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Akuma is ultra nerfed?
I played for years Street Fighter 4, and im sure that Akuma wasn´t so slow and heavy as now, his damage is so low and the "Die one thousand deaths" super power is very slow and you must be really close to make it, as always he is the character with less health points of the game, that was never a problem, maybe is just me, but i feel it like they nerfed the damage, speed and range of Akuma.
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Rikkore 24. Dez. 2016 um 21:45 
Because this is SFV and not SF4?
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Because this is SFV and not SF4?
What i tried to say is that the change was big, I was so adapted at the SF4 Akuma that i was able to notice this big change in SFV.
Wezilla 24. Dez. 2016 um 22:07 
Uh you want more power Akuma? Don't be greedy, Akuma has very high combos. Wait till 2 months time everyone will complain demand nerf Akuma...
Raging Demon is more useful now since it can AA and starts up immediately.
The shun goku satsu was nearly useless in SFIV, back in SFA, and SFA2 that move was scary.

SFV version has actually caught me a few times, which can't be said about the SFIV one.
TL;DR "Character feels different than what I'm used to, so they obviously nerfed him"
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Raging Demon is more useful now since it can AA and starts up immediately.
you could also use it as AA in SF4. just had to lower your hurtbox by using a normal and then kara cancel into it.
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Not to be an A hole , but this only works on very newbie guys. The DP days are "almost" over unless u jump a lot so this situation is very rare to happen especially between good players.
Also this thing requires ur full meter , AND the guy to hang himself with the DP which , again , very rare at this point.
I played him only a few days , but i don't see him even on Par with Urien as effectivness as far as DLC goes. This Akuma has some pretty short normals , even compared to other shotos. Also his ONLY stable crush counter move , cr.HP , is a little to difficult to convert cause it crumples the opponent and if ur far away they'll just restand after u wait , not allowing him to cash in on the damage (only consistent way i found is b.HP into Demon Flip>Palm.
Speaking of the Demon Flip , GOOD LUCK setting it up unless the guy doesn't have a DP or any anti-air move cause it's super slow as a move. In neutral it's no good unless u use it VEEEERY rarely and the less we talk about the divekicks the better cause he got the same treatment cammy did so u need to be at leg hight to make that stuff safe , if not u get grabbed or jabbed with a counter.
Fireball same deal , cause any good DP can pass right through them ... also he bounce if he fires them while moving up , and if they block , he's unsafe on the way down. The Raging Demon ain't worth either as it's waaaay too much risky. I'll wait on set-up for that one.
Still ... after all this stuff , i think he's the most fun out of all shotos , so i'll simply stick with him for how i like him but i don't expect him to be really dangerous.
LockM 25. Dez. 2016 um 2:23 
Problem is you are comparing him to his USFIV incarnation, you need to compare Akuma to other chararcters in SFV and the current meta. Even then Akuma has been out for only a few days but just looking at his basic tools he seems very strong and at the minium very viable competitively.
DJukor 25. Dez. 2016 um 4:14 
Akuma is just diferent not nerfed.

Capcom made him slower but more powerfull.

He is kinda like a hybrid of Oni and Calsic Akuma.

He lost evrithing that made him cheap in SFIV but at the same time buffed all of his more powerful tools.
. 25. Dez. 2016 um 4:35 
I think they didn't make him a fast shoto because Ken already is.
be water my friend
Lol, never tought the SFV community was this salty, I like the new Akuma, i just said that it feels like slow and heavy, im gonna play a lot with him, as somone said above, it feels more like Oni, but Oni used to damage a lot, and had some fast movements, but whatever, wasn´t trying to start a salt storm...
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