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Bit Kid  [developer] Aug 2, 2018 @ 11:55pm
- fixed saving for custom gamepad mappings

- added new items Throwing Sword, Summon Scroll, and Luck Scroll (new games only)
- added new Ladorian font for tablets with improved translation effect
- added profile icon for completed games (must be resaved to take effect)
- added FX for Learning scroll
- added random dark rooms to arcade mode
- updated to FNA 19.02
- updated game controller database to support several hundred more controllers
- increased speed of time slow potion
- fixed rare crash in final boss battle with time slow potion
- fixed area connection symbols drawing under room borders

- added customizable gamepad controls
- added new button graphics for all platforms
- added button graphics to control mapping screen
- adjusted drop rates
- fixed rare crash with enemy status effects
- fixed enemy getting status effect after death
- fixed crusher collisions
- fixed treasure chest spawning animation for boss no hit in arcade mode
- fixed yes/no prompts sometimes overflowing convo bubble
- fixed keyboard key labels sometimes overflowing button graphic

- changed arcade mode to play Rescue track on win
- fixed wrong item sometimes being equipped after loading game with multiple of same kind item but with different bonus stats
- fixed various bugs with pausing during soundtrack changes and fades
- fixed Saveroom ceiling collisions
- fixed area music not playing if you back out of final bossroom

- added translations for Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese
- added chance for Unique and Legendary item drops with bonus stats
- added new shortcuts in Mines and Catacombs to help with backtracking (new games only)
- added Savepoint to Mines shortcut hub
- added Inventory sorting by Name, Value, and Type
- added 4th treasure chest room to Mines, Catacombs, Gardens and Keep areas (new games only)
- added several new rooms (new games only)
- updated to FNA 19.01 with new audio engine (should fix various crashes on some machines)
- changed Portals to ask for destination after more than 2 unlocked
- changed Map screen Area connection labels from words to icons
- various improvements to UI
- various tweaks to drop rates, player speed, spell upgrades, etc
- fixed rare glitching into ground when walljumping in corners
- fixed interaction status message spamming
- fixed item descriptions sometimes overflowing box bounds
- fixed stray character on Name Entry screen when opened with keyboard
- fixed Temple Guards glaive not being destroyed on death
- fixed missing boss flag before final boss
- fixed wasp buzzing playing after death
- fixed crouching in spikes without taking damage

- arcade: added option to disable timer for practice runs
- arcade: fixed door transition bug in final bossroom
- fixed typo

- arcade: fixed missing null check on leaderboards

- arcade: disabled console commands for daily/weekly challenges
- arcade: added temporary ignore period to player's dropped spell to prevent accidental pickup

- arcade: reduced spell drops
- arcade: tweaked spell drop velocity
- fixed spells sometimes not firing when cast just before landing on ground
- fixed typos

- added Arcade Mode with Daily and Weekly challenges
- fixed bug with ending scenes and exploration percentage
- fixed getting stuck when backdashing into boss rooms
- fixed being able to hit Bone Worm after death
- fixed trell's ground stab FX sometimes still visible after death

- added save backups to Steam version
- fixed achievement exploit
- fixed traveler's cape formula

- added morningstar to enemy drop
- tweaked starting stats for Classes
- improved wall jumping with more lenient timing
- fixed Easy and Nightmare game wins not registering
- fixed Class mode not unlocking for Easy game win
- fixed scaling on ultra wide monitors in fullscreen
- fixed normal enemies sometimes only spawning in secret areas
- fixed backdashing on steep slopes
- fixed wallsliding glitch on angled ceilings
- fixed wall jumping when overshooting ground ledge grab
- fixed Assassins Sword damage calculation for preview
- fixed backdashing into jareth's triggers
- fixed Catacombs secret passage requiring lantern

- added beta version of Class Modes for Thief, Mage, and Warrior (unlocked after beating game on any difficulty)
- added backstabbing with higher crit chance
- added proper level and stat caps (50 and 99 respectively)
- added some protections to prevent leveling stat increases getting too out of balance
- changed transition fading to solid black
- changed file options order so Copy is before Delete and reset index to 0 when opening sub-menu
- increased Mines elevator speed
- increased HP of a few minibosses and bosses
- removed penalty if STR < Weapon ATK for main mode
- refactored weapon attack calculation code so previews now use same method as combat
- fixed player not getting stat increases for each level if leveled multiple times in a single kill
- fixed sometimes not being able to select spells in Narina's spell upgrade screen
- fixed spells not showing change in ATK when previewing in EQ screen
- fixed mithril armor bringing you back to life

- moved Parachute to Backdash button to prevent accidental deploy
- start button now exits pause menu immediately
- various map fixes and tweaks
- various text improvements
- increased Shaman's Ax bleed chance
- increased familiar starting STR
- increased Great Weapons damage
- decreased sawblade speed in dark Catacombs entrance
- added ability to skip 10 entries at a time in Bestiary by pressing Up/Down
- added extra check to Titan's hammer to prevent special effect not working
- fixed game timer continuing after ending triggered
- fixed backdashing bug at Mines gate with Basden
- fixed various rooms with too precise wall jumps
- fixed disable rumble option not working after reload
- fixed missing boss banner outside Temple bossroom
- fixed a few typos and added some missing highlighted terms
- fixed walljump test point to match wallslide
- fixed Walking Plant death flame fx position
- fixed Demon ceiling state not resetting
- fixed some enemies attacking on spawn after entering room

