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realaxis  [developer] Jul 10, 2014 @ 2:24pm
Screen Resolution:
  • All available resolution for your computer is displayed select the best resolution that you like. 1028 * 786 or 1280 * 786 is recommended.
Graphics Settings:
  • Low: The game look will be compromised for performance.
  • Medium: Except the windows reflections on the ground everything else will be enabled. Game will run @ 60 FPS on most computers and laptop with this setting.
  • High: Windows Reflection on the ground will be enabled with all other settings. Game FPS may drop on regular PC.
Game Difficulty:
  • Low: Combat will be easiest.
  • Medium: In this mode enemies will only receive the damage if you hit close to the perimeter of their danger zone (The red gloving spot on the enemies).
  • High: Enemies will only receive the damage if you hit on the danger zone. This is most accurate combat but enemies will be harder to kill and their damage to the player will be maximum. In this mode the wall sliding is little different, player will traverse in zig zag mode while jumping and sliding on the wall.
Misc Settings:
  • Anti-Alias: The standard AA setting, keep it 0 if you don’t want to play too much with this setting.
  • Full Screen: You can play the game in window mode or full screen mode.
  • Bloom Settings: Keep in on if you want the bloom.
  • Special Effect: There is only on screen space effect in the game that is when the player die, if you want to disable that you can keep it off.
  • Start-Up Config : If you like a start-up config box you can keep in on. This will allow you to change setting every time even before starting the game.

On the UI Screen use Up-Down Arrow to navigate and enter to click the button. You can also use the mouse for easy navigation.
  • Left, Right arrow keys: Move (also change direction in mid-air)
  • Space: Jump (hold to jump higher.You can't sprint jump to reach the higher chandelier)
  • Shift: Sprint (Hold Shift while moving and jumping to sprint and sprint jump)
  • X: Attack (Hold for combo)
  • Ctrl: Shatter (Window or chandelier)
  • Esc: Pause
  • To wall slide, jump and then hold X when near a wall (Keep jumping to go up)
  • E: Switch weapon
  • Up, down arrow keys: Aim Tuning Blade
  • I : Open Inventory
  • F9 : For Slow Motion (watch the stained dynamics)

I am not able to shatter a window?
When you walk pass the window, It will glow that is the place from where you can shatter the window. Generally this place is near the window, you can always find the shatter point by noticing the glow.

How to Open Inventory?
In the game map a fix prop is used to indicate the inventory zone. Also an Inventory Symbol is displayed on the right side which indicates the inventory zone. Once you are in Inventory zone Press I Button to open inventory.

How to know if I can wall slide?
Walls with slidding ability uses a slippery texture, but you can always identify the slidding walls by a symbol which appears on the left side when you are near the slidding wall.

Not able to solve the puzzle in inventory
If you have all the pieces its just a matter of finding the best combination. Solving this puzzles requires a bit of patience and time.

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