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Capcom Customer Service  [developer] Jan 22, 2015 @ 11:56am
Tips for Reducing Slow-Motion & Audio Desync
Hello RE fans,

Here are some tips & tricks that may help alleviate some of the in-game performance issues some of you may be facing.

System Requirements
First of all, please check the Minimum and Recommended system requirements as outlined on the store page. This is very important as it has quite an impact on how the game will perform on your system.

Users with Recommended or better specs should be able to maintain 60fps with most, if not all of the bells and whistle features enabled with relative ease while maintaining 1920x1080 or better (the ‘better’ part really depends on your GPU specs).

Those users with Minimum specs or slightly above will need to consider toning down some of the video options in order to maintain proper in-game speed.

Systems not meeting the Minimum requirements aren’t tested or officially supported, but the tips and tricks outlined here should help.

Performance Tuning Strategy

Anti-Aliasing (OFF, FXAA, FXAA3, FXAA3HQ) – If you’re experiencing slow-downs and/or audio synch issues, lower it to FXAA or turn it OFF completely. The difference between FXAA and FXAA3HQ in particular is not that big of a leap in terms of visual fidelity, especially if the screen resolution is above 1080P.

Screen Resolution (variable) – this is another area that has huge implications on your video rendering performance. Try lowering it to 1280x720 (or whatever lowest resolution option your WIndows support) as a baseline and work your way up if you don't see any performance issues.

Shadow Quality (Low, Medium, High) – While the visual effect in-game seems relatively benign, this actually has a significant impact on your system’s rendering performance. Those experiencing slow-downs and audio synchronization issues should consider lowering this setting. Start with the lowest and work your way up to find the sweet spot. This setting alone will be a boon to improving your in-game speed especially if you're below the official minimum specs. This is mostly applicable to laptop users who have mobile version graphics chips with significantly less ROP/TU/memory bandwidth/pixel fill rate, but this may also help with older desktop class graphics cards.

Frame Rate (30fps, 60fps, Variable) – If none of the aforementioned tweaks doesn't solve your slow motion or audio synch issues, it may be an indication that your system is unable to maintain both video rendering and proper in-game speeds. You may need to switch to the original game’s 30fps mode in order to maintain proper gameplay speeds. Some users have had success using the 'Variable' mode which automatically adjusts framerate to keep pace with the intended game speed. Game speed may still be affected if the GPU performance falls far below the target minimum requirements.

Vertical Synchronization (ON/OFF) – turning this option to OFF may improve rendering speed at the expense of potentially introducing screen tear. That said, screen tear shouldn’t be that noticeable given the static nature of the background.

Texture Quality (Low, Medium, High) – Provided you have more than 1GB of dedicated VRAM, performance impact here should be fairly minimal. That said, it’s another area to experiment if you have lower than minimum specs, including but not limited to onboard/integrated GPU.

Laptop/Notebook Users
Those with switchable GPU setups such as NVIDIA’s Optimus Technology[] and AMD’s Switchable Graphics Technology[] can refer to HaydenK’s excellent guide.

Essentially, you need to ensure the NVIDIA/AMD’s 3D control panel is specifically assigning the discrete, high performance GPU to Resident Evil's executable (bhd.exe). Both platforms may default to the low-performing integrated GPU at the moment.

NVIDIA SLI / ATI Crossfire
The game itself isn’t optimized for multi-GPU setups, and has not been tested for SLI or Crossfire. Some setups may work, some may not; these configurations can be used at your own risk. If you’re seeing significant performance issues with the game despite having equal or better specs than recommended, you may want to experiment by disabling SLI /Crossfire as it may be causing compatibility issues with the game.

Video Drivers
This goes without saying, but it is highly recommended that you update the video card drivers to the latest WHQL release.

NVidia/GeForce driver:
AMD/Radeon drive:

Bug Reporting
Please continue to report issues you’re running into in the Resident Evil HD Remaster Bug Reporting Thread. The more detailed information you can provide, the better we can investigate. We won’t be able to respond to each individual question or submission as the thread is for data collection, but rest assured we’re monitoring the thread and compiling reports to pass on to the development team.
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