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Zdzislaw 19 Nov, 2019 às 14:01
innovation point creation
I've been playing my colony for about 500 days and love the game so far. I feel like I have a pretty good feel for all levels of production on the industrial side but I'm starting to lag in food production and am trying to optimize green document production to run my farms. I currently have 9 farms and am just barely able to keep them running constantly, but that doesn't leave me a lot of wiggle room without expanding my infrastructure.

But I really want to optimize it. As an example, if I want to build a CORE Accumulator for my reactor, I know exactly how many raw materials I will need and based on the number of my ships and production buildings and the skill of my workers, I have a very good idea of how long it will take. My question is, is there a way to know precisely what my rate of production is for innovation points?

Is there somewhere on the blueprint or director that says the amount of innovation points that will be produced? I know that as Green Eco Buildings finish a production, it *generates* innovation points, but how many? It's not 1 point per production is it? Because I have 21 desalination plants producing about 4200 water portions each day and I'm getting nowhere near 42 green documents per day. Is it a multiple of work points and accumulated regardless of whether the production finishes or not? or is there a more complicated relationship? Are all blueprints and buildings equal in terms of innovation point development? How can I figure out how many innovation points the farms themselves make?

Right now my plan for expanding my farms is to throw down more desal plants and seaweed composters since I need the water and fertilizer for farming anyway, and having a massive stockpile wouldn't hurt, but I like to have the theory worked out before I start building, and if, for example, an assembly plant produces a better rate of innovation points, I'd rather just be a wiring maker and seller to make my innovation points on a smaller footprint.

Great game, been having a lot of fun. I guess if I don't get an answer I will try to experiment and report back if I find anything out.
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PixelQuality Games  [desenvolvedor] 20 Nov, 2019 às 8:32 
Hi Zdzislaw,

The color of innovation produced is related to the production and the amount is the result of the workpoints needed to produce multiplied by a factor (which depends also on the production). The more complex productions will have a higher multiplier.

In sort, for the green innovation points:
  • x1.5: all the cultivation productions in the greenhouse.
  • x1: seed extraction/reparation in the labs.
  • x 0.5: seaweed fattening, drying in the farms. assembly, disassembling and recycling.
  • x0.25: water desalination.

Thanks for your feedback ;)
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tabla_redonda 20 Nov, 2019 às 8:36 
Also in general, the faster you product, the more innovation you will earn.
This may help:
Zdzislaw 20 Nov, 2019 às 16:20 
perfect! thanks so much!
silverfang17 28 Nov, 2019 às 1:03 
There are other ways to earn green documents such as converting other colored documents to green documents. It is also advisable to build supercomputers on platforms that uses document so you can take back some of the documents you have used.
Zdzislaw 28 Nov, 2019 às 6:57 
I did ultimately max out my supercomputer tech and now have two on each document consuming platform. Farming and reverse core document production is now effectively free, and influence is a lot cheaper to make.

I initially started out with Eco Corp and Conservative diplomacy, thinking that I could access Industrial and Cosmos influence without having to take the diplomatic penalty of building all four corporate buildings but rapidly bottlenecked on green documents. That was about when I wrote this post. I've since built all four corporations and managed to build two of each monument so there is no diplomatic penalty. I think I'm nearing endgame on this playthrough! I want to finish building all platforms and max out my reactor before I pursue a victory scenario.

Next game I think I will start with Cosmos and Eco to max out Supercomputers and Waste Treatment at the outset.
silverfang17 29 Nov, 2019 às 5:42 
Goodluck with that lvl30 colony size! Still chugging to get there since I am going in and out of playing the game. I have a save file with a colony size 27 on medium difficulty.
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