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Rubel  [developer] Apr 5, 2016 @ 1:21pm
Patch Notes
Patch 1.0.8 (May 6th)
Fixed a bug where holding an infinite ammo gun when the last enemy in a room is killed prevented normal ammo crates from spawning
Water drums will now always spawn in the <REDACTED> room if you've used them before
Sticky crossbow bolts will no longer damage players when detonated
Enemies now immediately drop currency when transmogrified
Orbital items will no longer shoot <REDACTED> (secret character unlock)
Improved performance of the Pilot's past considerably
Fixed a dungeon generation bug where short hallways could intersect with other rooms
Fixed a bug where transitioning levels while in a conversation would break player movement (e.g. boss rush elevator)
Updated input code handling in an effort to resolve multiple controller bugs
Added the option to display an aim cursor while using a controller
Coolness's cooldown reduction is now capped at 50%
Fixed an exploit where some guns could be fired extremely quickly by switching weapons between shots (e.g. the sword Blashphemy)
Killing mimics in reward rooms no longer has a chance to spawn room clear rewards
The balloon can no longer attach to dogs or other companions
Improved one method of traversing the giant pit in the fourth Chamber
Improved bee performance
The end-of-floor elevator will now come even if the player is stealthed
Discount items will now work correctly when acquired by the coop player
Changing items while using the grappling hook no longer breaks player movement
The Dog item is no longer invisible when popping out of chests
Added a faster uniform scaling graphics option (Fast Scaling)
Fixed a visual bug with the Lost Adventurer's movement
Fixed a text issue which displayed "%META_CURRENCY" in some languages
Fixed a bug which could cause the pause menu to display incorrectly when returning to the Breach
Fixed multiple bugs caused by dying while inside a minecart
Fixed a visual bug which could cause the Bullet King to show up as two thrones
Fixed a problem with the Shopkeeper's dialogue when players enter/leave the shop
Fixed a typo in the Ammonomicon for the BSG
Fixed a bug where the Gunsling King could keep adding icons to your minimap
Glitch chests can no longer spawn in the tutorial
Players can no longer open the gun select menu while the full map is shown
Fixed an issue where specific combinations of guns could double all gun capacity

Patch 1.0.7 (April 27th)
Added a new gun inspired by our trip to PAX East, the Poxcannon
Collecting Master Rounds with the <REDACTED> (secret character) now gives 1 armor instead of nothing
Fixed an issue which could cause hangs during dungeon generation
The High Priest's wall bullets will no longer spawn on top of players
Companions will no longer shoot <REDACTED> (secret character unlock)
Players can no longer take contact damage while using the Ring of Ethereal Form and Potion of Lead Skin
Fixed an issue which could prevent the Gun Soul from dropping
Transmogrified enemies will now correctly drop currency
Fixed an issue where some summoned enemies were dropping currency
Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the door when skipping the Door Lord intro
Dying in the Pilot's past now properly unlocks the Time Paradox achievement
Keyboard bindings are now use for Player 2 as well
Mimics can no longer be transmogrified
Added a fourth save slot (Slot D)
Fixed an issue where the Super Hot Watch and the Bloody Scarf interacted to pause the game for long periods of time
The Clone item will now work properly in Boss Rush mode
Fixed an issue involving turrets and the Rolling Eye
Fixed a rare issue where angering the shopkeeper in coop could result in both players being locked out of an active room

Patch 1.0.6 (April 19th)
Teleporters will no longer spawn in the way of traps (rolling logs or projectile traps)
Performance improvements for the Forge
The Lead God acheivement now correctly unlocks the Super Hot Watch
Map zoom level will no longer reset each floor
Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn inside of sarcophagi
Fixed a problem where homing modifiers would cause genade launcher rounds to angle away from targets
Chests and health pickups now have more descriptive icons on the map
Decreased the quality of the Chaos Ammolet (will spawn more often in lower level chests and less often in black chests)
Pushing a table into another room will no longer cause it to become invisible
Fixed an issue with reflected bullet directions for some enemy projectiles
Fixed an issue where the Kill Pillars could be injured from blanks fired in adjacent rooms
Fixed an issue where the electric guitar would fire extremely quickly if you left an amp on the previous floor
Blizzbulons that die in pits will no longer reappear when you reenter the room
Homing modifiers will no longer allow the Black Hole Gun projectiles to live forever
Fixed a visual bug that occurs when completing <REDACTED> (final secret floor)
Players can no longer get stuck on Trorc's (truck merchant's) display in the Breach
The cop will no longer immediately die if acquired in the Forge
Gun selection hotkeys on the keyboard now only affect the player using the keyboard (in coop)

