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Linux Support?

Was wondering if there were any plans for Linux support? Thanks for doing that in the past!
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Cleverbyte  [developer] Nov 6 @ 7:00am 
Yea, let me apologize for the team. We just couldn't get the Linux and Mac version ready for the Release Day. But it is high on our Roadmap! We'll share a Roadmap for everyone to see later.
Zyro Nov 6 @ 7:13am 
If this works out, we'll be happy hippos. Erm... penguins.
Originally posted by Cleverbyte:
Yea, let me apologize for the team. We just couldn't get the Linux and Mac version ready for the Release Day. But it is high on our Roadmap! We'll share a Roadmap for everyone to see later.
Excellent, please continue to update us here for all those following :)
Thank you for planning Linux support! That factor (bolstered by your honest interactions with the community in this thread!) has caused me to immediately wishlist and likely soon to purchase your title!

Please remember not to rely too much on automated metrics when it comes to deciding on the success or failure of Linux (and to a lesser degree, MacOSX) support. Unless there have been major changes in the past year or two, many of the metrics that show Linux adoption can be vastly under representative.

For instance, I just wishlisted A Year of Rain - while I have my profile opted into seeing Linux/SteamOS games, the fact that I also show Windows games (else I'd not see A Year of Rain at this point!) means that my wishlisting may not "count" as a Linux wishlisting! Likewise, if I was to buy A Year of Rain today , partially based on your forthcoming support of Linux, it would obviously show up as a "Windows" sale. Playing it on Windows itself, or even Wine for the time being may get it "locked in as counting for Windows"; Proton is the one possible exception as it "reports" as actually on Linux. Were I to purchase the game from a legit keyseller, how they report the sale varies considerably from site to site (some sites like Humble use browser user agent, i'm not sure what GMG does, or any of the sites listed on "ITAD" etc), and in some cases those sales will just default to Windows by assumption in the first place. There are also some things metrics can't measure by nature - Buying a game currently on Windows on the dev's word that Linux is coming will be reported exclusively as a Windows sale and playtime, even though it was the announcement of Linux support that prompted that sale!

Though over the past several years Linux interest and adoption has grown among gamers, the vast majority are "pragmatic" users. The preference may be that all games have native Linux support and that those that do are given preferential status when it comes to purchases and word-of-mouth, but they'll also dual boot , use virtualization, use Wine and /or Proton at times. there are a lot of "gotchas" in automated metrics that will under-report Linux interest/adoption/sales because of things like this, like some described above.

The metrics are more or less predicated on people buying and playing on their platform of choice, but for the vast majority of Linux users that's not the case -even those that go out of their way to avoid as many "gotchas" as possible will often trip a few of them. There is a smaller group of hardcore ideological Linux users who only buy and use currently available Linux native games (aka the "No Tux No Bux" crowd) and eschew even the likes of Wine or Proton, but that's a much smaller group than the "pragmatic" user base. Over the years when I've spoken to devs who are turned off Linux because of fiscal ROI/small user base reasons, often predicated on many of these metrics, I try to mention these issues because its almost certainly that the metrics are recording the "hardcore group" and missing many of the "pragmatic group".

Congratulations on Early Access launch! Thank you for choosing Steam and putting Linux on the schedule, and I wish your company the best!
Cleverbyte  [developer] Nov 6 @ 12:08pm 
Thanks for the kind words! I see Linux crowd are cool people to talk to. We're doing our best to deliver! :)
Ubiquit Nov 6 @ 1:20pm 
Cannot wait for GNU/Linux support! :)
do you plan to use OpenGL oder Vulkan for the Linux build?
You realy break my heart.

I am very thankfull, that you consider supporting Linux and Cross Plattform play.

But than I read about that PlayFab thing, and thats a thing I really dislike a lot. https://steamcommunity.com/app/319540/discussions/1/1644304412664432419/

Normally this would have been a very interesting title for me, but I am not sure anymore.
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