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chrisahl  [developer] May 4 @ 11:33am
Dev Blog May '18 - Studio Upgrades
I feel it's time for another update from our team. It's been a bit since I've shared what we're up to and it feels like summer is just around the corner. Once the nice weather and new game releases hit, no one will be paying attention for some time.

I'd like to share some good news first. Supreme Ruler The Great War has been recognized by the Game Industry News community. We are very proud to have been awarded Strategy Game Of The Year for 2017! We work hard to stay connected to our community, we appreciate the recognition shown by the number of people who took the time to vote for us.

And we got some reminders of just how far we've come when we looked at our calendars for May and June. There are some anniversaries coming up. On June 17th, Supreme Ruler 2020 will celebrate 10 years since release which seems really incredible to us. Even more amazing, May 10th is the anniversary for SR2010, which will turn 13!

Despite our best efforts our latest update is still in "beta" mode. We had not anticipated how much the team would be pulled to other projects outside the studio during Q1. For those who haven't tried it yet, an insider build is available for both Supreme Ruler Ultimate and Supreme Ruler The Great War. If you haven't checked it out yet, it's accessible under the game properties in your Steam library. For Great War users, the new version will include a fictional 1914 "what if" scenario that we're hoping will provide some fun new outcomes.

The good news on the development side is that most of the distractions are now out of the way. Much of our former team is back for the next few months and we've also brought on a few new people. We've even moved the studio into a new office space. Nearly everyone will be focused on development for a new title from BattleGoat that is in the really early stages, so we won't be giving out any information yet.

While this does not mean we are ending support for Supreme Ruler Ultimate and The Great War, the new team members are currently focused on the new project. We have a few more things we will add to the engine for the previous titles but we're already getting excited about the opportunities the new project gives us.

We look forward to sharing more as development continues!

Christian Latour
Project Manager
BattleGoat Studios
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Sounds great! :D
Hope the new title is as good as the current ones.
Vasquez May 5 @ 1:10pm 
Cooper May 6 @ 11:41am 
keep up the great work
MarkoVFX May 7 @ 11:36am 
What changes do we expect in a new update?
Buzzbrad™  [developer] May 7 @ 1:00pm 
Originally posted by Milivoje02:
What changes do we expect in a new update?

Hopefully you will find out soon enough! We do have the insider build which should give you a sneak peak at the latest update.
BADFROG May 7 @ 3:56pm 
Are you able to tell us yet what type of game this new project is? i.e. is it something in the same vein as the Supreme Rulers, or a departure from the military strategy sort? Look forward to whatever you all come out with regardless. Cheers!
As long as it is not a "mobile" game.
Buzzbrad™  [developer] May 8 @ 8:10am 
Originally posted by GIJoe597:
As long as it is not a "mobile" game.

It will be a PC game.
GIJoe597 May 8 @ 12:57pm 
I hope there will be a new units for Eastern European countries :)
Wingnut May 12 @ 4:51am 
Please, please, please fix SRU and SRGW before daydreaming of a new game!
chrisahl  [developer] May 12 @ 3:14pm 
We're not daydreaming, the team is hard at work. These first two weeks with the expanded team have gone very well.

And "fix" is subjective, we have improved the game significantly since release and we are not done yet. But if you have specific issues, be sure that there are threads about it. IMO, the game is one of the most stable on the market and has very few bugs. There are some design decisions that may not be the optimal implementation, but I don't see anything as broken.
Yupp. The game has significantly improved since release.

The only thing that still bothers me, are these merchant marines that drive into the death valley by Russia.

Wrong pathfinding or something like that, I guess.

But besides that, I am very satisfied with the SR-Series :)
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