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Gaddy Games  [developer] Aug 22, 2017 @ 10:15am
v1.0 game modes discussions
The next major update (the v1.0 release) will add a few alternative game modes, to experiment and enjoy (I hope) some changes in the gameplay. Please suggest me any idea you have!
- The main idea is to reuse the same items and units (but for maybe a few exceptions), with changes in the world layout and rules modifications.
- Another difficulty is to find some ideas that are interesting and fun to play more than a few minutes...
- Last difficulty is that if I can activate the damages against other players, in order to do some PvP, activating it for turrets would be very complicated. Turrets would have an owner team ? And their range much less than the player weapons, so they would be very ineffective. So for now I wish mostly for modes without player-killing turrets.
- Finally, what I wish the most are modes that use the environment: water, lava, building physics, as those points make the game very unique. Tower defense mechanisms would be very interesting too. Doing the same as in other games is quite pointless, as I have few chances of doing it better than them.

So here are a few ideas of modes that I had noted in my list. Most are just rough ideas, with some questions. Please tell me what do think of them, and all your other suggestions. And (sorry) of course, there will be a only a few modes in v1.0, maybe 3 or 4, not too many.

Main ideas:

"Random world" or "Sky World":
Same as the solo/multi campaign, but with a very different map layout, much more random. The difficulty will be to let a lot of randomness in the world generation, without letting the player be stuck in its progression. This mode is the only one i'm sure i'll do.
"Under the sea":
A different world layout, where we start in some caverns below a gigantic ocean. Beware of not flooding your world
"Editor mode":
Generate a normal world and give tools (UI) for the player to modify it completely, even background and natural blocks. Problably better on a user mod form, if I can support it, as it would require also to change the monsters spawn areas.
"Tower Defense"
: players have a little area to build the best defenses against waves of enemies. Resources are very simple and limited (maybe only crystal that would regenerate progressively with rain), full focus on strategic defense buliding

Other ideas, not yet very well defined:

Acid Rain (Solo/Multi):
Same world but the rain and the water makes damages? Very simple to do, but is it really interesting ?
Dry world (Solo/Multi):
Same world but with very few water. Very simple to do, but is it really interesting ?
"The Flood" or "Last Man Breathing" (Multiplayer) :
It rains all the time, the world will be progressively completely flooded. Players must escape from underground without drowning. There could be some random weapons on the map to let players kill each others. Problem is the air pressure is not simulated, so the lack of air pockets would be a little frustrating.
Volcano in constant eruption, lava will flood/burn/melt the whole world... A bit like "The Flood" mode but quite more dangerous...
"Capture the flag":
A lot of rain, and the players mush somehow organize to drain it, build rivers, or dams. Maybe one player would have to flood the world, and another drain it ? Something like that...
Survive on a tiny island world ? Sea almost everywhere ? Problem: the map is not very large, so not a lot to do there
"Race with time":
Nights are more difficult every night, whatever you do. Much more stressfull
"Battle Royale":
Some sort of battle royale mode?

(PS for those wondering about a v0.4/v1.0: finally I'll skip the v0.4 as then there wouldn't be any new content for the v1.0 game release, but it doesn't change anything about the planned content)
"Hazardous environment":
One random event each day:
- (-) Heat wave: no rain at all, some plants spontaneously burn
- (-) Massive rain flood
- (-) Extra difficult night, with many more monsters
- (-) Volcano eruption + some lava rain (?)
- (-) Sun eclipses: instant night during the day, with monsters attacks
- (-) Earthquake: increases all structures' weight
- (+) Peaceful night: monster don't attack this night
- (+) Lower gravity: jump higher, buildings lighter
- (-) All water turns acid (green) for a time
- (+) Drowsy monsters - they all move slowly
- (-) mist: all lights range are reduced, day is less bright
- (+/-) mating season: monsters agro is increased a lot
- (-) EMP: electricity doesn't work for a time
- (lol) sharknado: rain + sharks falling from the sky

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emp456 Aug 22, 2017 @ 12:30pm 
+1 Random world (but you are already convinced lol)
+1 Editor mode: this would be the perfecto solution for all. Maybe we could config it so the world will also cover some of the other options you said? (like dry, island, too much water, no rain or a lot of rain, etc)

I know that is the most difficult mode to do, but i can't imagine anything better than that. If something is perfect in a game that can generate worlds is the freedom and randomization of worlds for us to test, play and have fun. I am aware the random mode is more or less the same, but here we can choose also how our world will be.

