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ssjlance Sep 25, 2015 @ 4:49pm
UPDATE: OUWB Steam/GOG Patch v1.2
EDIT: Version 1.2 is released. BME's Map Pack 2014 support for launcher, EXE installer for easier installation, mousewheel and DOS prompt work when launched from Steam, further improved mod support, and a better options menu with toggle switches instead of a text file. LITE version (.ZIP file) is uploaded, along with standalone CD audio and BME Map Pack Launcher ZIP files. FULL version (EXE installer) will be uploaded VERY, VERY SOON.

EDIT: Version 1.1 is released. DOSBox SVN Daum, Better support for mods and launcher is more easily configurable.

FULL V1.1: OUT OF DATE! If you want to download the update, use the LITE version. The link is still here, because it WILL be updated later tonight. As long as this message is here before it, it's still 1.1 and not 1.2.

LITE V1.2:

BME's Map Pack 2014 + Launcher:

CD Quality WAV Audio Files:

Got tired of the crap support for this game, compiled all of the various fixes and whatnot that are out there into a zip file and put it on ModDB. Just download and put files in Blood directory.

Here's what's included:
-dosboxBlood.conf is better optimized, and has a menu for selecting Blood/Cryptic Passage/Setup/Multiplayer/Map Editor. Autoaim is disabled by default. Has options in first part of AUTOEXEC as SET commands to change whether or not Blood runs with BMOUSE, which INI file to load, and any custom parameters (such as -NOCD or -NOAIM) to launch as with Blood.
-DOSBox SVN build with CD audio track looping fixed
-BMOUSE included and set up by default
-BLOOD.CFG set up with modern control scheme (WASD + mouse)
-CPMULTI.EXE included for multiplayer Cryptic Passage
-DOS4GW replaced with DOS32A
-Edited TILES008.ART removes Monolith watermark in mods
-Includes compiled AutoHotKey script (MOUSEWHEEL.EXE) which maps mousewheel to keyboard up/down so it can be used in DOSBox

I included a batch script (Blood.bat) that will launch MOUSEHWEEL.exe, DOSBox, and kill MOUSEWHEEL.exe after DOSBox exits.

Works 99% fine being launched directly from Steam, too.

The only thing that won't work if launched from Steam is the DOSBox Prompt. It should just go to a C:\ prompt, but DOSBox automatically closes when it reaches there. I'm assuming Steam runs DOSBox with an -exit parameter.

You'll also need to manually run MOUSEWHEEL.EXE if you want mousewheel support in Steam.

I also created a custom game.gog and game.inst that has CD quality music which I'll be uploading later, just thought I'd go ahead and post the link to the LITE version since I was able to upload it already.

For anyone interested in actual CD quality, non-compressed music, that should be uploaded later tonight or tomorrow, and I'll add a link to the full version once it's up.

Totally down for suggestions and/or improvements. I mostly made this for myself because it just frustrates me that nobody could be bothered into making the Steam release work as it should. If I royally screwed something up, let me know and I'll see if there's anything I could fix.
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REEVO Sep 27, 2015 @ 10:23pm 
Thank you so much man! Someone shared the gog version with me awhile back and I fell in love with the game. The lack of support on Steam really put me down, and I have hardly touched this gem. But thanks to you and the simplification of finding fixes and such, I will be revisiting Blood so much more now.

Thank you a milion times man. Thank you:emofdr:
ssjlance Sep 28, 2015 @ 4:03pm 
No problem at all. I'd made a Blood zip file to download and play at work when I was finished actually working but stuck there, figured I'd take all the various little parts I'd added to the default install and make a pack to replace my Steam files whenever I installed on a new PC. Figured I'd share it since I went through the effort to make it anyway. lol

All the errors in the GOG version were pretty forgivable, minus the CD audio tracks, that was just horrendous; low quality? Eh, that's acceptable. Having the beginning two seconds missing from the right track and instead on the end of the track before it... that's a pretty big mistake.

I'd liked to have seen Steam at least do a super basic clean-up of it. I mean, they could've installed a more recent version of DOSBox and taken an afternoon to put in audio tracks that were ripped correctly (even still at a low bitrate), if absolutely nothing else.

Of course, Steam kind of introduced their own errors, really. They sell you the whole game, but don't even give you a way to launch the expansion....

I mean, yeah, you can just launch DOSBox and then manually do whatever, but it's just silly having to do that.

