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It is a great and challenging game for pros. but the relationship-system is too hard atm. this will make you loose players.


you have to generate in fluence only to get not worse on factions. you cant proceed in tech in that way. too hard.

When I build a Corps Building of another company, it should give me bonus on relationship, not malus. This is a pain in the♥♥♥♥♥
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I am playing this great game since the beginning.
But it didn't hold me for long. Every patch I tried it again, and everytime I went to a point of no return and a point of frustration.
You won't get much players whith this policy.

True, there are some players keeping it up.
But I do not think that this game at it's actual state should be able to pull much players. Frustration-level after hours of playing is way too high.

Since you want to wake up sensitivity for environmental matters, it should be much more appealing to the people.

Great game whith much potential, but bad performance at the current state.
It is stressful and laborious, and this will not bind players for long.

All of my friends on Steam say: "Nice Makeup. Good for an hour or two to bridge low times.
Just bring Seaweed and Water up and watch these flying ships working.
And that's it. Not worth to spend more time. Bye, Game!"

No help after hours of playing. What to do next? What do I need to play on?
Bad performance.

If you want to gain more players, you will have a lot of work to do.

Best regards
That does not work.
It is not possible to convert influence of one color into another color.
I am eco and I have the buildings. All yellow influence I produce is needed to keep the diplomacy up.
This is a pain in the♥♥♥♥♥

I am eco, but I need yellow influence to get more power. How the hell do I get yellow influence?

And these quests, you get during playing without possibility to decline... you can not solve them.
This is the way to ruin a game.

No, this game is no fun. It is way too complicated. I am out.

One thing with games is mandatory: It has to make fun.
Project Aura does not make fun.

Better luck next try.
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Originally posted by SevenBones:
I am eco, but I need yellow influence to get more power. How the hell do I get yellow influence?
Ideally you would craft yellow influence from a closer corp, because the worse relation between corps, the more influence will cost you:

So I would build a Cosmos Corp (Eco and Cosmos won't bring any penalty to the colony) and from the Cosmos corp craft the yellow influence (will cost you less than crafting it from eco).
You will need also a proper diplomacy level.

*You can use also the resource panel(f2). drag&drop the influence you want to craft and it will tell you everything you need.

This, from the wiki, is very important:
Corporation buildings built in your colony will have a negative effect on your relations with their rival Corporation only if you have the rival's diplomacy tech developed E.g.: An Eco Corp building will sub 1 reputation point with the Neo Industrial Corp (Eco's rival) only if you have Neo Industrial's diplomacy tech developed.

You can build monuments to corporations to apply a positive effect on reputation.
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