I don't like too much the "race with time" mode, too much stress. However, that mode with some special achievements for each step you survive (not each night, attached to various difficult levels or so, but that would be your decision) can be a real extra challenge to the game and can be attractive for players who want to a)get all achievements and/or b)challenges themselves or friends ("i am better than you, i beat until step 6, that's 24 nights!!!" or something like that...)

Oh, and nice and great idea to share this with us. Thank you!
theDude Aug 22, 2017 @ 12:38pm 
I have a question. Would the acid rain damage the player only, or would it erode built structures as well? I like the sound of "Race With Time" mode and "The Flood" mode. But my favorite is Random Map mode. I dont think you should worry too much about players getting suck in an unplanned map, part of the fun for the player will be trying to overcome those challenages.

Just my two cents. Thanks for your good work, I've really enjoyed your game!
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Silhouette Fleur Aug 22, 2017 @ 2:06pm 
PvP sounded interesting but I don't feel the world is set up for it, I love Dig or Die but it has a very linear progression that requires players co-operating if in the same environment, fighting against each other = little to no progress.

Building stress by weight and water pressure is surely enough, acid rain and water damage, whilst interesting, I feel should be placed in a specific area, if at all.

Volcano or Flood? Please no ... I have a hard enough time *in* the volcano, and gosh, once I start digging there's already too much water.

My favourite is "under the sea", a small island would offer too little resources to do anything.

Either way you go I feel you need to add an entirely different map, random generation sounded the most interesting if you're going to do it, the question is, will you keep the same layout with the gap on the left and the volcano on the right and just shuffle content around, or will you actually move things like the volcano and gap?

Is there a page for suggestions?
(I have a lot of them.)
Gratitude Aug 22, 2017 @ 2:38pm 
Under The Sea is something I know my friend and I would enjoy. We both really like playing with the water physics and building underground.

Draining sounds like it has potential to be really fun or frustrating. Those moments in the game when water is flooding in and you have to escape without drowning can be pretty fun.

Editor Mode would be a great addition imo.

A little off topic but one thing I was thinking of that would help make worlds feel more random is having a few different color palletes for worlds. Just to have some variety.
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Like the sound of all of these except dry world, which just sounds boring.
CastleGuy Aug 22, 2017 @ 4:13pm 
maybe a desert type world where it doesnt rain very often but when it rains it rains a lot
stingpie Aug 22, 2017 @ 4:27pm 
I really Like the Volcano mode Just because I imagine a group of people running from lava as their previously built Lava wall colapses. It should Have a few minutes to prepare. the mineral rate should also be turned up, along with monster drops. also for the gamemode, you might wanna put a volcano on the red biome though.:thejanitor:

Gamemode idea: play with a cat sleeping on your keyboard
barlth Aug 22, 2017 @ 4:29pm 
Perhaps an "Iron Man" style mode, which if anyone dies, than it's game over completely for everyone.
310372096 Aug 22, 2017 @ 5:20pm 
1.more BOSS,more weapon,
2.Universe ! How about we can go to any other planet ! Rocket is not the end . In the other planet,we must dig,or die!
[A]l1OnSe Aug 22, 2017 @ 11:24pm 
I bad english sorry,
I want oil to the rocket, more items, settings to multiplayer under start game to close party aand playing in your friends and enjoyng, sponge to water, more chalenges! Okay?
Chrissy Butterfly Aug 23, 2017 @ 3:25am 
Random World is a no brainer, it'll give the game a new lease of replayability because of not knowing exactly where you need to go for stuff.

Editor Mode is also nice, especially if we can alter environmental things, such as rain and laval, which will lend itself to a few of the other modes you threw out there.

