Day of Defeat

Day of Defeat

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Mr.Cypher! Oct 5, 2017 @ 1:24pm
Possible bug from last patch or the one before Connection Issues.
Yeah im hoping the peeps that patched the game a few weeks back will see this. I'm a long time dod player and i watch my connection always to insure i have a good and stable ping . But ive noticed a lot having lag spikes like or freezing up. I use the netgrapth when i play and ive watched the IN going from 30 to 800 or even 900, My out is the same and normal around 25 to 30. I thought it was me and something on my side so i checked all and it only happens in this game.

I have all drivers up to date and my connection is a 300mbps down and 50up. I record my dod game play on and off and if i run that it will lock me up and this didnt start till after the 2 patches came out, being you can watch my vid on Twitch and Youtube and the game ran fine and had no issues. It also seems if its only 4 people in the server or less its fine but once the server starts filling the IN bound goes nuts. I also thought it might be just the server im playing on but went to 3 different serves and same issue and peeps saying the same thing about lag like but showing no loss or issues connection wise.

I dont know if the patches were client side only or if the servers were updated also or vice versa. So hope some one can shine a light on this. Any help will be appreciated thx !
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Mr.Cypher! Oct 5, 2017 @ 1:28pm 
Also a lot including myslef are getting cl_packetflushentity warnings also. But thats when i record now also.
Mr.Cypher! Oct 7, 2017 @ 9:36pm 
Well been watching the connections again and it seems to go more crazy when people key up. The more people talk the more the In bound goes crazy. The server i play on has All Talk on and a bunch started talking at once and the In Bound went all the way to 1000 and most laged for a bit till all unkeyed.
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Hi, Cypher! What platform are you playing on? Also are you using a third-party firewall?

I use OSX and the "Smooth Sailing" firewall built into my Netopia router. Being a UNIX OSX doesn't have a native firewall. Back when I used Windows XP I had to disable the Microsoft firewall to get anywhere with any Stream game. Some would lag like crazy and others couldn't see the any hosts on the server browser. Things were better under Windows 7 though. If your router has more packet security than NAT you may need to make some pinholes. These are the ports: TCP 70025. UDP Ports 27010,27015-27050
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Mr.Cypher! Oct 8, 2017 @ 10:53pm 
Hey Punishment!! Im on Win10 and Firewall that comes with the Netgear NIghthawk x8. I was looking for ports to try that and see if that would work but being the game is so old i coudnt find any pages up with that info.

The only thing is all worked fine till the 2 patches came out then it all went waco for me and when i record my game play it locks me up and i get cl_packetflushentity warnings or just a normal connection warrning then i go back to normal once all hell stops lagging . And didnt do this before the patches being i upload vids to Youtube and when i got my new GFX card i Stream now to Twitch.
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The required open ports are the same as those need for Half-Life. There are pages still up with that info. Make sure no firewall rules are enabled in Windows 10
Mr.Cypher! Oct 11, 2017 @ 1:04pm 
Thx! Ive been sick a few days so ill try and add the ports and see if that fixes the issues im having .
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