And, in all fairness, Atari is probably the real company to blame here; they submitted it, Steam just accepted it as-is.
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Showtime, Synergy! Sep 29, 2015 @ 12:30am 
I think this'd be better (more tweakable at least) if it came with or suggested the user download the latest SVN Duam Dosbox version.

My experience was I downloaded Steam version, unzipped your mod, ran it and noticed Dosbox was still ancient, updated to latest SVN Daum, updated the SVN's conf with most of your file's settings, renamed to dosboxBlood.conf, then could not get the game to boot past the audio initialization. Then I got annoyed and deleted everything. ^_^;

The built-in batch menu is really nice.
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ssjlance Sep 29, 2015 @ 3:05am 
Failing to boot past audio initialization is almost definitely an IRQ or DMA setting not matching. You could change it in the Sound options in Blood's setup or dosboxBlood.conf for a quick fix.

And using a newer unofficial SVN build of DOSBox isn't a bad idea. I had known the last stable version was still 0.74, I had honestly just grabbed a slightly later SVN release with a fix for CD audio looping included (unless I pulled a stupid and copy/pasted the wrong files) floating around. Daum had a lot of extras I didn't feel were needed in my personal setup, but it may well be a better setup for others for the sake of options. Also, I don't know if performance has increased with more recent SVN builds, which is worth a look into....

I remember tooling around in Daum a bit and thinking it was a much better overall experience (it has a GUI menu!), but I always found the basic versions to be sufficient for single game installations.
You're right, I shoulda checked sound specifics more closely.

I see. Well, the Direct3D shader support alone is a killer feature for me (not sure if your included version had that). With a CRT shader I can effectively hide the jagged, uneven pixel artifacts that come from non-integer image scaling.

The latest Daum also plays nice with ReShade 1.0, opening the door to even more extensive graphic mods. Yesterday I used SweetFX (part of ReShade) to add vibrance and extra brightness, the latter to make up for the brightness loss incurred by the CRT shader.

Of course mouse movement still feels awful, bmouse or no. ^_^;
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ssjlance Oct 4, 2015 @ 1:03am 
Updated to v1.1. If anyone is using the FULL version of 1.0, the LITE version of 1.1 makes a great upgrade since the audio files aren't changed.

LITE version is uploaded as of this post, FULL version will be uploaded over the next day or so.

-Replaced older DOSBox SVN build with DOSBox SVN Daum 20150125
-Added menu for Client option in Multiplayer Menu (CONNECT.BAT)
-Added menu for Mods, with ability to load MAP and BAT files in addition to INI files
-Added ability to launch server with custom MAP/INI file
-Cleaned up code for launcher, added comments to MENU.BAT for those who wish to decipher spaghetti code
-Options can be now edited from inside launcher
-Included documentation for BMOUSE and BOOBTEAM (Oops!)
-Slight config changes (Q and R select Proximity and Remote Bombs instead of TNT and Napalm Launcher, respectively).

Links are unchanged from the first post.
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Domi Oct 5, 2015 @ 8:46am 
Great work !! Just a small question. If you prefer to use the up and down keys for movement, how can I change it while simultaneously maintaining the mousewheel support?
ssjlance Oct 5, 2015 @ 4:37pm 
Mousewheel is enabled by a program called AutoHotKey. You just need to download it from and install it.

After you install it, create a new text file, name it MOUSEWHEEL.AHK, and paste this in:

#ifWinActive, ahk_class SDL_app
#SingleInstance Ignore

SendEvent {KEY1 Down}
Sleep 200
SendEvent {KEY1 Up}

SendEvent {KEY2 Down}
Sleep 200
SendEvent {KEY2 Up}

Where KEY1 and KEY2 are the keys you want to be used instead. Just use the letter or number if it's a common key, has a list of special keyboard key names, like PgUp and PgDn for Page Up and Page Down, etc.

After that, you can either just open the MOUSEWHEEL.AHK with AutoHotKey before loading Blood, or you can right click MOUSEWHEEL.AHK and choose "Compile Script," which will give you a new MOUSEWHEEL.EXE you can put in your Blood folder.

If you can't get it to work, I can make and send you a link to an edited one if you tell me what keys you want replaced.

Using WASD, I don't know what keys would work well as a replacement for players that like using Up/Down arrows for movement. lol
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Domi Oct 6, 2015 @ 3:23pm 
Thanks for the help ssjlance ! I'll give it a try ! Many thanks to keep one of the greatest games ever playable !
Domi Oct 7, 2015 @ 12:06am 
I just tried it with other keys... works like a charm ! Again... Many thanks !
ssjlance Oct 7, 2015 @ 1:56am 
It's hard to find a setup to suit everybody. lol

Just random curiosity, since you're using arrows to move and the mousewheel; are you left-handed? I may introduce alternate keys as an option if I ever update it past this.

