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First Mission
How the hell are you supposed to beat this???? This game is insanely hard
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If you haven't already, turn off Fog of War, and if you have to, play on Easy.

The first mission is actually pretty simple.
Go around the left, try not to get run over by tanks, save to win.
La mision te pide buscar una radio que no existe en la zona que te marca que está.
Mission 1 is piece of cake compared to mission 2 and 3
Take one dude with flamer or SMG, go left into the bushes. Shoot the guys on extreme left trench or use nades. A tip, a grenade at maximum range (approx 20 meters) should cook for two seconds so that enemies won't run from it (click the ground with grenade selected and hold for two clicks of the grenade clock, make sure your guy is set on hold fire, otherwise he'll throw the nade at the closest enemy). At 15-18 meters cook for just 3 seconds, anything closer it is better to use anti-tank grenade even for infantry, cause you want an instakill to avoid swift retaliation. When you're done, search the dead dudes in the trench for nades (anti-infantry) and throw them @ the people that are left in the trenches.

Make sure you set your other squads to fire at will, make 'em go prone and move them towards the sea as close as possible, Romanian tanks are gonna mow them down on the second attack if you don't do that.

When the second attack comes, hide your ♥♥♥ in the trench and don't shoot. When they pass, grab an mp 40 (if you have not already) and crawl (always crawl!) through the trench shooting any dudes that have noticed you.

When the tanks come they are going to fire towards the land since there are still friendlies left. Take your guys with AT nades from the shore and check the tank's line of sight (click on the tank with nothing selected). Run or crawl towards a tank, throw a nade at max range and run from it (or go prone instantly) Always destroy the tank closest to the sea, it will create a tank wreckage blocking other tanks line of sight/mg fire.

Eventually you are gonna want them mortars, that's tricky, but possible. I just took another guy and shot a few rounds from the trench in front of the mortars. They started to fire at him (I've crawled him out from under their fire, they usually cannot land a clear shot in the trench, unless you are extraordinarily unlucky), so I took my flamer and made him crawl behind the rocks next to the mortars. Then you can use nades or flamer (I just burnt them).

Man the mortars and align them so they are just in range of rightmost defense line. Fire a few rounds and disable the crew at guns and stationary MGs. Might take a few salvos, but keep it up.

When the shoreline is done, you will start phase two where you have to cap a village. Move your men all the way left, and crawl towards the enemy artillery batterey. Bring the mortars. Shell one cannon, and run off, an enemy tank will come and shoot a few rounds, wait till the infantry is gone and crawl towards it with an AT grenade, the infantry you can take care of later. Just remember, shoot -retreat, shoot - retreat.

Shell the artillery batterey with mortars until there is nobody left, cap the guns and move them towards the village, not too close though. Shoot the people in the village up, but don't use too many shells.

For the third part, move your arty back because an enemy attack will come towards the village. Basically, it's the same as previous two parts, distract the enemy artillery with a few shots, then approach out of their sight range. It is easy to crawl up from the beach on them AA guns on the right side of the map. You can do any part of this mission with just nades, without mortars. It just takes a looooong time. Well, hope this helps.

P.S. Crawl through the trenches (I cannot stress that enough) and assign a hotkey for prone/stand up (I use spacebar). You will really need it later. Men are most important, it's ok to lose a mortar a tank or anything else, always evacuate the crew (hotkey E) when things go south and run. Direct control (left ctrl) is almost always preferable to just telling your men to attack. After the first shot that hits anywhere near the enemy, they will notice you even if you hit nothing, so run. And never, NEVER trust troops you do not directly control, I've noticed the enemy AI starts shooting earlier (at max range) and aims way better. When you run the enemy can hear you. If you have to travel a long distance in the enemy territory full of nasty points where you can be noticed, you can crawl, but speed up time (press backspace and then 5, to go back to normal backspace and 3). Always have a safe spot on the map, plan your steps ahead so that you can always retreat somewhere where nobody will come lookin' (a bush at the edge of a map, a rock or a small lake with vegetation). In terms of inventory: Anti-Infantry nades > Anti-Tank Nades, always empty or blow up enemy stationary MGs and other things if you plan on moving forward or reatreating (unless you're gonna use them later), the AI can recapture them. Most fields are mined.

P.P.S. If you think this is hard, try playing Alfa: Antiterror (on youtube: /watch?v=boiUhvRPxLI). That game had no saves, you were given five guys for the whole game (over 12 missions, if one died he was gone forever along with the points you've spent on his upgrades), you could only give orders in the "tactical phase" (like combat mission). The troops had their own stats and character, so they could react differently and could disobey your orders. The enemy combatants were not shown on the map and there was no way to turn off the fog of war.
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wow Razoleg, I uninstalled the game out of frustration but I'm gonna reinstall just cuz of your awesome detail... thanks! :D:
That's certainly the proper way to do it, I've done pretty OK with just throwing soldiers at them and a bit of direct control too though.
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wow Razoleg, I uninstalled the game out of frustration but I'm gonna reinstall just cuz of your awesome detail... thanks! :D:

Hehe, thanks :)) I get frustrated too. Sometimes it's good to save and take a break and do something else and the solution to the problem in the mission comes to mind. It's a frustrating game, but when you get it right you feel a great sense of achivement, well at least I do, lol. :IS2:

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That's certainly the proper way to do it, I've done pretty OK with just throwing soldiers at them and a bit of direct control too though.

Yep, though it's difficult to win on Hard when you throw troops at them, if not impossible (very frustrating cause friendly AI can't aim to save their lives). I think Easy would do, but the above mini-guide is for Hard setting.
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Skip the dumb missions and play what you want. Hard isn't fun for some. Enjoy
Hardly a "dumb mission". If it's too difficult for you, that's fine. Don't pretend it's "dumb" though, simply because you're not good at it.
I have had this game now for a few years and have finished the game (on easy).. You need to take your time with this games and if need be, concentrate on killing just 1 enemy target at a time from long or sniper range. Also Remember this, mortars, more mortars and even more mortars. For me the 2 most important weapons are mortars and a sniper rifle and. Save constantly...
i stated out playing on easy then gradually worked my way to hard,i have finished the whole campaige on hard about 2 times or more, and if you really can't finish it i would try whitesnoops cheat mod, it is a fun mod that allows you to spawn troops!
What makes the game hard for me is because my men's AI and pathfinding is bloody broken, it feels like they had half their brain scooped out and I have to tell them how to move their legs. :\
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