King's Bounty: Armored Princess

King's Bounty: Armored Princess

Panzer 2013년 5월 19일 오후 9시 41분
Game won't start
I tried the suggestion of the guy who said to try two changes to the .ini files without success. The game simply won't run. I bought all three of the games in the platinum edition or whatever it's called and tried to run Armored Princess after it downloaded but no luck. I'm going ahead and downloaded the other two as well, but so far it's 35 bucks for nothing. Any ideas? Please?
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pixeldegraaf 2013년 7월 20일 오전 12시 05분 
its not woking for me right now, and i just bought the same deal package
Diziet Embless Sma 2013년 7월 22일 오후 4시 44분 
I hope this helps. I have two monitors and have to do this to get it to run. Edit game.ini as the other posters have mentioned, in steam steamapps\common\kings bounty armored princess\data. I change the following:

setf ~screenresoultionx 1440
setf ~screenresoultiony 900
setf ~windowed 1

and last but one at the bottom:

setf ~r_use_adapter 1

If was to hazard a guess it's the r_user_adapter 1 that fixes it for me, it's mentioned in the readme.rtf in the main game directory. I like to set 1440x900 and windowed mode so I can drag the window out to whatever size I want. You /may/ find on launch that you get a blank empty window, just click in it and the video should start.

Hope this works for you, if not reply back with a bit more info about your particular setup, e.g. gfx card, monitor(s) and windows version maybe?
pixeldegraaf 2013년 7월 22일 오후 10시 41분 
thank you it worked for me :D
Diziet Embless Sma 2013년 7월 23일 오전 11시 14분 
You're welcome. You may not need windowed mode... It's just my preference for kings bounty.
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