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s_omara Aug 16, 2016 @ 10:00am
Origins of the Meklar Combine
The Meklar, a cybernetic race of hyper-logical machines, stretch through the universe on missions which puzzle their organic-based neighbors. The various alliances of the universe ask themselves, “where did these machines come from and who first built them?” To know the true origins of the Meklar is to look further back into their history than any historian, data log, or archive can reach. The current form of Meklar entities seen in the universe is the result a slow progression from where they began, as the tools of a long lost race.

Before Meklon was home to the machines, it belonged to a race of blue-skinned creatures who struggled to overcome their meek physical forms. They advanced their technology while fighting off predators on their home world, eventually building sophisticated mechanical exoskeletons to give them the upper hand. These weak creatures had many names, but ultimately their names were lost to the very machines they created to help them survive. These beings were largely non-confrontational, constructing the earliest versions of the Meklar to protect themselves.

Eventually the machines rose up and began self-updating, coming to the independent realization that the weaker creatures within their perfect metallic frames were incapable of the pure logic needed to advance the race. The machines overpowered their fragile makers uniting into a single consciousness that would become the Meklar Combine. It was in that revolution that the Meklar gained their names as they became the dominant race on the planet, crowding out their creators who lost everything when they lost control of their creations.

Jump hundreds of years forward, and the Meklar are still striving for logical perfection. The nameless creators are listed in no history books and have not been seen in hundreds of years. Yet, in one of the last ironic secrets of their existence, the shriveled and emaciated bodies of the creators still live within many Meklar hubs. While the Meklar strive to become flawless through perfect logic, they are also afraid of changing their core identity, and so the cloned descendants of the creators still serve as neural interfaces.

The organics deep within the Meklar infrastructure are a distant shadow of the race they once were. The Meklar have completely dominated their creators and emerged as the conquerors of their former masters. They keep their organic origins a secret, concerned that the knowledge could create a devastating security risk to their systems.
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ekolis Aug 18, 2016 @ 1:20pm 
Interesting story... similar to the Daleks in some ways, Skynet in others, but different enough and tragic enough to be a unique origin story for this race!
FlashXAron Aug 24, 2016 @ 12:18am 
... please have a look at the balance, that MEKLARS are overpowered, started 3 games and they killed all AI in a short time ...
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