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The Guild 3 Q&A
Hello everyone!

This is our first Q&A (ok, the second officially, but we thank RkatCox and Desasterchief for their efforts to set up the first and being the driving force for this one) but there’s more to come soon, as we’ve planned more instalments of these Q&As. And since we’ve planned more of these, we’d like to read your questions. Our roadmap shows the next milestones of adding content, so feel free to post your questions about this content in the designated post. Please be nice, relevant and constructive there.

We’ll collect your questions and select a few of them to be answered. Further details will be added to this post soon.

Q: Is the automatic baby creation timer a placeholder, or is it an intended feature?
A: The term doesn’t fit properly in this regard. Some changes are planned here, for example not receiving offspring or heirs if a spouse is currently incarcerated or abroad. However, it won’t be an active activity compared to Guild 2.

Q: Will your employees and the other non-dynasty NPCs have independent lives as in Guild 2 where they would go to the medico, church, the tavern, market, shops, to and from jobs, and then go home to sleep for the night? Will they attempt to find work with your business or with other business in the town? Or will they remain as background eye candy? Will your employees physically come to work in the morning and leave in the evening as they did for Guild 2?
A: Citizens will have a role behaviour that fits on a communal level. If the district is wealthy and safe, citizens are happy and eager to buy. If for example an illness like flu is going around, everyone is more likely to buy tea and blankets. Citizens are individual characters, however with an awareness like a hive. If a citizen notices a crime he’ll spread the story throughout the district and soon everyone knows. This is true on various levels. Citizens will attend church, visit a medico and hang out at the tavern, but these decisions will be based on this common awareness in The Guild 3.
Employees will move to the workshop the moment they’re hired. They’ll work all day and spend their nights sleeping. Employees are not tied to the common awareness of the citizen in the district, however they’ll meticulously make sure about your reputation. If the people in your district like you, they’ll prefer to buy at your warehouse and employees are more productive. If they don’t, your employees might drop their tools and stop their work.
Market prices are affected by collective needs and events like the above-mentioned flu. Right now, this behaviour looks random, but it will be optimized. And yes, citizens currently are not on a shopping spree, but this is about to be addressed.

Q: Do you intend to eventually have full interactive scenes for the trials and town hall meetings like Guild 2?
A: The current cutscenes for politics and courts are placeholders. We’re planning for almost finalized cutscenes around Christmas. Those cutscenes will be interactive, however not on a level they’ve been in Guild 2. We heard you on this topic with Guild 2 (and about the issues there) and we developed a system that makes those issues a thing of the past. Of course, you can still try to bribe the judge so he’s in your favour. The cutscenes will be shorter and you can exit and re-enter them without any further effects.

Q: Will you be able to use your children and wives/husbands to start their own businesses as in Guild 2?
A: No, family members will be available for assignments, like holding an office or travelling abroad, but no controls beyond this.

Q: Will you eventually have to go to the town hall to purchase your new titles (which is more interactive and more like Guild 2), or will you just continue to automatically get them via experience points?
A: We have a few ideas on this, but first we’ve got to get rid of the major bugs.

Q: It seems like you may have derived some of your inspiration from Fable 3. If you become the sovereign, will you be able to hold court and make decisions that could massively impact the direction of the city and its subdivisions? Will you be able to create an "evil" city versus a "good" city with such decisions?
A: As soon as you’ve become the sovereign, you can hold court, command the guard and you can wage war (and further things). A “good” or “evil” township is unlikely to be created directly. However, all your deeds affect the town and – if you’re purely evil – eventually the peasants will rally in front of the castle, armed with forks and torches to have a talk with you…

Mlsmith 45
Q: Will there be better options of moving around the map? Right now, it's press 1 to go home 2 to go market?
A: Have a look at the quick selection at the right side of the screen. You can assign buildings to keys 0-9 there.

Q: Also, when trying to interact with other characters in the game, will there be a better UI?
A: Yes. We’re currently working on the full replacement of the current user interface till the end of the EA, we’re replacing it step by step. Now you can notice a mixture of brand-new and old UI elements and we understand that this can be unpleasant. But we are replacing it slowly but surely, as we implement entire menus, their functionalities, all the while resolving fixes and completing features.

