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Portal Stories: Mel

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Clan Wolf Jun 27, 2015 @ 3:34pm
Again! Cave Johnhson looks like Rob Brydon (English Actor)
The game is impressive. Lots of fun!

But i had to stop and just gaze at that new photo of Cave Johnson that I've never seen before. What is Rob Brydon doing in Portal?

So it seems i'm the first to mention for this game, the new image of Cave Johnson bears a remarkable resemblance to Rob Brydon. No really i am, i looked everywhere. A bit surprised nobody in England said anything.

This was mentioned before, in portal 2. The other framed portrait of Cave Johnson, was noted he slightly looked like Rob Brydon. But not by much.

Depending on how you see it, i have to admit i was selective in getting a image of Rob Brydon to compare it too. It looks alot like him but only from certain angles.

crazy theory

Valve seem to have some sort of fixation for the English actor

I asked the Devs about it and they said it was just pure coincidence, i can't help but think the Devs and Valve both kidnapped Rob Brydon, drugged him and took saucy photos of him with a 1940's camera. Brain washed him make him into Cave Johnson, then wiped his memory and returned him to his loved ones. Makes sense Brydon is an odd guy.

This could be part of the cannon for portal, Cave Johnson aka Rob Brydon. Perhaps Cave Johnson was a puppet put in place by someone else? 'yes it can! it can be on your own game!' lol

Turns out Valve may of always had this new photo, but never used it and gave what they had to these guys for their game. The origin of the photo, is of one of Valves employees and i guess someone just did some editing.

Here's a comparison of the two.


Its like saying 'oh well, did you know Nick from L4D2 kinda looks like John Cusack?

Here's a comparison of the two.


Clip: 'The Trip' - Celebrity Impressions - Rob Brydon

Don't expect much interest on this. Not even in the just finished reddit AmA did anyone note it or in any game review. So to me at least that's funny.

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🍪 Anna  [developer] Jun 27, 2015 @ 3:52pm 
Laura Dubuk (an ex-artist at Valve) very kindly provided us the original images of her and Bill Fletcher for their likenesses as young Cave Johnson and Caroline. Jacob Briggs (Cyberworm360) was able to paint some new in-game portraits thanks with them. ;)

Here is an image of him for the 2013 gamesummit:

That's the man who was used as a refernce for the pictures valve used, and we used as reference. Any likelyness with Rob Brydon is coincidental.
Clan Wolf Jun 27, 2015 @ 3:58pm 
Of course. But its one of a kind coincidence. Mind blown. But as i said, its how you look at it.
Also i see him in alot of british game shows. QI etc. So there's that.

Fun Fact. Rob Brydon once said on the graham norton show 'voicing for charactors in games is soul crushing work' all because he did some terrible game of discwold 1995 - 1999. If you see the game, you can't argue with his experiance of doing voice acting for games of that time.
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