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Tystefy Nov 12, 2016 @ 9:41am
LegacyEXTREME - All At Start
Simply triggers an event when at zee that give you all legacy items at once. And a Steam-Yacht Deed, because why not?

1. Download from link
2. Unzip folder into "addon" within the Sunless Sea directory.
3. Start game and leave whatever dock your at and zail around until you get the event.
4. Event should activate within 1 second to 1 minute. Sorry if you get a long wait.


- If the main menu give you a "Fatal Error" text, that is apparently normal. Just try beginning a game session again as it should work the second time.

- It is prefered that you start a new game with this mod. It's not tested for continued saves.
Simply leave the London Docks and wait a bit for the event.

- This was made a while ago.


Special Thanks to baXiaDev for their Legacies Mod, as this mod uses the assets gifted from there.
(This mod is literally a heavily edited version of baxIaDev's Legacies Mod. There shouldn't be any compatability issues but just keep that in mind.)
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