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More questions, more answers:

Q: Will there be a tutorial?
A: Yes, there will be a two-stage tutorial: first an introduction to the interface, character movement and camera controls. Second, there will be an in-game tutorial explaining the features: production, trade, politics, etc. The current tutorial will be overhauled completely.

Q: Will other operating systems be supported?
A: Linux…WINE

Q: NPCs..will they all age and be around as methuselahs? Or is there any kind of “rejuvenation”?
A: Yes, this is a plan for 2018.

Q: Do characters require sustenance – which could be a buff of sorts -or sleep etc.?
A: Eating food will make you recover from illness or wounds. Sleep provides the same effect, but with a different effectivity.

Q: Will the feedback/audio from all professions be the same or vary (and be dependent on situation)?
A: It will fit for profession and situation after all audio files have been finished (at around spring 2018).

|WøR| Inoyka
Q: As a fan of tavern entertainment I liked how guests celebrated, drank and danced while my character was serving (I liked watching my employees brewing and cooking as well). Is this featured in the game?
A: Not with the release of The Guild 3. Perhaps as a DLC or addon – but no final decision about this has been made yet.

We’re aware the latest update has wrecked a few things and your game experience has been severely diminished. We’re putting the emphasis on a hot-fix, however, we don’t have an ETA on it’s implementation. We’ll keep you informed. Thanks for your understanding!

Samu o Leão:
Q: Can you switch between family members?
A: In The Guild 3 you’ll control the leader of a dynasty only. You can appoint other family members to become the new leader, but there is no turning back then. Members of the dynasty may be assigned to various tasks like becoming a political figure (that will execute your wishes) or may be sent on mercantile expedition.

Q: Will the game at some point include a religious hierarchy and a possibility to play that path? I'm talking starting as a monk or a priest and moving up to the rank of bishop and even cardinal?
A: As soon as we add the societies, you can become a member of a religious group. However, becoming a bishop, cardinal or even pope isn’t possible in The Guild 3. Religious groups range from monastic orders, the inquisition or even doomsayers…

Q: What features from community feedback made (or will make) it into the game?
A: Plenty of features requested from the community have made it into the game or are about to be added. Starting with the herbalist hut, the requested start in a hamlet and the town quarter logic and its influence in balloting at the council or court. Additionally, several actions and artefacts, requested since The Guild 2 have made it into the game.

Q: Do we get a customized map editor or the same tool the devs use for creating the maps?
A: Yes, you’ll gain access to the scenario editor either at release or later - for free.

Q: Why don’t we have an autosave featured yet?
A: Autosave is deactivated for the time being. The save process needs to be optimized first. Right now, autosave would freeze each round for up to 20 seconds – depending on system performance. That’s why it is not active now. However, you can create a quicksave (Ctrl+S).


Q: What features are included in the AI? Does it cover only the enemy dynasties or the independent workshops that are neither controlled by player nor dynasties?
A: The AI covers dynasties as well as the so-called master-AI’s in various workshops. Relevant improvements are to be expected in the upcoming months.

Q: Is the AI emulating the daily routine of the citizen (on individual level) or does it just make sure nobody blocks carts and makes the town look livelier?
A: The simulation of the townsfolk will be improved further, too. They’re connected to the AI indirectly. The simulation will become more dynamic and more reactive, the citizens shouldn’t end up as lemmings running from one part of town to another. Right now, this is a slightly lesser priority but will be addressed prior to release.

Q: Can we expect an AI that will independently learn, evolve and exploit errors or weaknesses a human player or other AI NPC will make? Do we need to lower one’s sights since the initial implementation of the AI was ridden with issues and is now stepping up again?
When can we expect a full implementation of EHE?

A: The issues that came with the rough start of the EA have wreaked havoc with schedules, so the full implementation has been set back. We expect a date around early spring 2018 right now.

Q: Will the AI run on various difficulty levels during campaign play?
A: Difficulty levels determine advantages (like higher starting capital or higher experience gains) that either the player dynasty or the AI dynasties will have at the game start. Or if they start on par. The AI isn’t limited by difficulty levels.

Q: Will the AI participate as nth player next to human players in multi-player?
A: In both single and multi-player there will be AI controlled dynasties, which aim for the same goals as you: wealth and power! As with human players you can befriend them or become allies…or delve in costly and bloody feuds with them. It’s your choice to make.
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