Patch 1.0.5 (April 14th)
Made secret room spawns slightly more predictable
The Mac version is now a Universal App (32-bit/64-bit)
Fixed a crash bug related to Gunther
Fixed a rare bug involving elevators and the Bloody Scarf
Wiping a save slot's progress will no longer wipe the slot once again when the game closes
Fixed a bug which prevented the Great Hall achievement from unlocking properly
Conversations can no longer be interrupted by projectiles
Fixed more issues which could cause dropped controller inputs or odd vibration behavior
Fixed some cases where the Lord of the Jammed could cause damage to the player in unfair moments
Fixed an issue where the caped <REDACTED> wouldn't escape when some invulnerable enemies remaining in the room
Fixed various issues when entering the Oubliette in coop
Fixed a positioning issue with the television toss that could cause it to unfairly fall into pits
Fixed an exploit where the hip holster could to fire extremely rapidly
Gave Gatling Gull's melee attack a cooldown (no more cheesing!)
The Molotov gun no longer puts out fires
The Boomerang is no longer usable in empty rooms

Patch 1.0.4 (April 11th)
Made key acquisition more reliable
Lowered the difficulty of the Treadnaught (explosive shot now has a minimum range, homing rocket is slightly slower, adds no longer lead their shots)
Added d3d11 support (which may help some players with black screen and map issues)
Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn in unreachable locations
Players can no longer teleport in coop while one player is interacting with a shrine or NPC
Players can no longer be set on fire while ethereal
Increased quality tier of the Fightsabre (less likely to spawn in low level chests)
Fixed an issue where collecting an NPC cell key while it was falling into a pit broke the key
Fixed an issue where the SMASH tent event could be interrupted by enemy gunfire
Fixed an issue where Lost Adventurer progress was not being tracked correctly
Fixed an issue where Gunsling King progress was being tracked twice per success
Fixed an issue where Great Hall progress notifications were popping up everytime the Breach loaded
Starter guns can no longer be used to reveal secret doors (hit VFX is now the normal wall hit effect)

Patch 1.0.3 (April 9th)
Small adjustment to early game key balance
Added a DirectX dependency that may solve black screen issues for some players
Added D3D11 support to address pink screen and map issues for some players
Fixed a rare freeze while generating dungeons
Meta currency and NPC cell keys will now be auto collected when the player leaves the room
Fixed an issue where players could respawn inside walls after falling into a pit
Added safety checks to prevent players from dying to poison and fire just after boss death scenes
Fixed another issue where players could get stuck in elevators
Tiger projectiles will no longer break boss death scenes
Fixed a bug which could cause the Singularity to loop audio forever
Flying no longer prevents the player from entering the first secret floor
Fixed an issue where the Wallmonger would get stuck on the dying Cop
Shield of the Maiden now correctly stops the Beholster's beam
Fixed an issue where Snitch Bricks would reveal secret rooms which could not be opened with blanks
Limited the maximum aim assist value
Further reduces memory usage in the main menu
Fixed an issue where some Mac users had a different save location than intended

1.0.2 (April 7th)
Fixed a bug which could cause a corrupted save file
Fixed multiple issues which could cause dropped controller inputs or inconsistent controller vibration
Hegemony credits will now be auto-collected if they would otherwise be stuck inside a wall
Fixed an issue where having too much armor could break a shortcut quest
Fixed an issue with the Red Bandana
Respawning with the Clone item after dying in some boss fights will no longer prevent player movement in some directions
Fixed an issue where acing Winchester games could cause the player to be stuck in a conversation
Reduced the sell price of the Junk item, which was waaaay higher than intended

1.0.1 (April 6th)
Fixed an issue which prevent some users from saving games
Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in elevators
Further optimized RAM usage for low end systems
Fixed an issue where Gatling Gull rockets would fire forever at decoys
Player can no longer teleport from minecarts
Enemies can no longer spawn inside of fireplaces
Fixed an issue with Beast Mode
Fixed an animation error with the Lil' Bomber
V-SYNC setting should now be correctly saved

1.0.0p2 (April 5th)
Fixed some memory related audio issues and crashes in the foyer.
Fixed missing diacritical marks in non-English languages.
Fixed Steam platform integration issues on Linux (Steam achievements, MTX/Cobalt Hammer unlocks).
Fixed an options file error which caused black screens at startup for some users.
Added FLAC files to the Soundtrack package.

1.0.0p1 (April 5th)
The Cobalt Hammer keys will now unlock the correct gun.
Fixed an issue where steam achievements were not unlocking on Mac OSX.
Fixed an issue where a disconnection from steam would cause players to be trapped in boss rooms.
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