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Major Impossible  [developer] Dec 18, 2014 @ 5:10am
VR support ?
Only for the Oculus DK1 (see this thread)

Is there a demo available?

Impossible to connect to a server
UDP ports 30113 and 27016 must be opened on the hosting machine.

Mission editor?
The Mission Editor is included. Tutorials are available on our blog[].

What about Steam Workshop integration?

Coop mode?
In BOMB 2.

What's the maximum online players
Currently, there is a hardcoded 16 players value.

Is the terrain destructible?
The terrain is not destructible but damages are localized and aircrafts have different parts to blow up.

Is there a quick mission editor ?
Yes, there is a skirmish game mode allowing you to choose a map, your aircraft and opponents.

Where is the minimap ?
Nowhere, it's been removed!

Is it planned to start/stop the engine
Yes, binded to the 'i' key by default.
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