Acid Rain/Water would also be fun. You'd have a sudden urgency to stick a base up or dig for it if you were out in the open and it rains. Of course if the water was acidic and did damage that would make things harder, though I can see that possibly being tricky from a coding persepective if the monsters all tok acid damage too.
Anty4444 Aug 23, 2017 @ 5:44am 
The volcano mode sound great! I would add a timer to let the players prepare and increased minerals and creature drops. You could remove for make it much harder to get to the floating islands because they would be OP. You should also do something about the canyon because poeple could just live on the other side and be safe. Another problem is with water creating basalt and stopping the lava, to deal with this you could turn off or limit rain and make lava break through (the new formed not the ancient) basalt with ease.

Good luck mate! :steamhappy::steamhappy:
Gaddy Games  [developer] Aug 23, 2017 @ 6:25am 

About the "RANDOM WORLD" : some explanations for some of you: this will be a very different layout, so no "left chasm", "right volcano", etc. It will probably be a large group of flying islands, some very very large, some smalls. A bit inspired by the Arianus planet of the "The Death Gate Cycle" fantasy (great) cycle. And all in random positions.

About the "EDITOR MODE" : I can see it's something that a lot of players would enjoy. So I should be able to add some tools to modify the natural dirt/rocks blocks (both foreground & background).
Your suggestion of directly modifying the rules (water quantity etc.) won't be in the UI but still possible with the game params, and those are stored into the saved game. So you should be able to start a game with this mode, looking like a standard game, then you modify the world shape & game params, and then other players can join you (and you can save the game).
But you wouldn't be able to change the monsters spawn location, that's the main issue. And contrary to the (better) Terraria system, where creatures spawning depends of the surrounding blocks, in Dig or Die it's some hard coded rules. That's a little sad, but i'm not sure how I could improve it easily. Using a system similar from Terraria would be best but couldn't me used on the normal campaign, as the spawning areas are not always related to the minerals around.

About "Acid Rain" : I think it wouldn't damage the players structures, only the players and monstres (technically very easy to do).

About "Under the Sea" : this one would need to be thought a bit more. With a huge ocean above the main caverns, with some dirt that let water go through, that's should be ok (with a lot of Lightonium in the main cavern to let plants grow). But if the player breaks the ceiling, that would definintely be the end of its world... but well, why not? Those alternative modes are for advanced players, so they know what they do. Maybe a huge ocean above, a huge volcano below (with high pressure).... ah ah, I think I'll stop writing about this mode to let some surprises... as I start to appreciate this concept quite a lot ^^

About the "volcano mode" and "Flood", I imagined it without real construction & crafting stuff, more like a short action mode. Run fast, find some random items in the map, etc. Or maybe completely different recipes, much more simple, something like only 1 mineral type (lightonium ?), and you can build almost anything with it (so it's a bit the same as finding items in the maps, but you can choose what you build with the lightonium you find).
I can't really see how those modes would work on a normal game progression, as it would destroy/flood everything

@Silhouette Fleur: yes, there is a post for suggestion, or you can create your own.

@Luke: about the world colors, yep I know that would be nice, but it would require some works with the assets, so I don't think i'll do it.

@310372096: those are not really game mode suggestions, please use other threads :-)

CastleGuy Aug 23, 2017 @ 6:31am 
or instead of lightonium certain mobs have a chance of dropping certain ore?
TheUnk0wnDead Aug 23, 2017 @ 7:00am 
I mentioned this already in an older post in the suggestion discussion, it was already a bit about modes like this..

I had an idea of a sun eclipse event that enemies would attack even at daytime, this could be used in a mode that every few days would appear such an eclipse.

I talked about difficulties, such as delayed announcing of an event (if it gets announced (maybe no announcing in brutal)), instead of something like "every few days" to the next event they could appear randomly and the chance would increase with the difficulty setting...

Or the idea just mentioned could scale somehow with the difficulties, like with a specific number between events (e.g. every "5" days)(easy), a bit irregularity that it could occur a day earlier/later (normal), randomness (hard) and increased chance of appearing with randomness (brutal).

The announcing could be coming from the ship wreck/drones (that AI), if it would be made for several difficulties the delay of the announcing could scale like this:
one day (easy), several "hours" (normal), at event start (hard) and no announcing (brutal)
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