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Maintenance Drones
Mousing over Daily Maintenance icon at top of screen -

Generation: 42
Level 2 Colony: 40
Maintenance Drones Patrolling: 2

I don't have any drones, no ship factory, no maintenance drone tower, no drones on patrol, none in the drones tab of the govern window.
Why does game show I have 2 drones patrolling? How can they patrol when I don't have a Drone Tower?

Edit - Remembered I got a 'special' colonist from my corp. They have the trait Handyman, which it says "Grants to the colony the patrol bonus of a Maintenance Drone" Is that where my mystery drones are coming from? Don't think it is, does not sound like that's what it does. Maybe one extra drone but not two because it says "..a Maintenance Drone" not Drones plural. And how would they work when I don't have a Drone Tower anyway? Although from reading the description of 'Handyman' when I mouse over it's icon in the Char Sheet, I don't have a clue what it does do, so maybe that is what 'Handyman' does.
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PixelQuality Games  [developer] Jan 2 @ 12:59am 

Please, could you send to support @ your saved file[]?

Thanks for your feedback ;)
Sent the save file.

Regarding the colonist with 'Handyman' trait, I just noticed in the Drones tab at top of screen, in Maintenance Drones section is listed -

Special Colonists: 1
Oversight Bonus: 2

So I am guessing this means that a colonist with the handyman trait adds 2 points to your daily maintenance generation. This is certainly not made clear.
The trait description "Grants to the colony the patrol bonus of a Maintenance Drone"
The Drones tab "Oversight Bonus"
The Daily Maintenance tab "Maintenance Drones Patrolling 2"
All individually confusing, all 3 need more clarity and consistency. So the player knows exactly what the bonus is and where it is coming from by reading any of these 3,
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