Day of Defeat

Day of Defeat

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People still play DoD?
I loved DoD and I want to get back to it. I tried comming back a few months ago and I tried getting into full servers but all of them was full of bots. I tried to find a server with no bots but had no luck. I gave up and uninstalled the game.

Is there a way to find full servers with no bots? I tried fooling around with the filters but there where none for removing bots from searches. Also about how many human players are on the servers on average?
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Jestus 7.7.2013 kello 17.59 
hellz yeah
look for Merrill's Marauders servers
they have bots but they have an active community
they do. i play in there as well.
Mighty 11.7.2013 kello 13.22 
yeah still a few playing SOS clan are making a come back aswell!!
lethe 11.7.2013 kello 17.22 
there is also a league for dod.
I just started playing again. There is away to find bot-free servers unless I'm mistaken.

Go into your filters and check the box that says "has users playing."

Every time that I've played these last few nights, my experience has been bot free!
Hmm Joey I've always used "has users playing" and it still pulls a mix of player/bots. I've never heard of a way around the "bots" and I think that is largely in part it would be pointless footing a server with bots to help populate it if people could bypass that filter. I say pointless but a LARGE majority of people would probably avoid them if possible.
Well one way to check, IIRC, is to hold tab and make sure each player has a ping. Bots have 0 ping.
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"Esso" 27.7.2013 kello 3.31 
Joey lähetti viestin:
Well one way to check, IIRC, is to hold tab and make sure each player has a ping. Bots have 0 ping.
That is actually not true anymore. You can see bots with ping.
Best way to find if they are bots, is to 'right click' and server info. It will list the server and players, bots will have a ping of 0ms, while humans would not.
I myself love this game and was one of the last players for the AUZ/NZ region.
Hope this helps.
cogajon 27.7.2013 kello 21.15 
Yes. Quite a lot. There are still quite a lot of bots, as well. But if you get on at the right time of day you can find servers almost full of players. And they're not A-holes. It's great!
Merills Marauders is OK. You should know...
Bots will have ping if the server installed pingfaker.amxx.
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