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The Captain 2012년 9월 6일 오후 3시 58분
Could use some help, main ig site has no support page.
I purchased the game and the expansion pack for it but I did not receive it... I purchased it as advertised on that page! Could a developer please assist me? I was under the impression of the advertisement that you get the expansion if you purchase it through that website!!! Where is my cd-key for it?
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Damion Fury  [개발자] 2012년 9월 6일 오후 9시 23분 
you could try e-mailing give them as much detail as you can.
The Captain 2012년 9월 6일 오후 9시 30분 
The Captain 2012년 9월 10일 오전 12시 44분 
yea sent them a email same day you posted.. still no reply, I can not imagine they are swamped with support e mails since I do not see anyone online... ever...
The Captain 2012년 9월 10일 오전 12시 45분 
If they do not get back by the 14th, going to leave a terrible recommendation for there game. No support and no expansion pack after I purchased it... = bad developement and support.
SojaBird 2012년 9월 13일 오후 3시 49분 
Hi Messiah,

I'm a community member at ISOTX and I'm very sorry that we haven't been able to contact you before.
We have some problems receiving emails so it might be that we haven't seen your problem.
The Steam game hub is also quite new and I haven't been able to put it in my daily routine yet.

Regarding your question: As far as I know the Groupees Build A Bundle 2[] didn't have the DLC included (intentionally).
Sorry that we couldn't get to you earlier.
I do hope you will enjoy the base game even so.

Best regards,
The Captain 2012년 9월 13일 오후 4시 10분 
Thanks... Thats weird, it was advertised on the link in the first post I did. I played the *base* version but so far, its all by my self. No one plays on the base version at all so I thought maybe they all got the DLC included in that purchase... I was a little dissapointed seeing as how it showed it on the front page of the groupee's bundle...
ISOTX Community 2012년 9월 14일 오전 1시 12분 
Hi Messiah,

SojaBird again.
I know that the image is a bit deceiving, I admit. Though I wasn't there at the time to correct it.
The game isn't played as much anymore as it used to at the start. Though I hope it's fun enough solo.
Feel free to poke us for a match or follow the group to stay updated on when we'll have a versus devs game.

Harbinger[HU] 2012년 9월 19일 오전 2시 14분 
I'm up for a game anytime! Sadly is really dead or if I've found some custom servers: I can'tcause different version.
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