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Day of Defeat

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ouroboro Oct 12, 2013 @ 3:39am
Low framerate
I'm running an ancient machine (Pentium 4 @ 2.53GHz; GeForce FX5600; 1GB RAM; WinXP Pro). I know not to expect much from it. But my framerates in GoldSrc (HL1) games are as low as in Source (20-40 FPS is typical in DoD).

Nvidia driver is the latest, all hardware drivers are installed, and Windows is fully updated. I've disabled AA, AF and vsync, and set driver texture quality to performance. The game is @ 640x480, OpenGL mode, low video quality is checked, detail textures unchecked, vsync unchecked (gl_vsync 0), special effects on low, fps_max 101, etc.

This makes no sense. Old game is old.
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step 1
Yes, It is an old game - I used to play the half-life franchise on P4. If it does not work well, you probably just need to take out the P4 clean it with after-shave, clean the fan - put some thermal paste on the fan. It seems like it is getting too hot - then put it on without the computer case so you can see inside the computer when it is running.
step 2
Check the cpu fan is working, if there is another fan at the back end of the cpu check that is working.
step 3
Get a hair dryer and put it against the power supply holes to blow all the dust out - get rid of all dust.

This is how I saved my 2 old computers - do not install Windows 7 as these old computers tend to switch off automatically. It may be wise to buy a fan cooler with fancy led display to make the computer look more modern.

A cheap fan cooler is Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler that I use for my new computer, forget that on second thoughts - you have to check the socket compatibility.

All the above u have probably done. But the problem I had was I bought a new graphics card without getting a more powerful power-supply. Because it was HP it is very difficult to change anything even the power supply - I think they did a very very sneaky and crafty thing by changing the wires of the power supply interface, or maybe it was because the conventions of new power supplies have changed, but I am being nice.

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ouroboro Oct 15, 2013 @ 5:53pm 
Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately it's nothing that simple. I recently rebuilt this box using old parts. It's clean and runs cool.

I used to play HL1 games on a P4 too. In fact I played on this very setup, and got 100 FPS... back then.

I suspect Valve changed something major, perhaps during the process of making their games compatable with other OSes, but most people are running such modern hardware that they never notice a performance drop.

That's just a wild guess, but one thing's for sure: I get worse performance on this hardware now than I did when it was current.

I can play Q3-engine (idTech3) games just fine on this box (125 FPS, with tweaks), and that engine, while old in its own right, is still more advanced and demanding than GoldSrc.

This is baffling.
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They have updated it, the Valve version has their multiplayer intergrated. They want old games to look modern!

You would have to buy it second hand from .....

or try this....

I sympathaise as my life is very much like a rollercoaster life at the moment, almost homeless, having to do over-time at work, and more. Staying at a friend's house at the moment,

enough of my problems - hope I was of help.
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