- enemies and minibosses now activate when hit from range
- rebalanced spell damage and mana costs
- added blocking to king trell, gnarlox, knight armor, and grilla
- added hitboxes to club backswings
- added ability for meteoric armor to ignore ooze pits
- added gen version to save data
- improved AI/behavior for several enemies
- increased drop rates of crafting materials
- increased mithril armor regen speed
- slightly decreased sword cooldown timeouts
- fixed delay with backdash
- fixed saving not removing poisoning
- fixed STR < Weapon ATK penalty seen in UI but not combat
- fixed trident special move damage
- fixed wallsliding into floor glitch
- fixed player attacking while pushing objects
- fixed Nightmare Mode resetting health after loading save
- fixed speed of trell's sword item
- fixed unexplorable screens of a couple rooms
- fixed wraith fireballs not being destroyed on death
- fixed some enemies attacking on spawn after entering room
- fixed music fade before trell fight and adjusted ax hitboxes
- fixed Titan hand damage
- fixed Great Weapon hitboxes
- fixed Gardens thorn damage

- increased backdash speed
- increased deploy speed of parachute
- increased crit chance
- increased drop rates
- added catch for audio cue exception
- added set default button which allows player to set a key to its default binding
- moved in walls on keep bossroom
- changed catacomb lock clues to be in a single room (new games only)
- changed knife/drill troll behavior to seek player when close
- shortened attack cooldown short-circuit slightly
- fixed bossroom doors not opening if other pickups are dropped in the room and cant be retrieved
- fixed issue with missing sword if player dies without saving
- fixed possible bestiary achievement issue
- fixed walljumping ontop of ledge grab points
- fixed wallsliding through ledge grab points
- fixed being able to talk to basden in cage
- fixed pickups going inside temple floor beams
- fixed bestiary showing wrong HP for non-normal difficulties
- fixed ritual dagger, crystal brooch, martial arts belt, and dragon ring items
- fixed keyboard glyphs not being updated when changing keys
- fixed molotov kills not counting towards player xp/kills
- fixed missing collision tiles in vertical transition room
- fixed worms sometimes disappearing
- fixed spiders shooting webs when webbed

- fixed race condition with loading collision maps found in some livestreaming setups

- removed embargo screen

- fixed lava damage rate bug

- Rebalanced Leveling , HP gains, Enemy Attack Ratings, Armor Ratings, Item prices, and Drop Rates
- Added option to disable gamepad Rumble
- Improved familiar attack timing and accuracy
- Reduced ooze damage rates and frequency
- Fixed pausing during screen transition
- Fixed Missing Persons sign
- Fixed trap damage rates
- Fixed high level familiars missing attacks

- added the ability to set player map markers in rooms
- added player teleport in and familiar level up animations
- added identifier symbol for mortal mode
- added difficulty/mortal option to mission complete screen
- changed starting difficulty options to include easy, normal, and hard
- beating normal or hard difficulty now unlocks mortal mode
- beating hard difficulty now unlocks nightmare
- fixed scrolling for signs w/headers and journals
- fixed inaccurate preview stat arrows in shops for head gear
- fixed possible crash with formless spawn
- fixed final boss battle initialization after beating game and fighting again

- fixed incorrect data in build

- updated to FNA 18.07

- fixed hidden door room appearing on map as door room before door is revealed
- fixed area label appearing next to hidden door room before door is revealed
- fixed coming out beside a hidden doorway instead of through it after revealing
- fixed getting stuck in the arena gate
- fixed wraith projectiles sometimes causing crash
- fixed cosmetic issue with mines elevator
- improved hidden door revealing sequence

- added new player warp animation for scrolls, casting immediately exits inventory now
- added enemy freeze during scripted camera pan sequences
- added familiar's level to description text
- added selling to narina's shop
- added protection to prevent selling unique items
- added food restoration values to description
- fixed pickups sinking into ooze
- fixed mines crushers sometimes teleporting player to the top of the screen
- fixed issues with block pushing and being able to push when you shouldn't
- fixed holding to scroll on several menus like name entry, shop, etc
- fixed hanging spider XP
- reduced ooze damage rates
- reduced item sell values

- added option to save after beating the game to 100% your save file (loading it will start player back in town)
- added seed to mission complete screen
- fixed possibility of player dying while in room transition and glitching game out
- fixed logic in final boss battle for determining if player is safely on platform
- fixed "won game" stat incrementing twice when beating game
- fixed familiars trying to attack dying enemies
- fixed controller rumble in final boss battle

- fixed secrets appearing on map as dots when in other areas
- fixed possible crash in final boss battle
- reduced kade's quest to 4 venison
- merged in optimizations from console ports

- fixed sometimes continuing to move after interacting with NPCs with thumbstick
- fixed moving after pulling catacombs gate lever
- fixed parachuting into water
- fixed garden valve flashing after loading saved game with it turned
- fixed outpost gate appearing closed after opening and saving
- fixed vipera blade not damaging certain enemies
- added scripted camera movements for switch reactions that are off camera
- improved gardens entrance scene scripting
- reduced elven sword projectile damage
- increased gnarlox and wraith attack damage

- fixed mines crushers getting stuck in down state and blocking progress
- fixed bestiary animation pooling bug
- fixed crash with enemy status effects
- lowered Catacombs goop damage to 5%

- fixed familiar kills not unlocking bestiary entries (important for single instance enemies)
- fixed familiars taking killing blow on bosses
- fixed 1mp spells not using any mp with certain equipment
- fixed animation glitch when enemies die with status effects
- increased initial warp and learning scroll stocks for magic shop (new games only)

- added resolution selector to video options to help with high-dpi monitors

- updated system libraries for Mac & Linux (should fix controller problems and some others)

- hot fixes for crashes

- fixed secrets & secret passages not saving correctly
- fixed 3rd treasure room not appearing in every area
- fixed material/quest crate drops appearing in secrets

- hot fixes for crashes
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