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Entrada Interactive  [developer] Sep 8 @ 7:00am
Update 1.13.0 - 09/08/20
Hotfix 1.13.0c - 09/14/20

  • Fixed a kiosk-related exploit.
  • Tweaked the item spawn system so there can possibly be more spawned items on a busy, highly populated server.
  • Increased the rate items can spawn in at - will help reduce loot "pop in" on a busy, highly populated server.
  • Removed some logging to help reduce spam in the log file when using full logging.
  • Removed convert to scrap metal from the Beef Stew item.
  • Reduced the weight of the Car Battery, Wheel, and Jerry Can items.

Exposed two variables that can be placed in the hosting.cfg file for dedicated servers:
  • ism_percent - range 0 to 90, the percent of item spawners that can possibly spawn loot - default is 20
  • ism_maxCount - range 0 to 5000, the maximum number of item spawners that can have a spawned item concurrently - default is 750

Hotfix 1.13.0b - 09/10/20

  • Can't switch weapons or unequip active weapon while active weapon is in ADS mode
  • Can't open inventory while active weapon is in ADS mode
  • Can't drop active weapon while active weapon is in ADS mode

Hotfix 1.13.0a - 09/10/20
  • Fixed a few issues related to the new inventory system.

Please post any feedback about the update here:

New Storage System - Phase 2

This update is primarily focused on further enhancing the new storage system.
There will be more phases to the storage system released in future updates.

Note that the UI for the new crates is currently more limited than the old crates (like dragging an item to a specific inventory slot on the player) - those features are planned to be added in a future update.

  • All old storage crates have been converted to use the new storage system.
  • Any items left in the old crates have been deleted since the new crates use a different item system.

  • AI corpses now use the new crate-based storage system for their inventory.

  • Tents no longer spawn pitched in the game world.
  • They can now be found by looting several types of items instead.
  • There is no limit to the number of tents that can be placed in the world.
  • A future update will add more slots to the larger tents - in this update they all have 40 slots.
  • Tents degrade after 2 weeks without being used (was 1 week previously).

Dedicated Server
  • Dedicated server now ignores several thousand level-based entities that only the client needs to know about.
  • The vast majority of the ignored entities were things like lights and ambient sound areas, etc.
  • Reserved player slots will now work on all server configurations - server doesn't need to be whitelisted/password protected.
  • Potential fix for AI related server crash.
  • Removed some logging messages that are no longer needed to help clean up the log files.
  • Increased max number of players to 75 (was 64) - WIP - may cause max servers to be unstable.
  • Increased the network tick rate of AI, so they update more often - the initial warp/teleport still exists - it's a bug in the Kythera code.

Task List
  • Fixed starting base building task chain that required building a small crate - it now uses the new storage crate instead.

Air Drops
  • Greatly increased the view distance for the air drop crates on the ground, so they are easier to find.

Canyonlands Map
  • Fixed being able to see under the house inside the Outpost.
  • Fixed misplaced crate in warehouse.

  • Fixed ironsight change fire mode for m16, and mk18 type weapons (won't clip with camera now).
  • Added FP change fire mode (i.e. when optic scope is attached) for ak5d, akm, asval, krissv, m16, mk18, mp5, p90, rpk, and ump.

  • Fixed a physics proxy issue on a single story house.

Base Building
  • Reduced health for crates to 1000 (was 1500)
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