I have been toying with ways to make a built-in launcher for BME's Map Pack 2014, but I haven't come up with anything I'm really happy with yet. Vague ideas, but it's far from a certainty I'll ever do anything with it.
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I've been building steam-useable launchers with Autohotkey for many of my old games because I like to be able to use Steam's time tracking. Anyway, my Blood one is four buttons: Blood, Cryptic Passage, Death Wish (nice 3-episode mod), and User Level. The last one brings up a file picker to select a map, copies it to a set filename, and loads that file into Blood. Here's the code for it:

FileSelectFile, SelectedFile, 3, E:\Emulation\DOS\VirtualHD\BLOOD\usermaps, Choose a user-created level, Blood Maps (*.map) if SelectedFile = ExitApp else FileCopy, %SelectedFile%, E:\Emulation\DOS\VirtualHD\BLOOD\, 1 RunWait, E:\Emulation\DOS\DOSBox\dosbox.exe -conf "E:\Emulation\DOS\~MyConfigs\Blood\Blood User Level.conf", E:\Emulation\DOS\DOSBox\ FileDelete, E:\Emulation\DOS\VirtualHD\BLOOD\

I am terrible at AHK so a more elegant solution is likely possible. I didn't feel like figuring out how to inject the map's filename into a Dosbox .conf file, or similar. Anyway, posted in the off chance it gives you an idea for your BME interface.
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ssjlance Oct 8, 2015 @ 1:19am 
That's not a bad idea. I'm not incredibly familiar with AutoHotKey, but it's an incredibly powerful tool.

The way I'm doing writing custom maps into DOSBox configs is... well, I guess I'm not really writing it into DOSBox configs. It just uses an ECHO statement to write the command I want to run to a batch script that gets called by the menu.


That's basically what the launcher does with most commands in a simplified way; options are just stored as SET commands in OPTIONS.BAT which are called when MENU.BAT loads. Of course, a text file you can edit isn't too terribly elegant in and of itself. That's why I was thinking that the BME Map Pack Launcher would be neat; you'd have access to pretty much everything, and you could add to it easily as long as you followed the established directory structure (MAPS\LETTER\AUTHOR\MODNAME).

As for the Map Pack launcher's current progress... wanted to try and do it all from inside DOSBox (Haha!) and that proved to not work; no long file name support killed me. Tried a special DOSBox build that supports LFN, but none of the file selection tools I found had LFN support, so it was a moot point.

For now, it's a Win XP/7/later batch script that shows folders, assigns numbers, you tell it a number, and it copies the mod files, searches through the mod's .BAT file to edit the BLOOD.EXE line to include BMOUSE (if enabled) and any extra parameters, asks if you want to edit/look over the .BAT file, and then launches it. Once you close DOSBox, it goes back to the main menu. Pressing enter without selecting a number goes back to BLOOD.BAT. I'll also have to distribute the Map Pack with the launcher, as I had to change the folder structure to make it fit in a CMD window remotely well.

Since it uses Windows for selecting, the BLOOD.BAT file has been edited to give a menu with DOSBox, Map Pack, and Exit as options. Also found a program to compile .BAT files into .EXE, which I renamed into DOSBOX.EXE (and renamed DOSBOX.EXE to DOSBOX-SVN.EXE, changed references in scripts, etc.) and it now launches from Steam with Mousewheel support and a functional DOS prompt.

Once I tidy up a few other things, I'll look into adding the optional Map Pack launcher for v1.3.
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Domi Oct 8, 2015 @ 10:57am 
Originally posted by ssjlance:
It's hard to find a setup to suit everybody. lol

Just random curiosity, since you're using arrows to move and the mousewheel; are you left-handed? I may introduce alternate keys as an option if I ever update it past this.

No, I'm not lefthanded ;-)

Back in 1993 when Doom came out, I started using the arrow keys... And I've been using them ever since...

Mattchoo Oct 9, 2015 @ 12:05pm 
Wow. Oh, wow, wowwie, wowwie. It works. It finally works. No more stuttering. Smooth frames. Widescreen. Goodie, goodie gumdrops. Finally, widescreen. The game finally works on my labtop.

Thank you.
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