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Deathtrap Contest Update - Vote here for the Best Map!
Link to the Shortlist - vote here:

We encourage our voters that they play all of the levels to make a fair decision.

That’s it, then! Vote for your favorite of the ten! The deadline for the voting is March 11th.

Contest! – Are you ready to create the best Co-Op level for Deathtrap?
  • Step 1: Open up the level editor.
  • Step 2: Create an awesome, well balanced level for co-op gameplay.
  • Step 3: Submit your level to Steam Workshop.

To enter the competition, include the name DTContest on the Workshop item.

The Rewards

The map that gets the best score from ratings and votes, will end up in the game. We'll tweak the level with nice and unique visual touches, but you'll be credited, and the glory is all yours.
Also, you'll have a chance to play your level with the developers in an intense live streaming session if you choose so!
The winner will also receive a mysterious NeocoreGames Gift Package by mail.

Rules of the Contest

Levels should be complex, exciting and fun to play for cooperative gameplay.

Our developers will select the best levels to compile a shortlist of 10, and from there we'll let the community decide. The shortlisted map with the best score based on ratings and votes will be chosen as the winner!

Remember to use the word DTContest in the map name when uploading! Any levels without it won’t be applying for the shortlist.

Maps considered in any way offensive, will be disqualified. It is not allowed to depict or reference political and religious messages/iconography, nudity, explicit sexuality, pornography, drugs, celebrities, living or dead people, or copyrighted products. We compose the shortlist from only well balanced, appropriately designed levels.

One user is allowed to submit up to three (3) levels for the contest.
Levels created by anyone affiliated with NeocoreGames are not allowed to participate in the contest. We're looking at you, Megapull.

The contest ends February 20th 10am PST. The shortlist will be announced on March 2nd, the voting begins with this event. The voting ends on March 9th.
The winner will be announced shortly after that.

Ready? May the best level win!