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justbiglee May 5, 2015 @ 8:14am
DiRT Rally Early Access Bug Tracker - Last update 19/06/15
Hi all,

Going to make a bit of a change to the Bug Tracker and start putting all of the things we’ve fixed and added into the game on the change log.

Following everything we added in V0.4 I realised this post was going to get pretty big, pretty quick so from now on check the Change Log for the full list of everything that made it into the game, we’ll keep this post just for stuff we’re aware of and working on.

You’ll find the change log here

You may on occasion see Carl floating around the tech support forums, he’s tasked with hunting down the tricky bugs and from time to time he might ask you to send over some files from your PC. The address you’ll need to send these to is dirtgame@codemasters.com, please don’t send anything over unless you’ve been asked to by myself or Carl. If you need to report a bug you’ll find the instructions on how to right here.

The below list is everything we’re working on as of right now, We plan to update this list every Thursday and every time we add a patch, obviously we’ll keep you updated on our progress as we go in the patch notes.

Currently Working On
  • Error 41 – We added a new error reporting system into v.0.4, it’s nothing you’ll see from your side but it will help us get to the bottom of the various causes of error 41. We’re pretty confident we’ve cut instances of it down by over 50% now, one of the biggest causes is players not having compatible DX11 hardware, we have added a list of the most popular cards to the minimum spec to make it clearer but if your card isn’t listed please check with the manufacturer.
  • Game doesn’t save – This looks like a result of some players tinkering with their XML files but if you haven’t been tinkering and are getting the issue please let us know.
  • Camera behaves weirdly when using a Dualshock 3 Controller – The Dualshock 3 isn’t an officially supported controller at the moment, we are looking into this but for now we recommend using a supported device.
  • Microsoft Sidewinder Crash – This is another cause of error 41 and crashes and one with an easy fix. If you happen to have a Microsoft Sidewinder mouse or keyboard and are experiencing crashes please update to Mouse and Keyboard Centre 2.3. You can find it here http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=42510
  • Some Nvidia Graphics Cards crashing the game – We should have a fix for this in a future update
  • When using the Lancia Delta Integrale on Monaco Vallee Descendante with midday/sunny conditions, the revs/speed/gear dial on the dashboard doesn’t work
  • When driving the Sierra Cosworth the car gets stuck in first gear when driving up an incline. This issue can be fixed by the player by adjusting 1st gear in the advanced setup for gears.
  • Dash display is not functional in the Monaco, Vallee descendante stage when the weather conditions are set to Midday/Sunny
  • The co-driver call for finishing a Shakedown sounds muffled
  • The game starts freezing and stuttering making the game unplayable under some circumstances
  • Trees and other scenery are pixelated and appear as dots
  • For a small number of users the game is not correctly saving the Championship, If the game is saved and exited from the second stage of the second event once the Championship is reloaded after exiting the game and restarting
  • Player received the promotion message box after completing the Masters Championship in the top 3
  • Some players can't save a custom controller setup, players are having to reset the controller to their prefeerences everytime they play
  • The track surface fails to render in all Wales stages << We need more data on this about your set up. If you are having this issue please let us know
  • For some users the advanced setting for the gear ratios revert to default settings after completing a stage, exiting and restarting a championship
Compatibility Issues
  • Can’t full screen on nVidia graphics cards – We'll have a fix for this in a future update.
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