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Gwinda May 31, 2016 @ 5:41pm
[MOD] Gwinda's sound effect mod

The mod can be downloaded from:
DropBox [].

Train Fever 5798 or above.


• German By DofD​
• English By Gwinda​
• Spanish By Vicrod​
• French By Anachron13​
• Magyar By Wia​
• Japanese By HawkEye​
• Swedish By Gwinda​

Mute various sounds/groups in Train Fever.

• "Oh Yea!"
• Track construction
• Road construction
• Demolition
• Income payment
• Miscellaneous UI sounds

Supports TFGM's configuration UI.

The map mod is written for the new mod system and must not be copied into the res folder, as before.

Manual install
Unzip the archive in [tt]Train Fever/mods/[/tt] folder.
Start TF and activate the mod before playing.

TFGM install
Drag & drop the archive to TFGM.
Go to the configuration tab to turn sounds on/off, hit save.
Start TF and activate the mod before playing.

The good news with the new mod system is that no files are being modified. This makes it easy and safe to remove the mod at any time.

Manual uninstall
Simply delete the the "Train Fever/mods/gwinda_sound_effect_mod_x" folder where x is the mod's major version number.

TFGM uninstall
Simply select the mod and press disable.
The mod is kept in TFGM's internal library and can be enabled again at any time. To completely remove it from library select the mod and press uninstall.

The easiest way is to use TFGM's built in Configuration UI. Install the mod and go to the configuration tab.

To manually configure (without TFGM)
The configuration file is located in the mod's root folder "Config/config.lua"
You can either manually open it in a text editor or just from TFGM, right click on the mod and select "Mod configuration..."

The config file has instructions included at the top. Scroll down to:

"-- BEGIN -- Do your configuration here"
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