dem Kauf noch warten. Aber einfach vor dem richtigen Release aufhören? Zumindest eine richtige Wegfindung hätte ich als treuer Supporter von euch noch erwartet. Ich bin enttäuscht...
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LOL und ich habs euch nicht gesagt. Aber ihr wolltet ja nicht hören!
Hier liebe Entwickler. Nur so am rande!


"Was Early Access nicht ist
Early Access is not a way to crowdfund development of your product.
You should not use Early Access solely to fund development. If you are counting on selling a specific number of units to complete your game, then you need to think carefully about what it would mean for you or your team if you don't sell that many units. Are you willing to continue developing the game without any sales? Are you willing to seek other forms of investment?"

Also Entweder ihr entwickelt weiter oder ihr habt Steam + eure Kunden betrogen!
Nicht spammen bitte.
Ich kenne diese Regeln und auch die Vorschriften die Steam Enticklern auferlegt (zu finden in einem erweiterten Dokument).
Aber das heißt nicht, dass diese hier reingespammed werden müssen.
Cahalith Feb 4 @ 12:53pm 

I eagerly waited for this game before Early Access, I immediately bought it when it reached Early Access and I bought the DLC pack to support you. I even accepted the fact that I needed to create yet another third-party account just to play the game. But the core gameplay issues made me set the game aside until such a time as these issues where fixed (like you promised).

Now, a mere 3 months after the initial Early Access release, you just abandon the game.

You say you don't have the budget to finish the game - despite the fact that Early Access is not meant as a crowdfunding mechanism, so the funding should have been there from the start.
You say it's because not enough people bought the game - because people realised it clearly needed more work, so they held off on buying.
You say not enough people were actively playing it - because everybody who had bought the game was waiting for the promised fixes.
And now Steam tells me I can't even refund this unfinished product - because I actually made the mistake of trying to support the game, buying it too early and playing it too much to be eligible for a refund.

If anyone from Daedalic is actually reading this, let me clarify: I asked for a refund not to spite you. I asked for it because I felt that this was the only possible way for me to make you realise that I had trusted you, I wanted to support you - and you just took my money and ran away with it.

I've followed you and bought almost all of your games since the early Edna days, often without knowing much more than that they were made by Daedalic. I feel I won't afford you the same trust in the future and I certainly don't see myself trusting in any of your future Early Access releases. I realise you can probably do without one person's money, but I think I'm not alone in feeling this way.
Penta  [developer] Feb 4 @ 12:59pm 
We understand that you are frustrated or even worse, feel betrayed - though we are in constant contact with Steam and informed them ahead of this statement about the situation. We hope that you will see with the upcoming Hotfix/Patch/Update, that we tried to give you as much of the "almost finished" content we had prepared for the future as possible - we know that this wont help everyone, but our biggest goal was to preserve the possibility to jump into the game with your friend whenever you want. With the Peer to Peer solution this was possible.

Sincerely, Penta, Community Manager
BLISS Feb 4 @ 1:05pm 
Not surprised at all , since the price at release was too steep and the state of the game too raw. I refunded the game immediately because even if I was interested a lot in A Year Of Rain I could see where it was going. This is really sad for both the developers and the customers.
So people at least have the chance to issue a refund when contacting steam support.
I personally did this and the response was positive (steam support says they refund me the money to my steam account as asked, i dont have it yet but a refund generally takes 24 hours.).

Thats at least good to know.
I hope you draw your conclusions for the future. Early Access is not kickstarter. You have to make sure a project is funded before releasing it. If you want to measure a potential demand, go to kickstarter.
A lot of smaller boardgame designers do that. You can too.
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